Say goodbye to the king snake!!

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  • Ralph Burch is no longer a serpent driver if anyone knows why fill me in
  • YEA!
    Mugen has a better car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Re: Say goodbye to the king snake!!
    Originally posted by carkillaii
    if anyone knows why fill me in
    I have the same question...
    Anybody knows, please share some info.
  • Posted from mytsn.

    By: Ed Enberg (US)
    Created: 04.13.04

    Saying Good Bye to an old friend

    Ralph Burch, no longer a Team Serpent driver
    With regret Serpent must announce that Ralph Burch is unable to race the Serpent "nitro" family of products. Ralph is exploring new business interests that will not allow him to keep his long time relationship with Serpent. We wish Ralph and his family well in their future endeavors.

    I wish Ralph well. It was great speaking to him on the phone. I'm assuming he's staying on with Xray since he has done so well.

  • I hear he is driving for Kyosho (unconfirmed)
  • Hey Chris,

    Is that from a good source? Why the switch?
  • He is driving a Honda civic, you do the math.
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by Dr Smooth
    He is driving a Honda civic, you do the math.

    Yeah, i think he wants to win major races quite badly, and maybe he could do better in a Ferrari?

    Good for you Ralph!
  • As it says in the Serpent statement, he wants to explore different business interests.

    Ralph is a grown man with a family and maybe it's time for him to do something that will allow him to provide for his family after the racing days are over.

    Maybe he's going back to school? Maybe he starts a company?

    Maybe he got offered a job that goes beyond driving, like R&D, marketing , etc.?

    I don't think he just quit Serpent to go somewhere else and do the same thing again.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • Re: YEA!
    Originally posted by Slotmachine
    Mugen has a better car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You wanna race some day? Serpent will still be a great car.
  • I heard he is persuing importing r/c parts with a business partner based in Texas.

    He still represents X-RAY... (so does Josh Cyrul)

    He will probrably not only become a team driver for the Kyosho Evolva (like Josh) He will most likely import the car and parts.

    I'm sure he will do well.

    The question I want answered is;

    Why didn't Josh do it???

    Hmmmm... Maybe he's already a partner!

    I guess time will tell...
  • New driver soon?
  • Why don't you guys wait for Ralph to say something before you guys start all these rumors the only thing for sure is he does not have anything to do with serpent no more and that is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by Pit-racer
    New driver soon?

  • And how in the heck could either Ralph or Josh possibly import Kyosho parts in the US when Great Planes has exclusive rights to all things Kyosho in the US? Gotta love how rumors come about.

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