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Old 06-07-2007, 12:06 PM   #346
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Club Race this SATURDAY. I believe Gary will have the Club Hats available and maybe we get a peak at the FOSSIL Watch.

Looks like Wayne Vince has his Kyosho Evolva ready to go for his first run in 8th scale in quite awhile.

We should see some new 8th Scale Rookies joining us this week.

Can we set a new Set Up and Tear Down Record with the New Barriers
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Old 06-07-2007, 12:15 PM   #347
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Club baseball caps will be available trackside on Saturday. $13 CD all taxes in.
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Old 06-09-2007, 08:41 PM   #348
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Wayne Vince debuted his Kyosho Evolva with a 16 Lap Qualifier, 89 Lap A Main win and a 18.9 Lap, first time out. He also won Sedan with his XRAY with another Track Record.

Phase 2 of the Barrier System worked well. Stage 3 will be finished by the Nationals.
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Old 06-14-2007, 09:16 AM   #349
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I am pleased to annouce Agnes K. from Stylus Canada will be 2007 Ms Canadian Nationals. Agnes will be attending Sunday afternoon selling Draw tickets and trophy presentation. Please show your support by purchasing tickets.

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Old 06-14-2007, 03:35 PM   #350
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Did you take that picture? I like where she is posing
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Old 06-15-2007, 05:27 AM   #351
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No the picture was emailed to me, Hope this helps you get your home work done on time and you can join us for the CDN NATS June 30-July1. Lots of fun Corey.
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Old 06-18-2007, 06:59 AM   #352
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Default 2007 Can Am Challenge / RC Pro Series Race Report

Without further delay, here is the RC Pro Series, Great Lakes Division Race #1 / 2007 Can Am Challenge Race Report courtesy of Corey DeLong:

With RC-Pro making its first venture into the Canada this was surely going to be a good race. The Can-Am Challenge has grown on its own merit in the three years the Ontario 1/8 On-Road Racing Club has been in existence. Some big names from the Midwest Series crossed the border for their first trip to the challenging layout in Hamilton. This was surely more of a Can-Am Challenge than in the previous year’s races.

The RC-Pro format of 10 minute qualifiers was a first for many racers and seemed to be liked by a majority in attendance. Tire wear was fantastic so no one was concerned about eating through a lot of tires on the Hamilton asphalt. The track was open Friday for practice and many took advantage of the opportunity to get some laps under their belt. Aaron Buran and Paul Cicarello were testing bodies to see what worked best for them. The new Proto-Form Shadow was seen at the race for its debut on Gary Swayze’s Evolva. Ted Hammer, Brian Berry, Raye Juhl and Howard Bortman were in attendance representing the Toledo contingency. Raye “Fossil” Field was in attendance as well amusing all the racers! Eli Ezrow, Mark Unger and Dennis Young made the trip from Cincinnati to see what all the hype was about this Hamilton surface. Ontario regular Corey DeLong from Rochester, NY was able to drag Kim Suphankomut from Buffalo out for the race. Canadian regulars, John Elliot, Lou Vanderwey, Bill McLean, James Mak, Allan Lai, Steve Bortolotti, Dan Engelbreth, Patrick Chan, Peter Yu and others, led by Captain Swayze, were in full battle gear. Could the Canadians hold off the American invasion?

The weather forecast for the weekend was changing by the minute, but we were still able to field four full heats in 1/8th scale, two heats in Nitro Touring and the 1/5th scale boys put on a show in their heat.

Several 1/8th racers were able to put in 29 laps or more in the first round of qualifying, but in heat #4 Brian Berry was able to pull down 32 laps to hold TQ in the first round. After 3 rounds Brian’s first round time (32 laps- 10:07) was still able to hold the TQ spot with Paul Cicarello (32 laps- 10:20) and Eli Ezrow (31 laps- 10:02) holding down the top three spots for the A-main start. Running 10 minute qualifiers there was a lot of give and take on the track. Everyone wanted to finish and get in a good run. The marshals got a little bored, but that’s a good thing!!

