Blade sway bar modification? Help

  • Looking to make a softer front bar for Serpent 966.

    I had picked up the optional soft sway bar but appear to be same when measured for all different points with digital calipers

    That being the case what is the most effective way to soften a blade style sway bar?

    Machine it thinner, Machine it narrower or simple drill small holes in face of blade?

    Thanks for the help in advance.
  • I did this back in the MTX3 days by thinning it. You don't have to take much off to make a big difference. Worked great.
  • That what I was worried about...small difference making a big change. So they got to be spot on left to right.

    How did you thin yours out..low tech dremel or high tech with milling machine?

  • I used a dremel and a sanding drum.

    I didn't mean that you had to be precise, just that a few thousandths thinner made it a lot softer. While you should try to get both sides the same, it really doesn't matter since moving either wheel bends BOTH bars. Contrary to popular opinion, having one bar harder than the other will not make the car handle differently left to right.
  • J you can try using the Kyosho which are not spring steel & r softer I would recommend getting 2 sets as they get tweaked easier than the serpent brand
  • You can take a dremel disk and make a "line" in the middle of the flat part. Thats what I did when I ran the S720 years ago.

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