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Old 10-10-2006, 10:54 AM   #556
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I believe the start was effected by the huge swarm of Locusts that suddenly appeared near the drivers stand.
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Originally Posted by slewis
Car 5 started even later than Car 4 and so did some others. Look at the back of the grid cars 11-12 - watch it in slow motion and you will see they moved even before Car 6.
The problem that has not even been talked about is that 14 drivers are on the stand-elbow to elbow and in the equation for calculating space there has NOT been an accounting for race personal or referrees. Read the Nationals guidelines and a minimum of one referree is required.

for somebody who wasn't involved with the race you sure have a lot of opinions. we determined the amount of racers allowed by the stand size not the track size. why don't you limit your posts to something you know about because pretty much everything you have said on this subject has been just plain wrong.
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Old 10-10-2006, 11:24 AM   #558
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Thanks to the Cincinnati Club, Sponsors and all who put on this event. It was a blast. Great racing and even better friends. Can't ask for much more! It was excellent racing - at every level. The talent that came to this race was awesome! Congrats to the winners - and bravo to all the participants - what a stellar show.....

To all who are reading the posts - this was a fabulous event - yes, there was drama, but, that keeps you all reading --

See you all soon.
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Old 10-10-2006, 11:30 AM   #559
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deltadave and sedanaddict............

Those are the best two post I've seen on this thread in two days..PERFECT!

....but actually Dave, I hadn't put my sandwich down yet and pulled up my recliner, so I was late with the throttle finger
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Old 10-10-2006, 11:35 AM   #560
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The way i see it is that Jarred had a legal start. .001 is still after the tone. you shouldnt have to resort to superslow mo to determine whether he jumped or not but someome did and took the time to prove he left after the tone. Jarred did get lucky on his reaction and had a great start. from what the video showed Josh not only took off late but took off straight across the track. If Jarred didnt hit hit someone else would have.
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Old 10-10-2006, 11:37 AM   #561
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Well said, it was a great event!
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Old 10-10-2006, 11:38 AM   #562
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Originally Posted by sedanaddict
our back straight is 285' long. it isn't the biggest in the world but it is close.
starting 14 on that straight is no different than starting 10 on a 200' straight.
the only reason the last 2 spots were around the corner was to maintain the same spacing as the first 12 spots. i haven't measured the distance between boxes but it is big. i would bet it is bigger than most tracks.
our drive line is 1230'. 14 on that track is no different than 10 on a 900' track.
during practice there were 15-16 people out at a time without much trouble.
why is it a problem to have 14 if the track and stand can hold 14? the problem at the start of that race wasn't the number of cars on the track, it was because one car started faster than everybody else and another car started slower than everybody else.
I don't recall saying anything about the number of drivers vs. the length of the track. I don't recall saying anything bad about your club either. And yes I was only there as a spectator so you have no cause to jump down my throat.
I post this for your suggested reading

6.1. Having quality personnel is paramount to having an event go well. It is up to the organizers to find the best helpers possible for these jobs. The people helping with these duties have our highest respect and appreciation. Without these dedicated members there is no racing.

6.2. All Officials must be ROAR members (see ROAR rule 1.6.5) and must be strong enough in character to handle these positions. As a convenience to the Host, single-event membership may be issued to non-racers helping as Radio Impound Deputies or with track maintenance.

6.3. The following National Event Officials will be needed from the day of controlled practice throughout all of the Qualifiers and Mains:

• Designated ROAR Official (DRO)
• Race Director
• Referee(s)
• Finish Line Judge
• Technical Inspectors
• Scorekeepers
• Registration Controller
• Radio Impound Deputies
• Track Maintenance

6.4. NOTE:
• The authorities and responsibilities of the Officials are contained in ROAR Rule 1.6.6.
• There must be liquid (ROAR legal) refreshment provided for these Officials.
• The Race Director, DRO and Referees can make immediate official judgments/penalties.
• The DRO may temporarily change ROAR rules in the event of a protest or other need for interpretation or modification of the ROAR rules, and then only for the duration of that single event.
• The DRO will not participate in any function of racing or hot pit assistance.

6.5. The following people may only make judgments within their area of responsibility:

• Scorekeepers
• Technical Inspectors
• Registration Controller
• Finish line judge

6.6. Race Director:
• The Race Director is the primary responsible person representing the Host. He is the one point of contact for everything, including track maintenance, setting up the facility to accommodate the number of entries expected, and providing the staff and equipment necessary to run a ROAR National event efficiently. The Race Director is responsible for the smooth operation of the event, everyone’s safety and the “fun factor” for the racers. The Race Director cannot be the designated Announcer. The Race Director may not compete nor perform hot pit assistance nor serve in any other official capacity.

