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Default some RC entertainment...

Team Magic

Ok, so… I was asked to write an article describing the sensation of driving a Team Magic car. Well, after some serious thought, I realized that no one person can accurately describe their emotions or experiences to another. This is due to one simple fact: we are all unique individuals who do not share a common point of view; at best our lives are similar enough that we understand the meaning behind the words we use to label these feelings. So in light of this newfound knowledge (read: too much whiskey last night) I have decided to close my eyes and imagine an experience – just as you, the reader, will have to do. I figured if you’re going to read about a Team Magic experience… let’s make it unique… enjoy!

On a cool, moonlit night in the middle of a modern metropolis, we find ourselves at the intersection of two busy streets, staring out into the vast expanse of shimmering buildings and glowing traffic lights. The streets have an almost mirrored finish, from countless layers of nitro spray and foam buildup. I sit, in my G4S, listening to the Novarossi plus 12-3CT engine pounding out a steady rhythm with its two hypnotic strokes. A little gas, just enough to wake up my glow plug, and an exhaust note that rivals heavens choir soars from my stinger. I look to my left and see that my new orange ‘TM’ decal is reflecting off of the green car next to me.

Heh, sedans... they’ll never learn.

Even though my lola VDS body screams “DON’T MESS WITH ME!” two other cars pull up along side me and greenie and I sigh as my grip on the wheel tightens, preparing for the inevitable.

4 distinct exhaust notes, 4 distinct paintjobs, 4 drivers with distinct attitudes and 4 lanes of perfectly paved, sugar coated goodness anxiously await the green tint that will trigger an earthquake of screaming engines and spinning tires.

Then it happens.

With epic force, 4 cars rocket off from a standstill, screaming down a river of black asphalt, too closely matched to call at this point. I revel in the moment of equality, when each front bumper is lined up perfectly and no clear advantage can be determined. I smile a wicked little smile and laugh a little inside at the private joke that my engine and I share…

I’m only at half throttle.

With a “booyah!” from my KFactory pipe on the way by, I hit second gear almost immediately upon slamming the trigger back. By the time the first turn emerges from the shadows, I have left the pack behind, probably wondering why they even tried.

A steady right hand turn proves that my new carbon fiber front shock tower is doing what it’s supposed to do and I can feel the 40 shore rear tires getting warmed up now.

I know this car better than the back of my hand, yet still; through the series of lefts and rights I am surprised at just how well it negotiates these curves.

Like a fine clock, this car is made to perform and it does exactly that tonight.

The final straight peeks out from behind turn 11, also known as 51st and Congress and I decide that it’s time to test the rigidity of this chassis.

Another grin finds its way to my lips as I open the throttle for the last time this lap and let the rears slide out just a little…

for fun.

At this point, my G4 is so far ahead that I can’t see anything behind me.

Oh well. They knew what they were buying.

Second gear greets me with a slap in the face and once again my engine and pipe put Pavarotti to shame. If the term ‘too fast’ was allowed in racing, this would be the moment everyone thought of when they heard it.

The sensation of flight begins to rear its head and so I back off, just a little, before seeing turn 1 waving at me again, “back so soon?” it seems to say.

Checking temperature… 201 degrees… Perfect.

While the feeling of speed is indeed second to none, I enjoy the precision required to go fast in a pack and the desire to compete overwhelms by better judgement.

So, I slow to a stop, let my grin reapply itself and wait for my competition to catch up so we can do it all again.
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Spring cant come soon enough.
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One of the most greatest feelings for me, or let me re-phrase that, non feelings for me is when I let it all out, I know I am running above my head, I know my G4S is going faster than my hand eye coordination... but then it happens, the "crash", yes spectacular to the people hanging over the fence, the pain in my heart - ultimately flowing down tomy wallet ! - puts the big hurt on this little Italian boy. The non felling part you ask??? Well I raced full size Sprint Cars for many years and had those times when I let it all out! I had the "crash" yes spectacular also, but the difference??? I want walk off the drivers stand now with only the pain in the wallet.... earlier in my life? .... wheeled off the track to an awaiting ambulance with a pain... ummm located in my...ummmm .... BODY!

Trust me there is nothing better than a G4S and nothing better than RC Racing!
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i do hope you were buckled in nice and tight when you were driving. we do all want to prctice safe driving habbits and Sam, maybe we can work on a wallet cooler for you, or some rub on anti inflamitory cream (to ease the pain) i do agree the note of a novarossi would put any diva to shame
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Gees ,is winter that bad !!!

Cant wait for part 2 !!!
This could be a forum soap hit.
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thanks for the PM's and support folks, I will definately be writing 'part 2' and posting it here.
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