Is this a good car

  • A #7485 Nissan 350Z Nismo GT with a race body 200mm body with 26mm FALKEN AZENIS RT615 T-DRIFT TIRE. As youcan tell im new at drifting and racing RC cars so if you have ANY suggestions on how to make my car better please let me know.
  • Not enough info
    While you do tell us about the car, its suppose to replicate, you don't tell us much of anything about the actual rc car, chassis, make or brand. Nor do you tell us if its nitro or electric. I know this is the Nitro section and the body measurments you gave would make one think its nitro but with limited info you gave, I can't be sure. If you are not sure yourself, show us some pictures of your car. Both top and bottom, front and back without the body.
  • or...are there any psycic's on this here forum?
  • Quote: or...are there any psycic's on this here forum?
    That's funny

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