HELP PLEASE trouble with a 4 tec

  • I have a nitro 4 Tec and i am having trouble starting it. I bought new glow plugs and a new pull start(the old one was make-shift). It does everything but start. i am wondering if anyone has a 4 tec and what the setup is(like how many turns for each screw?).
  • HELP PLEASE trouble with a 4 tec

    (the old one was make-shift).
    From your above statement, I am assuming you bought the car second hand, not new.

    Use the manual for restoring the carb to the factory setting and go from there. Short of a manual, visit the Traxxas website as they should have the information availible that you will need.

    Otherwise, I would suspect a worn out engine in a second hand car.
  • Also check here... All the Traxxas info you'll need for your N4TEC...

    Good luck..

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