In TC, Wayne Vince was able to match most 1/8th qualifiers with 29 laps in 10:16. Steve Bortolotti and Francis Lee were able to hit 28 laps in round two rounding out the top three qualifiers for the TC A-main.

1/5th scale fielded a full heat with Kuniharu Ujima, Dino Delanos and Alpha Ha, all with 22 laps, holding down the top three spots for the A-Main start.

On Sunday the racers voted to forego the fourth round of qualifying and get right into the mains as the weather forecast was questionable. We had an hour or so of controlled practice and decided to start the mains at 11am.

In the 1/5th scale main Kuniharu Ujima and Jeremy Dobb battled it out for the entire 30 minutes, finishing only a lap apart, and Dino Delanos was third. Rounding out the 1/5th scale A-main were Ray Ramnath, Alpha Ha, MC extraordinaire Hugh Lawson and Ken Deline.

The B-main TC saw Art Trinos grab the lead after a few laps and never look back. Dennis Lee worked his way from the back of the pack to grab second after a few pit cycles and a little attrition. Alpha Ha had just enough to hold off Cedrick Chow for the last podium spot. The B-main rounded out with Ray Ramnath, Tim Kwok, Greg Tong, Kim Suphankomut, Ryan Allison and Ron Dziuban.

The TC A-main looked to be a close field with the exception of Wayne Vince who had the field covered in qualifying. Could he hold everyone off for 30 minutes? At the start Wayne Vince, Steve Bortolotti, Lou Vanderwey and Francis Lee were able to pull out front in a train and separate themselves from the pack pretty much holding down the top four for most of the race. James Mak made a hard run from 5th up to second before he retired just before the last pit cycle. At the end it was just as expected with Wayne Vice grabbing first. Steve Bortolotti and Lou Vanderwey finished off the podium followed by: Francis Lee, Mark Rodney, James Mak, Art Trinos, Ray Juhl, Peter Yu, Dennis Lee and Kuniharu Ujima.

In the 1/8th scale C-main we had a few top runners with some poor qualifiers that were going to be stuck attempting to bump up if they wanted to run in a higher main. Ted Hammer and Steve Bortolotti battled it out for the bump up spots and were able to hang on to get into the B-main. Corey DeLong rounded out the third spot in case one of them slipped up a little. The rest of the C-main was as follows: Bill McLean, Dave Presnail, Danny Lo, Ron Dziuban, Gary Climie, Chris Bramford, Jimmy Lo and Tim Kwok.

With little time to prepare for the 1/8th B-main, Ted Hammer and Steve Bortolotti were able to get ready and start at the tail end of the grid. Ted and Steve were able to fight their way to the front again against some top competition to bump up to the A-main. Allan Lai was only 4 seconds behind Steve keeping the pressure on for the bump up spot till the last second. Rounding out the B-main were: Mark Unger, Dan Engelbreth, Gary Swayze, Dennis Young, Patrick Chan, Art Trinos, Raye Field and Peter Yu.

The 1/8th A-main grid was ready to get this race underway with the threat of rain imminent. It seemed to be that A-Main was stacked with Kyosho’s/Delta’s having six cars in the feature race. At the start Brian and Paul were able to get a jump on the competition with a clean entry into the sweeper and swapped 1-2 for the first 3 cycles of pit stops where Brian ran into trouble and retired. Ontario regular James Mak made a huge jump to the front on the start running up into third behind Paul and Brian. James fell back a few spots shortly into the race after the front runners made a charge back on him. Ted Hammer who bumped up from the C-main pulled right into contention running in 5th position after only a few laps. Our other bump-up contender Steve Bortolotti ran into problems quickly when his engine expired after running hard all day. Lou Vanderwey’s Murnan Mod also expired early in the main taking him out of the race. John Elliot never seemed to get in a groove and managed to run right in the middle of the pack all race with some consistent laps. Toledo racer Howard Bortman had some bad luck with a chunked left rear tire that got him a few laps down till he was able to get it swapped out. Eli Ezrow managed to hold his third starting position till the last cycle of pits stops came up and James Mak was able to get by him for third. The top five finishers all had average lap times within 0.8 seconds over the entire 30 minute main and Eli Ezrow ripped off the quickest lap in the A-main. At the end it was Paul Cicarello, Aaron Buran and James Mak taking the podium. The rest of the field rounded out with Eli Ezrow, Ted Hammer, John Elliot, Howard Bortman, Brian Berry, Lou Vanderwey, Steve Bortolotti and Nicholas Martin. The Hard Charger award goes to Ted hammer for pounding out a 5th place a-main finish after bumping up from the C-main!

