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Arrow ENDURO 500 on December 3 ( 3 man teams )

RCRCNT will be hosting a one day event on December 3, 2006. This is a 3 man team event. It will go for 500 laps or 3 hours, whichever comes first. This is 90 full scale miles ! Each driver must drive for a minimum of 45 minutes (You can drive any of three team member cars). Each must have a marshal for the entire race. Only one car for a team can be on the track at one time. Only one chasis per team member allowed. Engine changes, etc. are allowed (If you can do it while you're pitting). Each team is allowed one additional body.

Classes will be 1/8 Open and 200 mm .12 sedan. If you want to mix cars in your team that is ok, but you will be in the 1/8 Open class. Fifteen teams per class will be the maximum (15 cars on the track is pretty busy).
There's going to be a learning curve here, but we hope it will be just a full day of fun racing. If the event grows we can look at maybe 4 man teams so a member is free to wrench, eat, rest, etc......

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The following are a few rule clarifications posted by Bob Ingersoll on RCFiles:

Explanations of rules


A few explanations/ clarifications are posted below.

Before we get started on that, we want everyone to plan on attending
and have FUN. Effort has been given to minimize regulations,
but still give all racers an opportunity to be competitive. The intent
is to build this into an annual event that is looked forward to and gather
wider participation going forward.

We were asked to back the start time up to 11:00 am and we did so to
try and complete the event by 4:00 pm, so we can all go to dinner together
after. PLEASE, I need a head count 2 weeks before the event to make
arrangements. Post here or shoot me an e-mail if you plan to attend.

Requirements are 3 driver teams.
It is required for each driver to compete for 45 minutes.
Each team is required to supply a marshal for the duration of the event.
If you want to bring a buddy who is not driving to marshal, as long as
they are a ROAR member, it’s ok.

The rule stating that there can only be one car from each team on the
track at a time on Sunday is twofold:
The drivers stand cannot handle 45 racers at a time and all teams need to
to practice.
At the point where teams are switching drivers/ cars, there can only be one car per
team on the track counting laps.

Each team is limited to 3 chassis, they will be marked.
You can enter one chassis and all drive the same.
You can enter two chassis and have one of your electric/ offroad
buddies come join you.
Or, you can enter three chassis and run them all.
We don’t want a potential team to feel like they have to have
10 chassis to compete, but if a team wants to enter and run one car
they can.

Each team is limited to 4 bodies total for the team. If you decide to
enter a mixed chassis team (1/8 and 200MM), your team has to
make the decision on which extra body will be entered.
Bodies will be marked. Again, we don’t want anyone to feel they have to
have 10 bodies prepped to compete.
If you enter a MIXED team, your 200mm bodies can be CamAm/ GTP, since
you will be competing as a 1/8 scale team anyway.
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Locations ?
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Sorry. RCRCNT Raceway is where the track is located in Rendon, Texas (suburb of Fort Worth/Dallas). Click on: RCRCNT Maps for maps to the track.

Click on: RENDON 500 ENDURO for a pdf entry form.

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If you're looking for some track time this is the race for you! Open practice and then straight to the main events. With the MINIMUM of 45 minutes per driver you will get the experience you usually only get for a big race A-main. This will be the last fuel race of the year in Region 9. Everyone is welcome. No tech, no hassles, just lots of fun racing.
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Old 11-22-2006, 03:12 AM   #7
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Nice event.....

In Holland we run a similar event every Year, for a long time now. We don't mix 1/8 and 1/10, but run two 3 hour races for each class......
Rules are similar, but the 45 minutes minimum for each driver, doesn't need to be run in 1 go. Drivers can choose to do 3 run of 20 minutes, or whatever they want, as long as they get to there 45 minutes.

Teams run with 1 clubtransponder, which need to be swapped between cars during a driver switch.
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Old 11-22-2006, 08:52 AM   #8
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thats a beautiful track!

I might have to come visit that one when i get my car repaired/replaced.

