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Tekno NB48.3 Thread

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R/C Tech ForumsThread Wiki: Tekno NB48.3 Thread
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What option parts should I consider buying with a new kit?
None are required but we recommend the following:

Low Grip Track:
TKR8772 – Yellow Low Frequency Rear Springs and TKR8762 – Grey Low Frequency Front Springs

Low to Medium Grip Track:
TKR8773 – Orange Low Frequency Rear Springs and TKR8763 – Black Low Frequency Front Springs

Medium to High Grip Track:
TKR8774 - Red Low Frequency Rear Springs and TKR8764 - Pink Low Frequency Front Springs

TKR5199B – HRC Rear Hubs (L/R, CV or uni, EB/NB/ET/NT48/48.3) - Improves stability of the rear on mid to corner exit. Able to be on power earlier on corner exit.

TKR6146 - CNC Delrin Shock Cartridge Set

TiNi Shock Shafts
-TKR6017T (front)
-TKR6061T (rear)

This car is very durable. Here are the spare parts that I recommend you keep on hand:
TKR5020 – Hinge Pins (inner, front/rear)
TKR6061T – Rear Shock Shafts w/ TiNi Coating and TKR6017T – Front Shock Shafts w/ TiNi Coating
TKR5286 – Front Suspension Arms and TKR5184 – Rear Suspension Arms
TKR5194 – Spindle Carriers
TKR6009 – Shock O-Ring and Bladder Set (for 2 shocks)

Tips and Tricks

List of Vehicle Setup Adjustments and Build Tips can be found here. There are several videos and articles detailing the building of shocks, diffs, camber links, etc.

Page 17 Step M-3
Put the screw in upside down so that the head of the screw is in the hex spot that's molded into the spindle. This will aid in clearance in full droop / full steering.

Page 14 Step K-2
Use no less than 4 shims on the steering spindle to limit steering throw. I actually just use one 2mm ball stud washer from my 10th scale stuff since each shim is .5mm.

Warranty Policy:
Tekno RC is the only company in the industry that will give 50% off of parts if returned to them using the General Warranty return policy found on their website. The parts can be lightly used or completely abused, as long as the part is still being produced it's covered!

Piston Drills:
Some of our setups recommend using pistons that are enlarged. For instance 4x1.9 or 3x2.0. To drill the pistons we recommend the following:
GMK Supply Piston Drill Set
16PC Metric Bit Set Metric Sizes 2.00 to 3.00 MM.

Setup Sheets:
Setup sheets for all of our vehicles can be found here.

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Default Tekno NB48.3 Thread

More info to be added

TKR5304 – NB48.3 1/8th Competition Nitro Buggy Kit
When we decided to release a nitro buggy in November of 2013, a lot of people were scratching their heads. What does Tekno RC, a company known for electric innovation, know about nitro? But we were up to the challenge and NB48’s started popping up at tracks across the world. The experience has been invaluable. We learned a lot and we have listened to our customers. The NB48.3 is faster, nimbler, easier to drive and it incorporates some forward thinking that breaks the mold of what a nitro buggy is supposed to be.

We started with the suspension and completely redesigned the geometry. The new design aimed to improve big jump landings while at the same time improve small bump handling and consistency. Longer shocks have been fitted to increase suspension travel and new towers (TKR5268, TKR5269) were designed to optimize shock angles. Revised upper camber link positions on both the front and rear shock tower provide setup options that improve driveability and traction in all conditions. A new piston was designed specifically for the longer shocks (TKR6159) to adjust the compression/rebound characteristics. The lower arms (TKR5184, TKR5286) feature new shock mounting locations. Clamping spring perches (TKR6140) and new shock boots (TKR6144, TKR6145) are included to keep the shocks clean, smooth, and trouble free. We also included the left and right handed shock mounting screws (TKR1240) to ensure you never lose a shock during operation.

The chassis has evolved as well (TKR5303). The EB48 and NB48 proved that moving weight forward results in better cornering so we eliminated the rear engine configuration from the NB48.3 and concentrated on optimizing the handling and flex characteristics of the front engine layout. This improved the gear mesh between the clutch bell and new 46t spur gear (TKR5119) and also helped to calm the rear of the car.

