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Old 09-26-2012, 06:10 PM   #1
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Default anyone have any suggestions on how to get more steering on the TLR Buggy ?

i would really appreciate the help
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Are you having understeer issues in corners or something? The 2.0 has tons of steering.....

If you really feel you need more the 12* inclined spindles do give it more, the thing turns on a dime.
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Check EPA, servo saver and slow down. You are really not giving us much to go on.
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I never could get mine to steer I sold it and got an rc8 and never looked back
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Default set up

ok man what kind of track r u running on??? pics or video??
r u running the same tire as the fastest guy on the track???
what set up are u running???
how new r u to the losi eight??
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This might help you with your set up
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a losi with no steering...????
well that is Odd...?? really for any car...???
well if going by "Nothing else" and Guessing i would say could only be one of
2 things...."Driver Error" and bad set up........since no one drives bad...??
(i can hear a million cyber laughs right now!)
we'll address Set up.......

well if the car was a RTR (ready to run) be a good idea to tear it down
"Compleatly" if run for some time and go over the parts....
a cracked part somewhere on the car could be loose or something bent?
never know sometimes could be something "Overlooked"
cant say how many times hearing i got this kit or that kit and worked great!
only to find they never did "Major Maintainance"
to there cars they had "Before" !!!!!!!!!!!

they run it till somthing would break? replace the ofending "part"
but never go over the entire car?
so be a good idea to go over the car....

BUT !!!!
since nothing will be broken !!!
lets try some things to look for?
servo saver? could be loose? check if tightened?
and or "Servo" it could be bad? unlikely but could happen?
stripped gear?
and a common one.....Battery? could be low? maybe not holding
a compleat charge? never know??
but a servo with at "Least" 125 to 150 ounces of tourque will help
more is better of course,but anything "Less" it will struggle a little.
say Airtronics 94851 is "Ok" inexpensive but "Ok"
and a Align DS615 a little better with 177 ounces
as well a Savox 1258 ....these all will run about 50 to 70 bucks
from there they all hit about 100.00 bucks.
used savox 1258's for some time before getting a thing with Hitech
and they worked great.....
but if you already have the super servos? lets move on....
Truggies a different story but well stay on the buggy thing

EPA for settings on radio (i see this ALLOT !!!)
a good driver at your local track can also help here to show.
check EPA settings......

binding,pull off shocks all 4 and check for any binding?
also check to see if the shocks at the towers are "Over Tightened"
causing the shocks to bind at certian parts of "Travel"......
check "Sway-Bars" if there Binding....
if there all moving "Freely" on to next thing

ride height very OFTEN over looked in any car...set it to the recommended
front and rear ride Heights, and drop car from about 6 to 8 inches making sure
it comes back to same height, if not something could be binding...??

set up: from here follow the recommended stock set up will work for a good
majority of tracks "In General".....
but a General set up not following camber links as all cars will vary...
but 2deg camber front and rear and about 2deg toe out are good stating points.
for most cars.....track conditions will vary but just trying to get in General
set up......
ok, and here is a one "ALWAYS" over looked brake Bias.....
now no one (well fanboys will try?)
but no can really tell you a sure fire setting? as there are 6 billion and change
of people on the planet, there will be the same amount of possible settings...
some will like more front brake than others?
some will like more Rear brake than others??
if the driver is drive to the last second and Slam on the brakes type driver?
(99.99999% drive like this)
may want a little more rear than front?
so think of it like this?
take a real car in the rain, if it did not have a ABS system
you hit the brakes and try and turn? the car will keep going "Straight"
take that same car and have it where the brakes do not lock up.
the car can still "Steer Through a Turn"

so play with the brakes at the track makes a big difference....

another thing tires, if running what most running on the track
"Talk to the Drivers" they can have some tips on good tires
for "Given Conditions" of your Loacl track......
tires will make a big difference as well with the Modern cars of today.
not like 7 years ago or farther back where you had 2 maybe 3 choices
of tires and 2 compounds...hard or Soft !!!....
say a harder track? so if you could jump up and down on the track
not leave a indent? with some dusty dirt on top? a smaller pin
could be the ticket? say a Blockade? Beta-V Max? or Impact
and Or GridIrons,HoleShots and Beta Cubez.....
(just some Possible suggestions?)

but a Losi 2.0
i would run to start Adam Drakes set up, then play with the Brakes.....
and "Adjust Driving Habbits" to see if was Driving style? or Car...???
sometimes "Slow is Fast"......

but still fun to grab a handfull of throttle...

let everyone know if anything worked....
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