How long is that back straight?
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Old 11-26-2006, 06:22 PM   #9
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Yes we also let each driver drive any number of times as long as his total track time is 45 minutes. We also have club transponders. We have been discussing using them, but this is an evolving format for us. We want it to be fun and may just poll the participants for what they want to do.

One thing I forgot to mention is we intend on running the track backwards for something new. I've done this after our races was finished and it's lots of fun. A little tricky because of the 180 at the end of the straight. I don't have the layout in front of me, but I think it's about 275 feet from on to end of off sweeper.
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Old 12-02-2006, 07:34 PM   #10
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Today was a beautiful day for practice. A little cool before 10:00 but sweat shirt only after that. Traction was good after a thorough cleaning and sugar water. 5 teams or parts of the teams showed up today for open practice. We are running the track backwards for this race so it is like going to a new track for all of us. We will be doing this at one of the series races next year just to add some variety to the mix. This is going to be fun. Each team is talking totally different strategies for tire changes, time for each driver, who goes first, etc.. We are going to run club transponders, which require each team to move it from car to car like passing a baton in a relay.

We are going to allow teams of two to accomodate more participants. Track will open as soon as you get there tomorrow. Practice until about 10:30-11:00 (maybe 12:00 depending on temperatures). Looks like only one main at this point so we should be done by 3:00.

FYI: Clyde and the Qscale club have been working on the restrooms and finished framing/siding/roof decking and felt papering the roof today. This means by the first race next season we will have mens and womens's bathrooms. It will be nice to see the portable toilets gone. The next time you see him thank him for his efforts. They've built a great track. If you are interested in the big scale oval racing there is no better place to do it.
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Default Race Report

The following report was posted by Bob Ingersoll on RCFiles:

What a great time! I think everyone had fun and I sure didn’t notice anyone looking like they were feeling any pressure, just having a good, relaxed time. RCRCNT is planning on making this an annual event, so keep it in mind for next year. Saturday was really nice. Charlie, Ray, Steve, Cliff and I gathered at the track by 10:00 am and
started track prep. It was around 40 degrees but the wind was almost non-existent, so it wasn’t bad getting the track prep done. Four teams
showed up for practice and two more were known for Sunday, so it looked like six teams minimum for the race. Running the track backwards was quite fun and the track does have a different character in this direction. For those that know the track, here is was I felt running it backwards. Getting on
the straight was a blast as the sweeper was now leading onto, instead of off the straight, but this also added heavy braking at the end of the straight. The switchback coming off the straight was a pleasant surprise! Normally this little section leading onto the straight can be very tricky, as you have built up a little speed before you get there, but in this direction the car was moving quite a bit slower so the quick switch from left to right was a blast. The carousel had a mostly similar feel to it. If you went in too deep you wound up wasting time and you still had to pick up the throttle carefully on exit or the car would keep coming around and ride up on the curb. I did
notice one nice difference though…normally you are approaching this turn at a much higher speed and if you go too deep, you have to pinch or diamond
the center of the turn and the car wants to step sideways when you let off. With the approach speed now being slower, you could actually run it in,
let off, roll the center and pick the throttle back up. I actually found this method faster than trying to tickle the throttle while holding a constant radius, which is the fast line in the other direction. The next section of the track was different as it was not only up the grade of the track, but now the radius of the turn was decreasing leading into a tight 180 instead of increasing leading into the carousel. The next turn (coming into the oval) was really different as it was now downhill and the car really wanted to push way out wide if you went too deep, wasting a lot of time. The oval was very similar, almost identical, except for the direction. Coming up out of the oval was the most treacherous! I know there wasn’t any driver there who didn’t, at least once, clip the inside curb with the right side tires exiting the oval and end up tumbling onto the back straightaway! The last section of this lap description is the sweeping turn that normally is your first rush coming off the straight, and now is the last section before the straight. Careful here as well! The turn now was an increasing radius, letting you build good speed, but it was way too easy to overshoot. Watching everyone, it was easy to see that we all knew this was an important turn to get right as it lead into the
sweeper and onto the straight, so we all tried to get this turn right in tight at the apex and we all took turns clipping the curb and tumbling to the
outside boards!
Sunday morning. I arrived at the track at 7:30 a.m. and it was 30 degrees! The high for the day was forecast to be 48. By the time most everyone
was there, we decided to try for a noon start to let the sun do a little work warming things up. As it turned out we started closer to 12:45. One
of the teams (Lance Ledford and Shane) that was practicing on Saturday were called into work, so they were a scratch and team “Old Farts”
consisting of Heinz, Terry P and Richard scratched as well (too cold for their old bones and thin skin), although Heinz did come out, he didn’t want to
race by himself.