Another area that received an update was the braking. Larger, fully CNC machined, hardened, and ground discs (TKR5345B) replace the old parts. Improved semi-metallic brake pads (TKR5314B) are now separated by springs (TKR5368) to ensure the brakes are only engaged when you want them to be. The biggest change made to the brakes however, is with the linkage (TKR5336B). An all new brake system was designed for better consistency and easier brake bias adjustments.

New rear hubs (TKR5199) allow the option of using the stock CV axles or the upcoming universal driveshafts. We now also offer the rear hubs in aluminum as an option (TKR5199A). At the front of the vehicle are new trailing steering spindles (TKR5193) and spindle carriers (TKR5194). The trailing components vastly improve high speed bump handling in addition to smoothing out the steering response. The vehicle initiates turns more predictably and finishes corners better than ever before. Larger bearings are now fitted to the front spindles for improved durability. The spindles will also accommdate the upcoming universal driveshafts.

The V2 hinge pin braces (TKR5161, TKR5162, TKR5163, TKR5164, TKR5165) have found their way into the new kit. They provide more adjustability than ever before. For example, changing the roll centers at the hinge pin is now an easy task and allows you to set up the vehicle for any conditions. Front arm sweep, kickup, rear anti-squat, and rear toe are all adjustable. A revised chassis was designed to increase clearance for the many V2 hinge pin positions.

Our low profile wing mount (TKR5181) is included to lower the CG of the whole vehicle. A revised front bumper (TKR5166) increases front ground clearance. Straight camber link rod ends (TKR5187) were produced to improve consistency in corners.

Finally, the box setup has been tuned by some of the best drivers in the world to give our customers a vehicle that they can confidently drive in most conditions. With the extensive list of adjustments and improvements, it is easier than ever to tune the vehicle to your driving style and track conditions.

NB48.3 New Features:

Completely redesigned suspension geometry
Revised chassis
New front arms
New rear arms
New front and rear 7075 CNC aluminum shock towers
New extra long shocks for increased suspension travel
New tapered 4 x 1.8mm shock pistons
New clamping spring perches with captured shock boots
New rear hubs
New trailing front spindles and spindle carriers
New V2 hinge pin braces and inserts
Low profile wing mount
Revised bumper for increased ground clearance
New straight turnbuckle rod ends
New left and right hand threaded shock mount screws
New easily adjustable droop screws
Revised shock standoffs for easier droop measurement
New brake linkage for easier adjustments and more consistent braking
New revised 46t spur gear
New brake pads and discs for unparalleled durability and consistency
Longer rear sway bar for more consistent traction
Updated setup sheet for improved handling

Proven design
Optimized Narrow Chassis Layout with Adjustable Weight Distribution and Flex Characteristics
4mm CNC 7075 aluminum hard anodized lightened chassis.
Class leading front and rear clearance (short chassis overhang) provides better bump handling and jump landing.
Integrated Radio Tray/Mud Guard for Unmatched COG, Lightness, and Durability
Adjustable, LCG lightweight wing mount.
Spacious, enclosed, easy access radio box with integrated transponder mount.
Adjustable chassis brace system for fine tuning flex with front, center, and rear braces.
Differentials and Drivetrain:

New revised 46t spur gear
New brake pads and discs for unparalleled durability and consistency
Innovative Rear Offset Differential Provides Minimal Drive Angles and Reduced Wear.
Lightened Drivetrain Components Throughout – Standard.
3 Fluid Filled Adjustable Lightweight Differentials.
Less Rotating Mass = Better Acceleration.
CV Driveshafts with Captured Pins on all 4 Wheels.
Option for Universal Driveshaft usage.