Just as we concluded the racing and took a few pictures of the top finishers the sky opened up. It was great timing and a great ending to a perfect race weekend. We look forward to seeing some more American racers make the trip up north for “The Canadian Gas Nationals”.
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Old 06-21-2007, 09:51 AM   #353
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Really looking forward to the Canadian Nats and Great Canadian Shoot Out next weekend. Only 8 more days to the start of a great weekend.
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Old 07-01-2007, 08:07 PM   #354
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Here are the A Main results of the 2007 Canadian Gas Nationals:

1/8 Open

1. Aaron Buran ~ 96 Laps ~ 30:04.929 ~ 17.854
2. Paul Cicarello ~ 95 Laps ~ 30:14.970 ~ 17.813
3. James Mak ~ 93 Laps ~ 30:08.523 ~ 18.347

1/10 200mm Sedan

1. Lou Vanderwey ~ 82 Laps ~ 30:03.344 ~ 20.375
2. Wally Edmonds ~ 79 Laps ~ 30:09.062 ~ 20.865
3. Steve Laliberte ~ 78 Laps ~ 30:34.869 ~ 21.106

5th Scale

1. Dino Delanos ~ 30:15.418 ~ 26.647
2. Alfa Ha ~ 30:23.744 ~ 26.211
3. Hugh Lawson ~ 30:22.467 ~ 27.132

All results may be viewed at JLaps:

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Old 07-02-2007, 07:55 PM   #355
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Here are the Remaining 2007 Races at the Ontario 1/8 On Road Racing Club's Hamilton Ontario Canada's Circuit

Club Race No. 4 - Saturday, July 14th.
Club Race No. 5 - Saturday, July 28th.
Club Race No. 6 - Saturday, August 18th.
Charity Race, September 8 & 9
Club Race No. 7 - Saturday, September 15th.
Club Race No. 8 - Saturday, September 29th.

After the Canadian Nationals we have some new Targets as many Track Records were smashed.

I want the Hamilton Track on Virtual RC
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Old 07-03-2007, 12:27 PM   #356
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Best 8th Mains after the AMAZING 2007 Canadian Nationals