There were now 4 teams for the race.

1. Team America- Mike Queller/ Tim Copp/ Bob Ingersoll
Three cars, all 1/8th Mugen/ Mugen/ Serpent(by the way, this team name was sarcastically given to us by a member of Big Dump)

2. Team Trailer Trash- Cliff McGee/ Nathan Guidry/ Cody Meester
Two cars, a 1/8th and a 1/10 touring Mugen/ Mugen

3. Big Dump Racing- Charlie Junkins/ Steve McLaughlin/ Ray Smith
Three cars, all 1/8th Mugen/ Delta/ Mugen

4. 5th Avenue Racing- Doug Darby/ Garrick Kinchen/ Jeff Sims
Three cars, all 1/8th Serpent/ Mugen/ Mugen

The race was scheduled for 500 laps or 3 hours, whichever came first. Since there was no advantage/ disadvantage to where you started we drew
numbers from a hat. Big Dump drew the pole, followed by Team America, Trailer Trash and 5th Avenue. Marshalling was handled by four wonderful
volunteers! The club, along with all the racers, want to thank them for sitting out there for the entire race. Thanks to Jane, Mary Bea, Marquell Osborne and Robert Bell.
The most exciting laps were the first one and the last one for sure, but there was some drama and a lot of fun, laughing AND racing in between.
Each team was issued a rechargeable transponder from the club, which had to be switched from car to car during driver changes. One team did slip up
and forget to do this, but we won’t mention any (dump) names.
Big Dump Racing led the first lap from the pole. Team America took over the lead on lap two and led the rest of the way. Trailer Trash ran third
until they got into trouble on lap 35 and just before that Big Dump had trouble (lap 31), putting 5th Avenue up to second! 5th Avenue held second
until lap 44, when they had a snafu, fell to third and then fourth on lap 47 where they stayed until they were unfortunately not able to continue
after 100 laps as all of their stuff was tore up and they were out. Meanwhile, Big Dump recovered and fought their way back by Trailer Trash up into second by lap 45. The race pretty much stayed that order, but more on that later. Team America was out front with a comfortable lead when Tim’s car ran into trouble with what we thought was a servo going, that ultimately turned out to be a cell gone bad in the receiver pack. Fortunately, I had
serviced my car and was ready to go back out, so we did not loose too much time, it just added two extra driver changes to our strategy. The middle
of the race had its’ drama. I think Cody tore up three spur gears, Nate had a problem with an inconsistent oneway and Big Dump was feverishly
trying not to live up to their name, as they found out there is no relaxing between driver stints when the next guy breaks his car too early!
Ultimately, the most excitement in the race came of this, as they finally found themselves all broken and not on the track. Trailer Trash took advantage of the situation and started knocking their 16 lap deficit away lap after lap! At one point I think I heard everyone in the pits, except Trailer Trash, and one of the marshals chanting “Hurry up Ray, get the car fixed”. Well, Ray got it fixed in the nick of time and was able to get back out and
finish the race for Big Dump, keeping Trailer Trash just three laps behind at the end!
The winners were able to complete the 500 laps in 2 hours, 51 minutes and 58.84 seconds, beating the time limit. We all really did have a lot of fun and wished more of you could have been there to enjoy it with us. RCRCNT is committed to making this an annual event, so plan on coming out next year.

Final Results:

1. Team America 500 laps 171:58.84
2. Big Dump Racing 444 laps 172:05.78
3. Team Trailer Trash 441 laps 172:17.57
4. 5th Avenue Racing 100 laps 60:39.93
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