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Default tire gluing

May be a stupid question but i have always wondered why you see pros gluing their tires while they are at the track. Throughout the day at a big race you can always see guys gluing tires. Why wouldnt they do this the week or day before rather than on a busy race day. Does it have something to do with the glue having a stronger bond the fresher the glue job? Just curious
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These guys are going to new layouts new tracks weekly their gluing what works and backups > new tires at the end for a pretty pic
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Sometimes it's because they're getting the tires at the track, but mostly it's cause gluing tires sucks and why glue up more than you have to. FTR, I never put fresh tires on my car for a pic, or clean the body up for a pick unless sponsors are covered up. I don't like those pics where guys cars look like they weren't even raced.
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Agree with the above post. Also, tires take up a lot of space and usually big timers dont drive to those races. So flying with 10 or so sets of tires cant be done. So they either buy them at the track or have their sponsors bring what they need. Could you imagine having 3 compounds of the same tire and 4 different tread patterns in your carry on??
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Sniffing glue helps to relax you before a big race.
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Originally Posted by kevinpratt823 View Post
Sniffing glue helps to relax you before a big race.
Hahahahaha Funny :-)
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It is mainly because if you had 3 qualifiers and 2 finals and needed a set of tyres for each, you can take 5 sets of rims that you know you will need but can have 30 sets of different tread and compound patterns tyres that will work on the day and then just glue up the ones you need to the 5 sets of rims you brought. Wrapping sets of tyres up takes up no room at all
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Because all of the tires they premounted are wrong.
Because TAG body spray that goes on the inside of the tires carcass deosn't last long.

Because they can't predict the compound, wheel, and foam combo that works bet until they've run a few tanks in practice.

Because they need to look busy in the pits or their sponsors will make them do odd PR things with silly giant hats.

Seriously, when was the last time you had the perfectly optimal tire? Don't you allways wish for another pair of something when you travel to different tracks.
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