os 12cv question

  • i have a friend selling this engine. would like to hear pro's and con's on this engine. im looking to install the engine on an hpi rs4 2 nitro. any comments will be greatly apprciated.
  • Used?
    Well unless your friend is a great engine tunner and was very carfull about breaking it in then maybe, but I myself would not . The CV engines are a little better then the stock HPI engines. And before u get it CHECK THE COMPRESSION!!! Also check the web for prices on them .The CVs are not very expensive and you maybe putting your friendship with your friend on the line so unless he's almost giving it to you I would pass. Good luck..
  • all os engines are great motors...that would be a better motor over the stock one..but depending on how much he is charging you for it...i would try for a os cvr unstead..look on ebay you can find good deals on there..
  • The os cv is a good motor the only problem is that it doesn't have much power. It is only rated at . 57 hp. But they run good and are easy to tune. The cvr would be a little better its 1.0hp and is still as easy to tune but more power. And the price is only about 30 bucks more. But if you buy the used cv I wouldn't give more than 40 for it because you can buy them for 79.00.
  • figgy,
    I didn't know you were in VA beach. Check out debbies rc world. They can hook you up. Go in and talk to brandon or eric. Tell them keith sent you. They have great prices on engines. Here is there website they do mail order too.
  • how fast is a O.S 12 CV??
    hi can neone tell me how fast is a o.s 12 cv ??? thx !!!!!

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