8th Scale ROAR Open
Driver Car Laps Time Average Lap
1 Aaron Buran KYOSHO 96 30.0493 18.80
2 Paul Cicarello MUGEN 95 30.1497 19.10
3 James Mak Serpent 960 93 30.0852 19.45
4 John Elliot Delta XP4 89 30.0041 20.23
5 Eli Ezrow KYOSHO 89 30.1289 20.37
6 Wayne Vince Kyosho Evolva 89 30.1370 20.38
7 Ted Hammer DELTA XP4 88 30.1273 20.60
8 Mark Ungar Serpent 88 30.1545 20.63
9 Lou Vanderway Mugen MRX4R 87 30.0121 20.70
10 Nicholas Martin Kyosho 87 30.1486 20.86
11 Patrick Chan Kyosho 86 30.0978 21.04
12 Mike Burr Mugen MRX4 86 30.1664 21.12
13 Howard Cho Mugen MRX4R 86 30.1856 21.15
14 Dave Berry Serpent 950R 86 30.1877 21.15
15 Steve Bortolotti Mugen MRX4R 85 30.0038 21.18
16 Peter Yu Mugen 85 30.0205 21.20
17 Allan Lai Mugen 84 30.0748 21.52
18 Gary Swayze Kyosho 84 30.1832 21.65
19 Tom Firsching Delta XP4 83 28.3845 20.70
20 Raye Field Delta XP4 83 30.1165 21.83
21 Bill McLean Kyosho Evolva 83 30.2056 21.93
22 Scott Smither Delta XP4 83 30.2249 21.96
23 Brian Berry MUGEN 81 26.2565 19.58
24 Howard Bortman KYOSHO 81 30.0464 22.28
25 Jordan Krupp Serpent 950 81 30.1219 22.37
26 John Rabbito Kyosho 80 30.1431 22.68
27 Frank Calandra DELTA 79 30.1177 22.93
28 Chris Bramford Kyosho 78 28.5409 22.23
29 Lee Glick Serpent 78 30.0815 23.18
30 Tim Kwok Mugen 78 30.1761 23.30
31 Corey Delong Mugen 77 28.3331 22.25
32 Daniel Zucchet Mugen 76 30.0174 23.71
33 Dave Presnail Mugen MRX3 76 30.0716 23.78
34 Art Trinos 76 30.0799 23.79
35 Darrin Charbonneau Serpent 950 75 30.0000 24.00
36 Dan Engelbreth Serpent 960 75 30.1690 24.23
37 Ron Prinzen Mugen 74 30.0349 24.37
38 Gary Climie Kyosho 72 30.0526 25.07
39 Kunihara Ujima Serpent 950R 72 30.0629 25.09
40 Sam Liu 69 30.0736 26.19
41 Rob Dugal Serpent 960 69 30.2423 26.44
42 Dan Alder Serpent 950 69 30.2723 26.48
43 Danny Lo Mugen 67 26.0610 23.37
44 Raymond Duchesne Mugen MRX3 67 30.0000 26.87
45 Nate Talaskavich Serpent 950R 66 24.0107 21.83
46 Shawn Price Mugen MRX3 65 30.0000 27.69
47 Chuck McKinley DELTA XP4 64 30.2052 28.45
48 Jimmy Lo Mugen 63 27.2763 26.15
49 Steve Jackson Mugen MRX4 61 22.3243 22.17
50 John Kislinger Kyosho 05 56 30.0552 32.24
51 Ron Dziuban Serpent 950R 50 26.3970 31.99
52 Andy Bortolotti Mugen 50 30.1269 36.25
53 Doug Mitchell Serpent 950 48 30.1177 37.75
54 John Posthumus Kyosho Evolva 45 20.1791 27.06
55 Kirt Scammell Serpent 45 23.1949 31.10
56 Glenn Cauley Serpent Veteq 38 22.7590 36.73
57 Park Liu Serpent 950 36 23.5118 39.76
58 Kim Suphankomut Mugen MRX3 28 11.4190 25.07
59 Massimo Fantozzi Serpent 950R 22 24.4383 67.45
60 Grant Galloway Kyosho 13 9.5592 45.84
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Best 8th Scale Laps after the Canadian Nationals

