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  • The only thing that will do is give you nice cool clean air for your engine. But as far as turbo charging or anything else that aint working.

    The little fan in the whistle thing is only rotating at the same speed as the wind so it isnt being forced into the carb any quicker. A supercharger or turbocharger sucks the air in faster than the airflow around the car to create a leaner fuel mixture. The RB one above will work for this effect but all you are doing with this size an engine is blowing it up a lot quicker. Due to size and limits of fuel in the mixture the engine wont receive enough lubrication and it will seize up in no time at all.

    Just stick to what you have on the car. At least it will sound the part
  • forced induction cant work in a 2 cycle engine!!!!! because the intake and exhaust ports are open at the same time so the extra air that is supposed to be acting as 'boost pressure' will just blow straight through..... and as someone said in another post your engine would run super lean!! with no performance benefit... its the same as those BS cold air intake for r/c's, all they do is lean out the engine because it has a ram air effect which caused the mixture to change therefore giving u a lean engine.... phew now i hope everyone is over forced induction (except on japanese import cars )
  • anything can benifit from Cold air and forced air....
  • Cooler air will provide a little more power and a cooler runing engine. You might not even notice a difference using a "cold air" doohickey. As for the forced air induction...FORGET IT. I dont know why you dont understand that. I told you it would lean out the engine if you did get it to "ram" air into it forceing the fuel+air out therefor leaning it out. mitch179 and modelor both said something to that nature. And about the import cars having superchargers...they also have those team honda sticker.....the sticker alone adds 25hp
  • A turbo/supercharger is meant to have air compressed as it enters the chamber.
    A glow plug engine fires at a certain compression point, so if u cram air in under pressure its just going to ignite the air/fuel misture earlier, making the engine predetonate.
    But in a spark engine it wont do that.
  • So, what does a "Boost" Bottle do????

    Oh, and for now i just have a hose running to the outside of the car, to get fresh air... Is that okay???


  • The hose running to an external airfilter will help your engine slightly. It is giving the engine the cool fresh air it needs instead of warmer air that has been circulating inside the shell.

    As for Boost Bottles:

    To put it simply, Sweet FA.

    Superchargers, turbochargers and boost bottles do not work. If you want more power, add a 0.1mm shim under the engines head to lower the compression and run a higher % of nitro. That is the only way YOU are going to get any more power from your engines.

    Go to this website and read it all. It will teach you something about the basics of engines and how they operate.
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by modellor
    As for Boost Bottles:

    To put it simply, Sweet FA.
  • Superchargers and turbo chargers also wont work because of the way the carburettor is designed. Any forced air that gets push thru the carb is going to push fuel back into the tank. A whole new carburettor design would need to be made and then you need to adjust the port timing so that the exhaust and intake ports arnt open at the same time.

    Waste of time... Your engine is already pulling 30k rpms... thats a shitload for something that small
  • also our lil buggers dont have actual valves like real cars.
    so valves are open the same time so wat goes in gets blow straight back out the exhaust, making a high pitch wind blowing noise for a split second.
    so u'd need new carby, plus valves installed. not just ports.
    so in the end, your looking at a couple of grands worth, and probably an engine that would run retarded with valves in it cause it cant get everything in and out that quick at 30 000 RPM.
  • check this one out
    click on the right side Jorge's RC Supercharger
  • possibly the most annoying website i have seen in 5 years!!
    as for the pic of the 'turbo charger' - ?????

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