Pursuit Racing PT1

  • Hello, I am looking for some info on the Pursuit Racing PT1. I won the kit at the GLC and I was wanting to know how good it works compared to the rest of the other 1/8 On-Road cars. Thanks for your time.
  • The car evolved from the Power Racing XR8. It is far less expensive than it's better known competetors, but capable with the right set-up. The XR8 was my first new 1/8 car and I was very pleased with the quality and performance. I switched to one of the more popular brands, mainly to get a better handle on setting up a 1/8 circuit car. Looking back, I feel that the XR8 was an under rated machine, and the PT1 has some updates and should do quite well (especially since it was free!). If you were battleing for the lead with Scott Kimbrow/Josh Cyrul/Brian Berry/Paul Ciccarello-etc. You would probably be better off with one of the top brands, but I bet in the right hands with a good set-up, it could compete on that level.
  • Does it still use the old XR8 tank? If so, replace it with a Serpent tank. The XR8 tank was way undersized.
  • The tank was updated while the XR8 was still in production. I had one of the small tanks too, kept wondering why I couldn't make 5 minutes!. I think I put a Kyosho tank in mine... But, no need now.
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  • Hey guys. So are the Pursuit parts compatible with the XR-80? I still have mine but having a hell of a time getting parts. Thanks!
  • I think PRP still has a good supply of parts and cars. The Pursuit parts will likely fit your car. They are available at www.pursuitracing.com. I wouldn't order too many untill you varify that they will fit.
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  • Is there a cross table of parts fitting the old and new car ?

    I have here a Protech VXR8 which is exactly the XR8, and today there is the Edam Razor which is I believe the same as the PT1
  • A lot of Mugen parts fit it as well I believe. No idea which ones though.
  • Hey guys,
    The pursuit PT1 is a re-engineered car from the XR8. We do utilize some of the parts ie: springs, gears etc. However, we did redesign the suspension geometry and chassis, axles and clutch.

    Roelof- I haven't seen any cross referencing table. Edam is a molding company and the Razor is their car. Pursuit has Edam mold our parts as we have specified for the PT1.

    Duneland- You're correct in that the cars are evolutions of each other in that they do use some of the same parts for manufacturing sake ie: the radio tray and belts.

    Wingracer- you are also correct that some mugen parts will fit. But as we all know, with some modification we could probably make just about anything fit any car.

    The PT1 is an incredible car. It has very good potential to win races at the most strenuous levels.

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