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r.hackett 05-11-2012 03:19 PM

Throttle servo failure
A quick overview.
I was breaking in my Thunder Tiger 1:10 Tomahawk ST. After maybe 30 minutes, during the 3rd tank, my throttle failed to respond (luckily, I happened to be idle at the time). My steering was still functional though.

I 'binded' the transmitter and receiver, replaced all the batteries, did everything I could to configure the transmitter and receiver correctly (as per the instructions), but still the throttle servo was non responsive. In an effort to rule out the transmitter's throttle control as the source of the problem, I swapped the steering and throttle servo inputs (into the receiver), and as expected, I could steer with the throttle, but steering gave no response to the throttle. In my mind, this rules out the transmitter as the source of the issue, as well as the receiver. Also, I of course checked for obstructions and I stripped down the servo to the bare box and cog; still no response.

Anyway, "long story short", I figured that my throttle servo (Ace R/C S1903) was bust. Its very subtle and very broken responses to the transmitter is also a pretty good indication. I have ordered an identical new servo which will take weeks to ship, so I'm wondering if there's any better options for servos which would be compatible with the Thunder Tiger 1:10 Tomahawk ST.

Can anyone help me out with any ideas about how to determine a suitable alternative servo? Perhaps a more robust and more easily available one too.

Thank you

edit: I have posted a reply bigjayjay1, but it needs to be approved by a mod to be shown for some reason. I basically asked whether there's any obvious issues with installing/running the Spektrum Digital High Torque Sport Servo (can't post link, not enough posts). Savox is obviously a very high quality brand, but the Spektrum has a great price and good reviews from what I hear.

bigjayjay1 05-11-2012 03:30 PM

Yes check out Savox servos they last with good quality but EPA setting and linkage setup is KEY if done wrong any good servo will take a dump over time. Im pretty sure your servo is standard "Size".

You need a basic servo anything around the 200oz will be fine


r.hackett 05-11-2012 03:52 PM

Thanks bigjayjay1. I've checked out Savok servos, but I also came across the SPMSS6000 "Spektrum Digital High Torque Sport Servo" (sorry, can't post link, not enough posts). Do you think there may be any problems installing/using this servo in my truggy?

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