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Another thing you should consider is find out what other guys at your local track use as it is important to share with set ups parts backup etc. That's if you are going to race locally most of the time. You don't want to be the only guy running a car especially if you are new to the sport.
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Kyo is way over priced for what u get ,,yea it's drive train is smooth . but for the price of the buggy and truggie none of the anodizing should come off shock towers or shocks . plus the truggy still uses e-clips that at times fall off if u don't shoe glue them . i think the best bang for your money is either mugen or serpent and i would wait bec i think mugen is comming out with a mbx6tr in april and a updated serpent truggy in auguest. good luck with any of the buggy's or truggy's u choose .

PS,,, I have a kyosho tki2 wc buggy and i love how it drives but i will not spend 840 on the truggie. the truggy u could get lower susension holders and u won't need to use e-clips but its like 100.00 more for the complete set . every other company does not use e-clips .

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If you looking for a starter kit the 8ight rtr package can't be beat buy a BCE chassis and your set. There are some many great kits losi are awesome durable and fast forgiving all the guys at my track were AE then they bought 8ights it made them better drivers also they finished races. Serpents are durable also great performer stable fast and all the steering you need. Personally i don't care for the AE stuff just not as durable doesn't work for me also mugen is a great kit but they have some weak points just as all but arms are key. Agama stuff is get poplar the coming out with a truggy also Durango
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Originally Posted by bopracer View Post
Another thing you should consider is find out what other guys at your local track use as it is important to share with set ups parts backup etc. That's if you are going to race locally most of the time. You don't want to be the only guy running a car especially if you are new to the sport.
Very good advice from my mate G Man, its a good idea to go to your nearest track, the one you will most likely race at and see what they are running and talk with the guys.

even google search tracks and clubs in your area, they will have race results with who's running what cars, links to shops and local rc forums, guys will even invite you along, some maybe crazy to enough let you test drive a car if your lucky, we do that at our club down here in NZ.

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just pick one buggy and matching truggy.. just like motocross, 90% its the driver/rider

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What Truggy is a tough one with many answers. I run Losi because it suits my driving style and is very easy to change handling characteristics with minor adjustments.
But that doesn't mean Mugen, Kyosho, Xray etc aren't as good or even better for some people (I ran Xray for years) all have there weak areas as far as breakage, but most have an easy fix for them.

Losi, you have to make sure you shim the rear diff just right and I also use King heads rear Hubs which allows you to use 16mm outside bearing, the 14mm standard bearing can fail under the pounding a Truggy gets with its long arms and big tires. Losi's are fast and the option parts you need have Losi written on them (except rear hubs). get the V2 rear tower, LRC rear Hinge pins and start with Adam Drakes setup thats on the TLracing website.

Kyosho used to have terrible failures with the rear diff, But I think that's been addressed in the evo? Don't know much more about them, but they certainly seem to steer good and are fast. they have very good shocks that have found there way onto other brands

Xray had a problem with breaking the right rear hub, (Left one never broke, I used the Aluminium ones to fix problem) I had trouble getting the steering I wanted with the Xray, purple springs are the go and take some caster out to get turn in, they have a small eccentric bush at the front Hub, take one degree of caster out with them and all will be good, taking it out there makes a bigger difference than taking it out at the diff with the adjustable hinge pin holders. Xray need to bring out a new Truggy based on Current XB9 Buggy in my opinion, it would certainly benefit from the new shock design (Truggy uses longer shocks front and back so you can't use Buggy shocks on it) and the font Hub design would improve steering

Mugens, Nice to drive (when setup right) but I couldn't get the laptimes within a second of a Losi I didn't like!, probably just setup. I have seen issues with front arms breaking, but I think that may have been a bad batch of arms

Associated, don't know, not many of them in New Zealand

Hotbodies, haven't been that popular here, or elsewhere, so might not be the best choice.

