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  • yeah its not being made or marketed anymore though is it? I'll be waiting a long time for a new one to come out I'd say.
  • No on both counts, I'd say. If I can find another one, I'd cop it just for sentamental value alone.

    Most of my goodies came in on Monday. I have to figure out which bearings go where; I don't think they sent any for the tranny. Once I get the battery and the Spektrum setup, I'll order up the car and take a day off work to build it. I may just get the other starter box anyway, still debating. Then comes the motor.
  • Hey, Im thinking about buying a fairly new cd3 from someone, I was wondering if I do purchase it, what are the parts that would be good to have extra of??
  • Just the usual: Arms and knuckles. If it's an RTR, try to invest in the 6 gear diff.
  • I can not remember the last time I broke an arm racing. Infact, I've just replaced all the arms - since they are well over 2 years old (used'em on the LD3) they started to slop around.

    All I seem to do on good impacts is smash or bend CVD's or pull the balls through the hubs. The CD3 black CVD dogbones are much better then the silver LD3 ones
  • Thanks for the info, seems like they are pretty rugged. It is a rtr that he is offering to me, says its fairly new with the starter box and a few upgrades. He's asking 300 for it.
  • ahh ok, RTR will be different. The CD3 I have has the alloy lower arm holders (upgrade) and alloy sway bay holders (Std for CD3 Pro) - the sway bar holders have a 2nd function of acting like a brace for the front arms on forward impacts and rear arms on rear end impacts

    Before I fitted them to my LD3 had broken arms and arm holders, mind you I was just learning to drive and I spose you must expect things to break when you hit steel fences
  • Its a rtr pro if that makes a difference, I saw that there were 3 different versions offered.
  • Quote: If HN made an on road electric I'd prolly look at that also I think the mamba max may rip the drive train out of the EVO III.
    A bit off the CD3 subject
    If you are after an OB4 i might be able to get a new one or my one which i have been racing for the last 12 months,great car comes with CD3 arms looks a bit like FK04,and i have never broken any thing in the time i have raced it,and yes parts are still available check out my site(old price)
  • What is the OB4 like? I did not like my mates Ultra MBX at all so I figured the early HN's where not so good. Have you been running a 540 in it?

    suuperslow - from the photos on OFNA site the pro RTR does not come with the alloy sway bar holders
  • OB4
    ive been running the OB4 with both 540 and Stock,and after 12 months of club racing i havnt had to change or replace any parts.the car is pretty tough,although the chassis is starting to wear a bit at the back
  • New track for a new car
    This is where I'll be running once the CD3 comes in:

    I'm going to need some serious motor...
  • If the weather holds, it should be ready by the 8th. If you're on the east coast, you should check it out.
  • Just so the thread doesn't die...
    I did get a run in on the new track. All I can say is sick! Mad traction (I was dealing with serious traction roll), fast track almost everywhere, and low tire wear (then again, the car WAS upside down more often than not). Unfortunately, since I didn't expect to run the LD3 at all this year, I had more than my share of problems to deal with, and ended up with a DNF because of a busted main diff case, causing the shock tower to go silly. Ah well, it will not be an issue shortly.

    BTW, anybody tried any of the Vantage c/f pipes? I'm seriously considering one.

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