Super smooth 16mm big bore shocks.
6mm front, 5mm rear CNC 7075 aluminum gun metal anodized shock towers are standard.
New tapered piston design and configuration (4 x 1.8mm)
Fully adjustable long travel suspension geometry maximizes stability and traction while providing superior cornering and on-power steering.
CNC threaded shock bodies, caps, cartridge caps, and adjustment nuts.
4mm hardened steel polished shafts.
New clamping spring perches with captured shock boots.
Triple guide design for true consistent shaft action.
Options for vented cap, emulsion, or standard shock configurations.
Optional springs and sway bars are available.
Suspension and Steering:

Adjustable front arm sweep and angle to make the car more aggressive (swept forward), or easier to drive (swept back).
‘Narrow pivot’ steering posts provide ‘0 bump’ geometry with almost ‘0 steering slop’.
Adjustable CNC 7075 hinge pin braces are standard.
New longer rear sway bar for better consistency
4mm inner, 3.5mm outer hinge pins, polished for smooth action.
Adjustable Ackerman and bump-steer (bump in, 0 bump, bump out).
CNC aluminum Ackerman plate rides on 4 precision bearings.
Adjustable steering stops for precise steering travel settings.
Other Features:

High downforce wing included.
Easily adjust anti-squat, rear toe, front arm angle, front arm sweep, roll center, toe, camber, wheelbase, rear arm length, Ackerman, bump steer, suspension geometry out of the box.
Full set of option parts available.
Extremely easy to work on with minimal screw count.
All metric hex hardware.

Length: 435mm (without wing)
Wheelbase: 323-335mm
Width: 306-310mm
Dry Weight: 3260g* (7.17lb) (*your weight may vary depending on equipment used)
Diff Ratio: F/R – 10/40t, Center – 46t
Clutch: 4-shoe adjustable with 7075 aluminum shoes
Clutch Bell: 15t w/ 5x13x4mm inner, 5x11x5mm outer bearing
Brakes: Steel discs with semi-metallic pads, side mounted
Receiver Battery Box Dimensions 58.5mm x 36mm x 34.5mm (L x W x H)
Fuel Tank: 125cc, clunk
Needed to complete:
2/3 channel surface radio transmitter and receiver
High torque steering and brake servo (at least 300 oz/in)
RX battery 58.5mm x 36mm x 34.5mm (L x W x H)
Switch harness
.21 nitro engine, tuned pipe, manifold, and glow plug
Fuel bottle, fuel, 1/8th buggy starter box, and glow ignitor
1/8th scale buggy tires, wheels & CA glue
Paint for body
Tools needed:
Hex drivers 1.5mm (TKR1104), 2.0mm (TKR1105), 2.5mm (TKR1106)
Nut drivers 5.0mm (TKR1107, 5.5mm (TKR1108), 7.0mm (TKR1109)
17mm Wheel Wrench (TKR1116)
Hobby knife
Needle-nose pliers
Pivot Ball and Shock Multi-tool (TKR1115, for shock assembly)
4mm turnbuckle wrench (TKR1103)
4mm arm reamer
Lexan Body Scissors
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I can't wait for everyone to get their hands on this new car! With all the changes that have been made, the stability, corner speed, and jumping & landing are just awesome. The car is super easy to drive and doesn't have to be pushed to go fast. It's great!
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The front shocks are the buggy's rear shocks, the rear ones are the truggy shocks for enormous suspension travel
featuring new 4x1.8 pistons with tappered tops, and the new clamping spring perches with revised captured shock boots

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The chassis plate is reworked: the rear positionned engine/weight distribution is abandonned completely
same time the chassis flex control is optimized, as is the play between bell and the new revised 46T main gear

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The proto brake layout featuring dual links and new brake cams with 10° offset hammers and holes to fit 2 jq-like steal levers
also new cnc brakediscs, better brakepads and return springs

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New arms closed at the bottom with only 1 hole for the carriers

Truggy rear anti rollbars
specific .3 version rear arm mudguards
rear carriers ready for the universals/8x16 mm bearings and also with but 1 hole for the hingepins
the Team never used the inner holes..

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15 degrees carriers and new spindles secured by setscrews

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Low profile wingholder, straight turnbuckles rodends and V2 droopscrews,

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Secured shock rodends and L/R hand threaded shock mount screws

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4 new tunable hingpin holders with square inserts

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The whole package looks really good, lutz has been having a lot of success with the Tekno nitro buggy this year!!
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I shall dub thee Shockzilla.
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