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Thumbs up !~R/C Fuel Tank Adapter~!

!~R/C Fuel Tank Adapter~!


I have an idea that i would like to share with you.
These will change how you refuel your nitro fuel tank.
Now not saying it will go big or anything but i think it could help a lot of poeple and make your refuel time a lot quicker.

These is going to be hard to explain over the comp but i will try my best.

Ok,On all nitro R/c's you have a Fuel tank.The lid on the fuel tank were you push open and pour fuel in.So most poeple put Zippie ties on the lid so wene they come in for a pit stop you just pull on it,It open's the fuel lid and you pour your gas in and goo!

Now i have a different idea for the fuel tank.
Ofcourse you will still have the tank but you take the lid of the tank and you put on a peice that goes over the circle fuel lid and it stay's.I am calling it a condom.
But you take of the regular lid and put on the peice over the circle on tank and it will stay on here.

So you got the peice on there now i dont know what to make it out of,Maybe get a little square of fuel tubing,Cut out and put on it like a Condom.

So say you have the fuel tubing over the circle and it is on there good and takes some force to get off.Now you gotta make small cut's around around it like a circle,So thene you can now put your finger in there and take back out.

Ok so say you got that and wene you come in throw the pit area all you gotta do is stick your fuel bottle-fuel gun throw the little body hole and squeeze the fuel in and go.Now that save's you a lot of time and you dont have to take more time and pull on the zip tie to open the lid all you do if pour the gas in and goo!

Now i know most of you are probly thinking that will never work because even though you can put the fuel in there without opening anything wene you take jump's the fuel will jump out of the whole a little bit.Yes i have though of that and i have found a way,Wene your making the little cut's on the tubing just make sure your blade is really small and it will not let much fuel get out if any becuase if your blade is too big wene you jump or land over on its back fuel will get everywere.

Now let's talk about the the peice that will do everything,It can be fuel tubing which i think would be the best or there might be something better but i can not think of anything right now.

Here is a little link to an adapter that the Paintballer's use(Speedballers) put on there electronic loader so they dont have to open the lid and pour p-ball's in they just pour paintball's in and that's it.

Link Below

Now a lot of poeple maybe thinking right now that is stupid and it wouldnt ever work but just take time and think about it.Save time,Faster pit stop's etc....

Now i though of these a while ago and still thinking about it but tryed telling some friend's but they were geting confused.

So what do you guy's think???

So little review,You take off lid on tank,put over a quare of fuel tubing,cut out to make circle around lid tank,Use small knife or hobby knife and but line's around the whole in the tank,Pour fuel in and Gooo!

Well tell me what you think.
Long read hu lol sorry.

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I don't really understand this, but it does not sound as though it will hold air pressure. The tank needs to be airtight so it can pressurize. Also, while faster pitstops is always better, it takes virtually no time to open the tank.
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i play paintball as well so i know ehat you are talking about, i think it could work.how about something more like what a real car has. a lil metal lid with a spring that can only go in and not out.
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when running oval, with laps at 4 seconds, fueling was very important. We had experimented with a presure feed hole, simular to a quick connect air line. Just push the fuel bottle into the hole with a spring loaded ball bearing that sealed against an Oring. I still have the one I built somewhere, I built it into an assocated fuel cap but forgot about it till now. I will have to find it.

It was preaty easy to make, use, and you never lost fuel preasure when fueling. In the original fuel cap, I had drilled 4: 2mm holes in a squar pattern. Then around that, I had cut a round grove into the top of the cap around the 4 holes. I had then turned down a piece of delrin to fit the size of the groove. Then drilled a hole in the top of it, 1mm larger than the fuel bottle neck. Took a plastic ball bearing (ball, made from delrin) 1 mm larger than the hole drilled. I then turned a small groove into the other hole to hold an Oring about a 1/4 of the way down the hole of the plastic, after this, I drilled the area below the Oring large enough to be open over the 4: 2mm holes so that the area left would fit into the groove on the cap. I took a spring and placed it in area above the lid and below the plastic ball. And on the tank lid, I had put a small plastic pin in the center of the 4 2mm holes so that the spring wouldn't slide to the sides. Then just rubber cement the unit onto the lid so that it was airtight.

Now, when you had to fuel, you put the fuel bottle neck into the hole and just filled the tank. It was fast and easy, but you would sometimes get jut a little dirt into the tank. After racing, I just cleaned the tank, and I also ran a fuel filter. but with the tanks today, thier is a fuel "stone" in them alread and you can backwash them out to get any dirt out of them.
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In the pre-historic days of the hobby we used a rubber seal used by the rat race airplane guys that did about what you are describing, problem was dirt would collect on the top surface and when you'd go to fuel it would get pushed in, so everybody migrated to using Gits caps cut off and soldered on - yes they were metal tanks.
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Forgot to mention the Oring at the top of the unit. It was so that when the fuel bottle neck was insterted that it had a seal, that is why you had to go only 1mm larger than the fuel bottle neck.
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the drawing was only to show the idea, not actual size. Also, you could open up the 4 holes a bit larger if you made the unit larger or you had too much back-preasure fueling. You had to make sure that the driver would idle up when fueling so that you wouldn't flood the engine, and you could also build up a little extra fuel when doing this with a longer preasure line.
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Fuel gun make refueling stops pretty quick these days. Plus you want simplicity, open fuel cap, pour in fuel, put car back on the track. All mechanical devises need maintenace, and they can break, or in this case they can start leaking. If I have to choose between finishing a race or saving 1 second on my pit stop, I choose finishing the race.
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I agree, that is why I no longer use it.
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