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Default Crystal park toys 4 tots Message from James

results will be posted on crystalparkrcraceway.com
To all the drivers that were in attendence at the 2006 toys for tots crystal park..

we here at crystal park r/c club have been doing toys 4 tots for 8 years
we thank everyone that has come out to support our toy drive for the kids.
we have had good races , great races, and we have races not turn out well,
some time things happen from weather to computer,
i james reese would like to say i'm sorry for not asking over mic sat morning
how long of quals do you drivers want
how many quals do you drivers want
i thought computer was set to rocket round, but i could have asked that to
how long of A mains.
If i had asked maby things could have been different.
i would like everyone to know, I don't make up how the program runs
i ask the drivers , people come up to me and say we should run like this or like that, you drivers are the ones driving so i try and do the program you want
toys 4 tots 2005. i had the old b&b system.....everything great..but guys wanted 12 car mains, but still went great cause guys were just chilling
this year,, i get update program in june...rc pro ran a series up here, 10 min quals... drivers came to me, we want that, so at our club races thats what we ran..toys 4 tots is now close, drivers are telling me, we want 10 min quals
we want 3 rounds i ask why all this...awnser well allot of racers from here and there are comming and this is what there use to and 2 rounds don't make it fair, sounds logical to me , i'll set it up if thats what you guys want.
mean while all this hype is building.
saturday we are all here, i say over the mic if anyone has any suggestions or additions wite them down and we will handle it..
from that point, if anyone havd came to me and said, the guys want to run 5min quals or the guys want to run 2 rounds only or gave me a note with that info. i could have asked the question over the mic took a vote and went with it.
1 person emailed me asking about the time concern- Leo v,,
i reply to him telling him what the majority was telling me.
i was not telling him what i wanted, i said what i was being told by the majority. guys comming everyday talking it up so i thought it was all good
these are the guys racing.
sat. Matt reddick came to me and said, hey man lets just run 2 quals and the main and call it, i said this is what the majority told me, but i'm with you
so i tried to stick to what majority told me
now had i had known the majority had changed i could have changed the qual time.
had i did what leo said or matt and not the racers that aksed me to set it up like that. things might have been different.
but as it stands , no one told me anything about the feelings flowing through the pits and i could have changed it , it makes me no difference i'm not in the race,, why would i want to work longer to make people mad rather than work less and make people happy.when i was aproched about something being wrong with score we had ran 3 no show mains and 2 mains with 4 bump ups
and i was still willing to do what ever drivers wanted ,stop, recount, whatever it took, but people got upset
My partner here at the track got called out of town by his work.
this was one of those plans a and b back up was taken nothing i could do,
but i could have changed the time limit,, and i could have reprinted the mains
if i had known. 2 days went by not a word, not even from the guys that asked me to set it up like that.
so with that i say i am the goat i except everything ,those that want to blame everything on me i hope you beleave me when i say , it was nothing personal, i was just trying to do what i thought people wanted.
the program we will be running at toys 4 tots 2007..and all our club races is this..after sign ups, Drivers meeting vote on qual time vote on how many quals, vote on A main time. race. no matter what racers come

Any one that feels that this bennifit race was not worth the toy for homeless kids or the $25.00 entry fee all which was split up between Compton fire dept and the union rescue mission, i james reese will personaly give you your entry money back, email me your info, it may not come right away but it will

in closing i like to say 8 years of 6 days a week thats how long we been here. everything we do we do from racers suggestions, so if you as a recer puts in your bid for an idea and we use it and it goes bad, know that i'll take the heat..i do what i do for the love of the game nothing else.
and while your bashing me over the enternet because something was not right at a bennifit race. think about the late night can i run,, or break in a motor, forgot my wallet, can i bum some fuel, parts bought and sold,
all i want you to know , nothing was personal, i did not know it added up qual points, i did not know people majority had changed, i would have loved to change anything i could to make people happy, if , is my word for the month
i'm still that same guy that did those favors for allot of racers
one thing for sure.......i'll be in this rc grove fo life and i hope we are all still friends..and if the hate in your heart is so deep from a rc bennifit race
that you have to put me down talk about me as though we have not paid any dues in this field or talk as if were not human saying things that would hurt. then you never had the toys 4 tots spirit.
with that
i say thank you to the hands i shook, the people who had good words to say you are the ones that made me not feel alone and most of you were from out of town thank you thank you..
thank you
i'll do better next time

James Reese 310 489-5107
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Here's what was really meant to be said, and in English.

Race results will be posted on my website this Friday: www.crystalparkrcraceway.com

The following is for all the drivers who attended the 2006 Toys for Tots race at Crystal Park.

The Crystal Park R/C Club has not been hosting the Toys for Tots for 8 years because 8 years ago, there was no Crystal Park R/C Club let alone a track at Crystal Park. The first race ever held at Crystal Park was in the Fall of 2000, and that was hosted and run by GLARCRC. Still, I like to believe that I have been here for 8 years.

We have had good races, some great races, and we have had races not turn out well. Some times things happen like bad weather or computer problems. Usually itís neither that causes races not to turn out well.

I, James Reese, would like to apologize for not asking how long the quals should be and how many rounds we should run on Saturday morning. Saturday morning is the best time to make these types of decisions, and only after asking the racers over the PA system.

I thought the computer was set to rocket round, but apparently it was set to single round qual points. I donít know how to run the software. I am not even sure how long the mains should have been set to. If I had accepted the help offered by many people who did in fact volunteer their help, things could have been different.