Serpent, a lot of guys over here are going pretty fast with these. some early trouble's, but as they are relatively new, people wont have learnt the wee build tricks all cars have. Run the shocks with zero rebound seems to be the go with them, although that does sound wrong, I have seen a dramatic difference at my local track.

So, best for you, don't know, the earlier advise to run something that's common at your local track and has parts available locally is the best bit of advise you will ever get.

If your unsure, Buy a Losi
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Honestly any truggy now are competive in a non pro level . But if you want the best deal for a race truggy already with upgrades on it than i would say get the RC8Tce. Its a tough truggy yea some people have broken the shock rod ends or the steering rod ends ive cracked one shock rod end.

Over a long period of time though other than that ive only bent some things . The drivetrain is one of the best as far as the ring and pinions ! Handles good too just dont use 7k in the rear diff.

And the parts for it are priced decently.
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Originally Posted by token View Post
I dont know alot of racers that have 2 of each car.... Its really expensive even for alot of the team drivers....
I have always had 2 vehicles for the classes I run. At some races you may not have time for a repair. Also makes for less stress on raceday. I do not like to wrench a lot on race day. I always match cars except my e-buggies I really wanted an X-ray.

Back on topic
My vote is for the Losi truggy or buggy. Get one then keep an eye out for used rollers.
Just get something and start racing. You will get plenty of practice in the heats
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well here is the bottom line......
6 billion people+ on the planet 6billion "Opinoins"

but for truggy really "ANY ONE" are well made and well set for the riggors
of compition.....
but biggest part is a couple ways to look at it that as you've noticed
few seem to address....??????
if the money part is not too much of a hold back your ok, because then
it wont really matter what kit you get..???
now the tracks..??? the local tracks for your "Areas" do they have more parts
for one type of kit than say another...???
lets take the Kyosho for "Example" say for example you have that car
but you have ordered ex-amount of parts...however the "One" part you need?
the shop does not have......this makes for a Quick trip back home.....
what i would do is check what your local shops have...
Mugens,Kyoshos,Losi's,Xrays,AE's etc. etc.
and for the "FanBoyz" any other ones i forgot to mention!?!?!?!?!
......"No One Cares".........

but point is there all well made !!!!!
but check your local hobby shops,and local tracks...
everyone has there "Favorates" but the best one for "You"
is the one you buy............
just depends how much "Time" you put into the car to make it do what you want it to "Do".......
not "Money" !!!........"Time"....finding what will work for you and what doesnt.

now one thing you'll have in your favor your Motorcycle background....
for starters you'll have the "General Understanding of Throttle Control"
and the experiance of the Dynamics of "Driving"

anyone can pull the trigger and say "This Car Doens't Work"
anyone can say once they slowly "Learned to Drive"
"This Car Is the Perfect Car"...."and Never Breaks" you need to get this one !!
doesnt work that way......
a good driver can make a bad car look good...
but a bad driver can't make a great car even look great......

the good part the way kits are made nowdays your getting the best from the
top manufactures so you really can't go wrong......
if you can't drive? the cars break?? pretty simple? if you can drive and do not hit every pipe? tumble or nail something chances are the car will out last the parts on it !!!!!!

for the buggy truggy thing.....???
dude,get a truggy who cares what anyone thinks...????
your the one driving it !!!!!!.......get it have fun........
truggies are fun....there "Harder to Make Faster" as buggies are Quicker in and out of turns....and they dont like to turn like a buggy.......
but a little more forgiving "To a Point"
so when you get faster on a truck, and you hop on a buggy it's like
driving a Bullet !!!!! the buggies however are "Easier to find a Motor"
that will work....
trucks, get one of the O.S. motors, or the Nova 21-4's or the Nova BTT's
and a local favorates around here are the WERKS B5....strong motors.

Easy FanBoyz easy !!!!!!!! those are just some i mentioned yes we all know
your favorates !!!!!!! and there are a Zillion to pick form so Calm down !!

anyways, do some looking around and have some fun in the Process ....

and, ............."Welcome to the Addiction"................
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