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  • hey guys,
    im about to race my nitro for the first time tomorrow, and i got my car together and everything works fine and all, the engine can idle forever but when i floor the throttle it dies, but when i gas it smoothly it can rev up. It is a nova cx-12, any ideas?
  • sounds like your engine is a bit too rich, when it idles does it makes 4-stroke engine sound ?
  • no it sounds ca paak ca pacck really fast like somthing is whipping. I think the idle sounds right bc it sounds just like other ppl's cars.
  • here's the easiest way to check your car, start your engine and let it idle a few minute until the engine heat up, then pinch the fuel line, if the engine takes more then 6-8 seconds to die then you can lean your low end a bit, now take it to the track and set the high end, try to control engine temp around 230 +- range, until you are satisfied with your high end, open 1/12 turn then you are all set, of course there are other varibles that affect the engine such as %fuel you run, type of glow plug, track temp , pipe etc .
  • Low End
    The low end definately sounds to rich. I would lean the low end in one hour increments until the car takes off from a stand still w/o bogging down. You may have to do this several times. Each time just do a 1hour turn on the screw. If you look at the low end mixture screw and think of one full turn on the screw as 12 hours, then a one hour turn turn is just 1/12 of a full turn. You don't want the low end to lean either. So take your time.
  • i have the same problem....when i lean the hs needle it just dies ...
  • trf,
    i put mine back to factory settings and now i can drive it, but when i idle for a long time (10+ secs) and gas it fast then it dies, but other than that it sorta works now. You should try putting it back to factory settings.


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