Help me Out Dude

  • I got a Rs42 Robinson Ball-DIff.
    I want to Clean it out what should/shouldn't do ?
    Can i use WB-40 ?
  • WD-40 should be fine. It is designed for this purpose.
  • I don't know much about Ball Diff. But, after the WD-40, should you reapply whatever Diff Fluid, Diff gel, Diff grease or whatever that is?
  • Ball Diff cleaning methods
    Motor spray works great. You don't want the residue that WD-40 will leave. It is not compatable with the Silicone diff grease.

    The best way is to disassemble, clean with Motor spray and reluble with the proper greases. Do this on a clean WHITE towel or rag so you dont loose the balls. I put mine in a White coffie cup for cleaning then dump them onto a White towel to wipe off.
  • I get a Small Bottle
    And Throw my (ball's)<------- u know wut i mean heheh
    Close the bottle And shake it for a few minutes...
    and then clean it with Towels and apply greese..
    Btw wut greese should i use ?( i got a can of heavy duty greese)
    But i guess it can't be use...
  • WHAT GREASE!!???
    Associated diff grease is supposed to be the best. Silicone (clear/white) for the diff balls and (black) for the thrust bearings/balls. Availible at your LHS.

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