Page 8 of 22
6.7. Referees:
• The Host must provide a Head Referee. There can be more than one Referee, but only one ‘Head Referee’. Referees should be experienced in the scales they are refereeing; they must have a good knowledge of ROAR rules and be a current ROAR member. The Head Referee may not participate in the event, nor serve in any other official capacity. A Referee must observe each heat and Main from start to finish. A Referee may be the ‘Finish Line Judge’.
• A Referee may issue warnings, penalties and instructions. A Referee may take action after an initial warning but in all cases a maximum of three issued penalties means automatic disqualification from the event. Warnings and penalties are issued for bad sportsmanship and for violations of ROAR rules. Referees warnings and penalties are to be announced, as soon as possible, to the driver committing the violation. The Referees must keep a record of penalties assessed in each race, referring to the Round, Heat and lap if necessary. The Referee may not compete nor perform hot pit assistance nor serve in any other official capacity

6.8. Protest Committee:
• An official protest committee must be appointed, made up of the Race Director, the ROAR Regional Director, and the Designated ROAR Official at the race. If any of the committee cannot attend all or part of the event, then a qualified representative should be named in their place.
• The members of the Protest Committee must be announced to the drivers at the first drivers’ meeting of the event.
• All protests will be handled according to Rule 5.15. The Race Director should ensure that he understands the process.
• It is the Race Director’s responsibility to be sure all protests and race decisions are handled fairly and equitably within the guidelines of ROAR rules.
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Old 10-10-2006, 11:40 AM   #563
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Originally Posted by JFCJ

Randy Kastl had the Mugen parts for sale. His shop number is 937-436-6161. You can check with him or T.J. about the person who loaned out the module.

Congrats on the concourse win!!

Thank you so much James!
I got a hold of Randy and obtained the drivers (Doug Filo)
cell# and left him a message. I'm sure he'll call me back
soon. If not, I'll send it to Randy since he stops in to The
HobbyShop frequently. As for concourse, it was really
tough competition in both categories / Best paint & Most
Authentic. It was nice to see so many entries!

Thanks again!

Terry Brown

Again! What an AWESOME EVENT! The Caliber of drivers
was amazing and so much fun to watch!
Hats off to TSRCAR organization .... Job Well Done!
Special Thanks to Sponsors: Mugen Seiki USA, Futaba America, Murnan Modified Motors, VP-Powermaster Fuel & Faskolor
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Old 10-10-2006, 12:23 PM   #564
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Man that was close saw the video and looks like he just timed it .oo1 early or late its that close....anyhow its a shame about what happened.....has there ever been a rolling start where the pole sitter sets the pace on a few warm up laps then bunches them together to get a nice even start.....it seems to me with the caliber of drivers on the stand at this event it would be possible and look really cool...just an idea......
Sippin Coladas and Chillin
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Old 10-10-2006, 12:28 PM   #565
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RCBOB - Ask Jarrod Scott - He even said he completly jumped the start, backed off the throttle and then punched it when the actual tone went off!!

After seeing the video, my car was a little slow off the line but I guess I should have had my pit man start my car in the traction rather than in the painted box.... Hell, I should have had him through me out 1/2 the width of the straigh so I could have traction..... Right.... Not like a penalty would have been called..... I thought the rules state we have to start IN THE BOX, if we don't we recieve a stop & go during the race or a 1 LAP penalty if the start is reviewed after the race. (Congrats Mike Swauger!)

Thanks for all the help Andy - You didn't do anything wrong!! You followed the rules as I asked you to so we didn't get a penalty.....

The # of drivers thing is just stupid. Every race leading up to the TOP TEN FINAL. Why are we trying to jam more cars on the track?? Off-road runs between 30-1:15 second LAPS. I don't see them running 15-45 cars on the track. Maybe if there weren't so many cars, the officials could watch the race and make the proper calls for jump starts and for rough driving. The comment "to give more people a shot at winning" is lame - This is why we run qualifying, this is why we all work so hard to make the final.

Also, in this situation, look at the condition of the track after the final - There was sooooo much tire dust all over the track it was critical not to miss a corner - Take away 2,3,4 cars worth of tire dust and maybe the track would have been in a better condition and there might have been an even better race.

After reading the rules, I understand that a restart was not allowed - Then why was it allowed and done last year?? Seems it only applies when ROAR feels like it. Sort of like the driver's meeting rule......
Destiny, Ko Propo, Hobby Wing, Ulti Racing Tires, Protoform, Xenon Racing, Pivothead, Vizon, TQ Wire & Hella Graphics
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Last edited by John Sawyer; 10-10-2006 at 01:17 PM.
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Congrats to

Ralph Burch, Mike Swauger, and Joel Johnson on thier good performances.
TQ-racing Yokomo BD7 Airtronics
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Old 10-10-2006, 01:24 PM   #568
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Originally Posted by slewis
I don't recall saying anything about the number of drivers vs. the length of the track. I don't recall saying anything bad about your club either. And yes I was only there as a spectator so you have no cause to jump down my throat.
I post this for your suggested reading
6.7. Referees:

i am not going to re post all that rules crap that every roar member has in their book.
what is your point anyway?
i have plenty of cause to jump down your throat. you come on this board making accusations about things that you know nothing about, you ask for resignation of roar officials, you say you have "video verification" of things that don't exist, you accuse the club of not following roar rules and in general stirring up crap that dosen't involve you. since you were just a spectator why don't you act like one and mind your own buisness.
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Old 10-10-2006, 01:27 PM   #569
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The track was vacumed and swept before both masters and open finals, the only mains it was done for. Looked like Ralph was just as fast at the end as the begining of the race.
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Old 10-10-2006, 01:33 PM   #570
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Robert, we do that rolling start you describe for our club races at the SugarBowl (Atlanta area). Works great!
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