XTM X-cellerator?

  • I'm trying to trade off some stereo stuff for RC stuff. I have a guy offering me an XTM "X-cellerator".
    I'm still new to RC and havent heard much about these or XTM for that matter. Just looking for a basher to have fun with. Looks to be similar to my RC10GT?
    Any input, opinions?
  • actually they're closer to the losi xxxnt or the mugen mst1 as apposed to the original rc10gt.....if i were you, i'd shine the offer man..ran them for a few years when they first hit the market...they were ok at best and now parts have become scarce...
  • If you deicde to get it:

    Make sure you see it run and run for more than 5min.

    Make sure there is a Hobby People in your area since they are the only ones that sell the truck and parts.

    plus it only costs 250.00 brand new so its only worth about half now.
  • I'm figuring the stereo stuff worth about $100. Havent really had any other offers.
    Funny, Hobby People appear to be the only place for parts, which is ironic because I've had trouble finding OTHER car parts through them. They're my closest hobby shop.

    I traded the stereo stuff for a couple handfuls of .45 so as long as I get some fun out of it, I'm ok. Unless another deal falls in my lap in next 3 hours, I'm gonna go check it out. Guy confirmed it runs. We'll see...

    Thanks for the info.
  • Its probably worth $100 if it is rtr and runs good. If you just want something for some fun and can get parts, go for it.
  • What a joke! Guy had never run the thing. Was missing connections. Thank god It didnt work out.
    Picked up this Savage yesterday in trade. Cant wait to run it. Its GIANT!

    oops. Cant post pics yet

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