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Evoking1230 2019-04-22 12:23:20

(Wikipost) James Racing Tires
James Racing Tire Prep/Gluing Tips

1. Use non-chlorinated brake cleaner or Alcohol to clean bead of tire.
2. Dremel wheel bead. This gives it a good bonding surface. Clean after dremel with above cleaners mentioned above.
3. Use loctite professional glue.
4. Enjoy!

What James Racing Tires are compared to in other brands:

PL suppressor - Y-Zip
PL lockdown - Revenger
PL fugetive - Defenders
PL blockade - Y-Zip or Revenger
PL switchblade - Wasper

Dot Evo works on wet or dusty tracks and every track condition.
Wasper is like a Hole Shot/Buck Shot.
I-Blocks are amazing on dusty blue grooves.
X-Cross is like a Bow Tie.

The rubber wears like iron and the SS compound is close to a M3 PL and if sauced with PB Blaster, feels like a M4. The 5 rib inserts are like Dirt Techs so they don't break down fast like PL foams do.

"Compound Chart"

Originally Posted by Evoking1230
So is there a chart for which compound to go with in what weather/conditions?

I live in Texas and currently in the 70ís-80ís. Lately, occasional 50ís-60ís. And of course the 90ís in the summer and then some.

There is no chart, but traction level is more important than temps. Use SS for low grip, Soft for high grip, and Medium for extreme/abrasive grip levels.

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