8th Scale ROAR Open
Driver Car Best Lap
1 Paul Cicarello Mugen 17.813
2 Aaron Buran Kyosho 17.854
3 Tom Firsching Delta XP4 18.274
4 Brian Berry Mugen 18.297
5 Lou Vanderway Mugen MRX4R 18.333
6 James Mak Serpent 960 18.347
7 Ted Hammer DELTA XP4 18.581
8 Wayne Vince KYOSHO 18.691
9 Eli Ezrow Kyosho 18.709
10 Steve Bortolotti Mugen MRX4R 18.799
11 Frank Calandra DELTA 18.803
12 Howard Cho Mugen MRX4R 18.915
13 Chris Bramford Kyosho 19.007
14 Art Trinos 19.065
15 Allan Lai Mugen 19.134
16 Mike Burr Mugen MRX4 19.142
17 Nicholas Martin Mugen 19.150
18 Scott Smither Delta XP4 19.167
19 Sam Liu 19.185
20 Mark Ungar Serpent 19.202
21 John Elliot Delta XP4 19.234
22 Francis Lee Serpent 19.370
23 Patrick Chan Kyosho 19.376
24 Rick Davis Kyosho 19.506
25 Howard Bortman Kyosho Evolva 19.567
26 Bill McLean Kyosho Evolva 19.725
27 Peter Yu Mugen 19.738
28 Dave Berry Serpent 950R 19.760
29 Dennis Young Mugen 19.799
30 John Posthumus Kyosho Evolva 19.815
31 Raye Field Kyosho Evolva 19.821
32 Steve Jackson Mugen MRX4 19.822
33 Dan Engelbreth Serpent 960 19.913
34 Jordan Krupp Serpent 950 19.959
35 Art Trinos ?? 19.997
36 Nate Talaskavich Serpent 950R 20.102
37 Corey Delong Kyosho 20.111
38 Ty Grant Kyosho Evolva 20.331
39 Sam Liu ?? 20.395
40 Ron Prinzen Mugen 20.443
41 John Rabbito Kyosho 20.477
42 Gary Swayze Kyosho 20.538
43 Daniel Zucchet ??? 20.550
44 Tim Kwok Mugen 20.668
45 Chuck McKinley DELTA XP4 20.842
46 Kunihara Ujima Serpent 950R 20.863
47 Lee Glick Serpent 20.893
48 Ron Dziuban Serpent 950R 20.995
49 Raymond Duchesne Mugen MRX3 21.186
50 Rob Dugal Serpent 960 21.216
51 Danny Lo ?? 21.281
52 Kirt Scammel Serpent 21.341
53 Benny Chou ???? 21.462
54 Park Liu Serpent 950 21.465
55 Jimmy Lo ?? 21.466
56 John Kislinger Kyosho 05 21.468
57 Dave Presnail Mugen MRX3 21.478
58 Grant Galloway Kyosho 21.577
59 Chuck Leinbach Mugen MRX3 21.774
60 Darrin Charbonneau Serpent 950 21.793
61 Shawn Price Mugen MRX3 21.863
62 Andy Bortolotti Mugen 21.864
63 Massimo Fantozzi Serpent 950R 22.055
64 Gervais Grant Serpent 950R 22.280
65 Dan Alder Serpent 950 22.466
66 Glenn Cauley Serpent Veteq 22.759
67 Kim Suphankomut Mugen MRX3 22.846
68 Gary Climie Kyosho 22.910
69 Dan Desrosiers Serpent NT 22.969
70 Doug Mitchell Serpent 950 25.881
71 Dean Mondor Serpent Veteq 30.668
72 Devon Moffat Serpent Veteq 31.782
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Gary & all Ontario club members,

Brian and I had another great time at this years Canadian Nationals. The effort that your club put into the track this year really shows and you should be very proud of. The traction was great, the atmosphere was awesome, the hospitality was fantastic, the scoring was smooth and flawless, and the weather was perfect, not to mention......... the "trophy Girl" WOW...LOL. Your track has to rival some of the best permanent tracks we've attended over the years and the elevation changes make your track very unique! Thanks to all for putting on such a fun racing event for us all to enjoy again. For some of you reading this post that couldn't attend this year....... please put it on your calander for next year. You will be glad you did! Looking
forward attending the Canadian Nationals next year.

Dave Berry
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You don't need to be in the A Main to have FUN at the Ontario 1/8 On Road Racing Club's Track in Hamilton Ontario Canada.

Great Racing in the D Main as well. Join us
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Paul Cicarello - MUGEN - Lap Record Holder
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