1/8 G.T. Invitation to 2009 N.A.T.C. Series

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  • Maybe after this race you guys can give some feedback on the rubber tire rule along with a thumbs up or down on making the GT class rubber only for the Moto GP.
  • Rubber only
  • Maybe after this race
  • Quote: Rubber only

    Isnt this a NATC race? Their rules say we have to run rubber tires. Is this not the case? Just wondering.
  • yes for the NATC it is rubber tire only but thats not what Garen was asking.
  • I think rubber would be more cost effective they will last longer. Foams are nice on prep track, but you do go through them also some people true them, others cant if they dont have the equipment. I have ran both.
  • I love to bump and Run with Scott.
  • looks like we are going to have great weather.
  • Carbon Fiber Upgrades for the DM1 and GT2
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    If you are looking to stand up your front and rear shocks or stand up your servos or just increase your power to wieght ratio that is the place to go.

    rock on

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  • Went out and practice today even tho track was not prepped, the PMT tires worked well. I am sure with clean prepped track the Rubber tires are going to due great.
  • There will be some Ipanema tires at the Las Vegas race for the winners!

    Wish I could make it, have fun!!
  • Nice
  • Anyone know schdule for Saturday.
  • I am going to clean and prep on friday to make sure we are ready to get started early on Saturday. I am told that there will be some practise on Saturday morning then some quals. Track will open after 0800 sat
  • Does anybody know what the entry fee for 1/8 GT is?