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Engine Temperatures for Break-In and Normal Use for XTM 24.7 Engine. Head Shims? >

Engine Temperatures for Break-In and Normal Use for XTM 24.7 Engine. Head Shims?

Engine Temperatures for Break-In and Normal Use for XTM 24.7 Engine. Head Shims?


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Engine Temperatures for Break-In and Normal Use for XTM 24.7 Engine. Head Shims?

Hello. I recently purchased an XTM X-Factor and I am about to start the break-in procedure for it's 24.7 engine. But before I do, I would like to ask some questions regarding break-in procedure and normal use.

The instructions although clear, lack statistical data. Basically they do not tell you what temperatures the engine should run at during various stages of break-in and after break-in.

So my question(s) are rather rudimentary, what temperatures should the engine run at while in various stages during break-in and after break-in (normal use)? Please give me of proper engine temperatures during each individual stage and step of break-in, and after break-in as well.

I quite honestly don't have much experience with any engines over .12 displacement, so your advice and help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I have another question. This is regarding engine head gaskets/shims. I would like to use 30% nitro fuel for this 24.7 engine. In the instruction manual it states if you use 30% nitro fuel, it is recommended to add a .10 mm head gasket/shim to lower the compression ratio. Now I have a 0.1 engine gasket/shim but it is for the Mugen MT12 engine. I don't think it is specially designed for it, but it says "for MT12" on the package so it arouses one question in me. Is there any such animal as ".12 engine only" head gasket/shims and ".21-above only head gasket/shims"? Are there specially designed engine shims for .12 engines and .21-above engines? I honestly don't think so, but you never know. Here is a picture of the shims I will be using:

Do these look like the proper size engine head shims for this 24.7 engine? Engine head gasket/shims are very hard to find in my area (I actually mail-ordered those from Hong Kong!) so I hope these will work. I don't want to ruin my engine, so I will seek advice first before using them.

Finally, one last question. I will be breaking-in this engine in with 20% nitro fuel (recommended by XTM). Should I install the .10mm engine head/gasket shim prior to break-in (with 20% fuel) or after break-in and prior to using the 30% fuel? I am thinking that using the .10mm head gasket/shim during break-in while using 20% fuel might cause erratic engine behavior since the .10mm shim is meant for use with 30% fuel. Is this correct? If so, I suppose I would only want to install the shim right before I use 30% nitro fuel?

Sorry for all the questions! Your advice and help in this matter is greatly appreciated.



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