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Everybody is copying everybody, it's called R&D. Who cares if the car is good?

I went from a 808 to a JQ so I might help a bit.

The 808 is better overall regarding the quality BUT it got transmission and bearings issues. It feels less agile, light and provides less traction compared to the JQ. This said shocks are excellent and handling is a litte bit easier.

Many guys are talking about THE car without even trying it. I'm running the car in it's very first version, the one that so many blame and I love it. I just boiled the plastics and I'm not breaking anything. It's an excellent car to learn driving because it's so responsive. It's not as easy to drive as some other buggies out there but you learn a LOT driving it. If you drive smoothly, the car is one of the best car there is. I wouldn't recommend it for a very agressive driver or for very slippery tracks but on rough conditions, wet or tracks with grip man is it fast!

To be honest I do better laptimes with our Durango BUT I feel more pleasure driving the JQ and I improve more with the last one. The last yellow edition must be easier (it provides a chassis with more flex, smoother suspensions/ gearing) but I will stay with my V1 until the end . As a side note bearings and screws are excellent on the JQ, much better than on my previous chassis. Some might not care about it but if these "details" are good the rest is good generally. And I'm not even talking about JQ's engagement for the drivers, many JQ team drivers helped me from the beginning and I'm far from being a pro
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id say the JQ the losi is also a very good option

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Originally Posted by 8ight-racer View Post
That is not what a copy is. Let's get these definitions straight:
Copy: "Imitate or reproduce (an idea or style) rather than creating something original." The JQ arms are the shortest on the market, I would consider that original.
Identical: "Similar in every detail; exactly alike"

You are putting way too much emphasis on how something "looks" not taking into consideration what it actually does, which as long as they function contribute nearly nothing to handling. Why not compare actual performance of the two arms, with their completely different geometries. Because I am sure you have never tested JQ and Losi arms back to back, with their respective arm holders, I can say from my testing there is a HUGE handling difference between them. Far from "copy or looking identical."

You say they look identical? Check out the Losi arm compared to JQ arm. I really cannot understand where they "look identical and the JQ arm is a copy of the Losi," with respect to the definitions I posted. You say I am too blind to see the real facts? So there is the pictures, and it is very easy to tell a difference in the 2 arms and the obvious length and design differences...unless you are too oblivious to see them.
When you use the words copy, this is what is sooo funny to me. Losi put lots of time in R&D you do understand what R&D is don't you?????? This means EVERY aspect of the design (LOOK) serves a purpose, all the gaps and open spaces have been ENGINEERED for PERFORMANCE NOT LOOKS. SOOOOOOO.... when another developer uses a similar looking arm they are copying that arm, they might not be making an exact copy down to the thousandth inch but they are using that "LOOK" for a reason, regardless of quality of plastic or length the Losi a-arm has every hole in it for a reason, it has the exact shape for a reason, it was ENGINEERED for a reason, this reason is performance and longevity. Look at the a-arms of Mugen and HB they have a totally different "LOOK" to them and they are known for snapping because they either A. have a crappy plastic mix or B. Because the design is too rigid (not enough holes in the right places.) I truly hate hijacking this thread but.......... people need to understand that copy does not have to mean exact down to the thousandth of an inch. People copy Justin Beebers hair style all the time but is it exact???? FFS NO it isn't they might have darker hair or lighter hair, or it might be a bit shorter or longer. What about someone copying the style of another person's body (rc body.) Hell I saw a green head on an engine and I had a green body so I pulled my head off, sent it in and had it sand blasted then power coated in a shade of green, it wasn't the same but I copied his idea because I wanted a green head. Copy means taking ANYTHING from something pre-existing and incorporating this into your own idea, so to sit there and tell me that JQ, xray and Losi all had totally independent ideas (losi's was first) that looked the same on the outside? If this actually happened then I am wrong and they didn't copy from Losi, but common sense says otherwise. I remember when JQ was first starting to build his car he was actually taking parts from other vehicles and putting them on his to see what worked better when he was doing his R&D.

OP once again sorry. Get "the car" it is a great mill and you won't be disappointed with it, make sure to get a few odds and end spare parts unless your local hobby shop stocks them already. Another thing would be to look for someone selling an old one if you can get it cheap enough it would be worth it for the parts, some might not be good but for the most part they would get you through a race...
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