Need help !!!

  • Looking to maybe get into nitro onroad, been doing electric for some time...

    Something to rebuild nothing fancy like my xray just something to have some fun with maybe do some entry level parking lot races.

    Basically something cheap i can rebuild < cause thats the fun part > and be somewhat competitive
  • theres kyosho Fw-06 a shaft driven car! a good competitive car to race but not a high end like Xray NT1, Kyosho V1RRR, Serpent 720, Mugen MTX4R!
    The Kyosho Fw-06 is a RTR car about $260!
  • I would suggest an HPI RS4 Evo. Its a good car for bashing an with plenty of parts it can be a great club car and with alot of HPI Challenges and Vintage races still left in the year, you can't go wrong. Buy a few upgrades (which are still applenty) its make a great club racers. The afore mentioned Kysho car is also a good car inexpensive car. I have the FW05RR (model before it)and it runs great and is very durable.

    Other than this car I'd say get a used racer that is just a few years old. Go to the Buy/Trade form on the forum. There is always guys wanting to sell their old cars/parts to make room for a new car. I've seen some great deals on Mugens and TMG4 series cars go through there.
  • Why not get a 2nd hand better car like Xray NT1, Serpent 720 or Kyosho V-one RRR?