Question About 1:10 PanCar for Carpet

  • Ok I have been to a couple local races and I am getting a 1:10 carpet racer. I have talked to a lot of racer but everyone has thier own opinions about setups. Do you think for a spec class I have everything I need and will be able to transition to modified in the future with out any major mods.

    CAR SPECS (Just Finished It)
    Team Associated L4 ( Bought Complete but Used) Spec motor
    Futaba S3010 Servo
    LPR Pro Sport ESC
    AirTronics M11 Transmitter & Receiver

    Any thoughts.

    Only thing worried if servo is a good servo I bought everything else new and added ot tonight..
  • Thank In Advance for the advice
  • Gunlocators, you have PM

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