By the way, I donít make up how the program runs, I just let things run their course.

I try to run the racers according to the demands of the racers. If the racers want to race for free, Iíll do it. Last year, I used the old A&B program. Even though some wanted 12 car mains, I think everything was great, even if some of the qualifiers were scored incorrectly and the mains were run the dark, because I was high and thought everyone was just chilling. The fact is everyone was chilling because it was cold outside.

This summer I received a program update when the RC Pro series race was held and run by RC Pro, using 10 minute qualifers. Some racers said they liked the 10 minute qualifiers, so I adopted that for all my club races. As the Toyís for Tots approached, drivers told me they want 3 rounds of 10 minute qualifiers. After asking around, I was told that many racers from all over are attending and this is what they are used to. Two rounds is not fair. In my fuzzy brain, this sounded logical, so I decided to go with it. I did not bother to do the math and figure out how long it would take to run 150 racers through a day of 10 minute qualifiers. Of course, this story is completely different from the one I blathered on about during the race.

Leo V. had the foresight to email me and let me know that the program I was going to run was impractical, but of course I do what the majority of the racers want. The majority want the race to start late, end late, and run longer qualifiers and shorter mains.

No one complained to me all day, so I thought it was all good.

Another racer, Matt Reddick, came up to me and asked ĎHey man, letís just run 2 quals and the main and call ití. I pretended to be on his side and told him I was only doing what the majority wanted.

Itís not my fault the majority did not come forward and tell me they had changed their minds. Had they done so, I would have shortened qualifying. So you see, itís not my fault. Had I listened to what these 2 fine racers had presented to me, the outcome of the weekend would have been completely different.

But as it stands, no one told me anything about the feelings flowing through the pits If I only knew, I could have and would have changed things. Itís not my fault, itís not my fault! Itís is not the responsibility of the race director to make the right decision on his own.

Since I was not racing, it made no difference to me how the race was run. Isnít this how all races are run? The race host is never responsible; itís the racerís fault when things go wrong. Besides, why would I want to work any harder or longer than needed? I mean, I had a gig to go to Saturday night, and the poor computer needed a rest.

After running the qualifications into the ground, I had no time to review the scoring to make sure there were no mistakes. To really throw a wrench into things, single round qual points were used. I donít know what single round qual points are, please donít ask. After we ran the first 3 bottom mains, all of which were no shows because the racers had left in disgust, and after we 2 ran back to back sedan mains with a total of 4 bump ups, I was told about a scoring problem. Of course I did not have the wherewithal to realize that sedan and 1/8th mains should have been run in alternating order to allow the bump ups enough time to prepare for the next race. Even if I had realized this problem, I would not know how to change it as I donít know how to run the software.

I tried to save some face by pretending to want to do what the majority wanted, but for some reason people were upset at this point. I canít understand why anyone would be upset at this point. I suppose we can all blame my partner here at the track for being called out of town by his employer. By the way, I donít have a job.

I did not have a real Plan A to begin with, so Plan B was, well, non existent. My hands were tied, but only because I was doing what the racers wanted. You canít blame me for what was happening.
I could have changed the time limit (whatever that means) and reprinted the mains, had I known that it gets dark at 5. Two days went by and no one said a word. It was obvious to me that the race was moving along well and everyone was happy that I started late, ran slow, took breaks, and stopped after one round on Saturday. After all, I was only doing what the majority wanted, so you canít possibly place any blame or responsibility on me.

Regardless, if it makes you feel better to blame me, then go ahead. Nothing I ever say or do should be taken on a personal level. With all this in mind, I am adopting a new program for 2007, including all club races and the Toyís for Tots, which I am sure all 140+ racers will return for. After signs ups close, a driverís meeting will take place and a vote will be taken on the length and number of qualifiers and on the length of the A mains. I believe this is an efficient and proper way to run races. This system should allow races to start before noon, as long as you racers are responsible enough to show up on time, sign up on time, and agree on a vote.

Even though I did nothing wrong and I am the victim here, I will personally mail your $25.00 entry fee back to you if are the type of person who likes to take a toy out of the hands of a homeless kid. Otherwise, donít ask me to show proof that your entry fee was split up between the Compton FD and Union Rescue Mission.

In conclusion, I want to say that we have been here for 8 years, working hard 6 days a week. That means we have been here since 1998. We do everything the racers ask for. So if you give me your suggestion, I will implement it without thinking twice. If things go bad as a result, I get blamed. Itís not fair!

I do this because I am in love with the game and with the green stuff.

Meanwhile all of you bash me on the internet because something was not right at a benefit race. Cut me some slack, please. I did not know the mains were seeded by qual points, I did not know a majority of the racers changed their minds. Believe me I would have loved to change anything I could to make everyone happy. You canít blame me for all these things, itís your fault for changing your mind.

I still consider everyone to be my friend, and I forgive all of you for making this weekend so bad. I canít believe there are people with hate in their hearts. This sounds hypocritical, but anyone who doesnít like the way things went has hate in his heart. You should be ashamed for putting me down and for not having the Toyís for Tots spirit.

I thank those who shook my hand and the voices in my head who had good words to say. They made me not feel alone in this harsh and cruel world. I would especially like to thank the out of town people for enjoying what I consider to have been a top notch race. Next year will be even better, so I hope you all forget this year and spend a lot of money to come again.

James Reese 310 489-5107
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