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Tires.......#1 most expensive item for racing

Tires.......#1 most expensive item for racing

Old 01-08-2012, 07:32 AM
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Default Tires.......#1 most expensive item for racing

That being said are there any companys that offer discounts to teams or multiple tire purchases at the same time? Right now we have 5 guys that race on our team and we are looking for a company that will cut us a break on bulk orders. Im talking like 20-30 sets at a time. Tires are the most expensive part to racing these cars and Im looking to try and save some cash on this. Any help would be appreciated.
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Old 01-08-2012, 07:59 AM
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Originally Posted by mdavis1432 View Post
That being said are there any companys that offer discounts to teams or multiple tire purchases at the same time? Right now we have 5 guys that race on our team and we are looking for a company that will cut us a break on bulk orders. Im talking like 20-30 sets at a time. Tires are the most expensive part to racing these cars and Im looking to try and save some cash on this. Any help would be appreciated.
I would highly recommend contacting the team managers of each tire company you like/use and go from there.. they usually have the ability to do something along those lines, after all, even a 50% off sponsorship the companies are Still making money on the tires.. so its WIN, WIN for them if they hook you up
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I agree that it is the most expensive side of racing RC's, and at the rate they wear it is hard to justify the costs, but we all do it. And if you want to be competative in some bigger races you've got to bring 4 different styles and most of the time you need at least 2 sets of the tires that work, 1 for qual and 1 for mains. And at the end of that Race weekend you have 2 sets of wore out tires that need replinished. At $60-75 for a set off 4 it gets outrageously expensive in a hurry.

Let us know if you have any luck with the bulk purchase. I might try something similar myself, with a few other guys..
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Old 01-08-2012, 08:47 AM
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How about someone just make a Generic set of Holeshots in soft and sell them for $5 a set with no foams, I have tons of foams and $2 set of rims I bet you would still make money. I think even if the compound is off just a little they would sell a ton.
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Old 01-08-2012, 08:47 AM
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Panther is selling all tires for 50% off through the 14th of the month. Order from the site and use promo code "BOGO". That's the best deal going right now and they have some really good tires.
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Old 01-08-2012, 10:07 AM
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Default tire wear

one thing nobody ever brings up in these posts about tires is the track surface you run on. there are many out there some natural some not. but as racers we want faster lap times, as track operators we want less maintenance. which leads to the high bite clay tracks with additives mixed in to get a surface closer to asphalt than black dirt/soil. the more traction and harder the surface you run dictates how fast your tires will wear. we wanted our track to be user friendly and not cost a $100 a month in tires to run on. we chose to keep our surface black dirt. and we measure tire wear in gallons of fuel (3 to 5 typ depending tire) and not by heats driven.so the best way to save money on tires is to get the surface you run on changed. just some food for thought....Mark
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Old 01-08-2012, 10:33 AM
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that would be nice to have a surface that is tire friendly but lets face it you are not going to get that all the time. In my area all the big races are so competitive that if you dont run the small pin tires you have no chance and those last one main and throw them away pretty much so like for me yesterday i used 110 dollars worth of tires that r no good for anything now but it is what it is
as for discounts on tires if you have group all willing to wear companys shirts support the produce you get deal on then will probably have good success getting a deal
would help if few of the group do good at thier level what ever it is at the track
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Tires are just not cheap period. If you saw what us dealers pay for the tires compared to what they sell for you would see that there is not a whole lot of room for discounts. The "landed" cost to me is significantly higher than my dealer cost once you figure in shipping to me, PayPal or credit card fees, checking the order, packing the order which may include costs for materials, labeling the order and then scheduling the pick up or dropping it off at the shipping depot. More times than not I wind up breaking my hump and spending an hour of labor to make a $2-3 profit. Don't think tires are expensive because the place you buy them from is making 30-50% profit. That's just not the case. The prices from our factories and vendors is where all the profit goes.
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I have had a couple opportunites to sell tires also. Vp a few years ago through Russell at Go and was contacted by a company last year. Just not enough profit to make $5 a pair and having to keep dozens of tread patterns and compounds.

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Old 01-08-2012, 11:13 AM
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I'm new to the hobby and when looking at tires, I'm turned off by the prices. For those of you who race, at what point do you consider the tires no good anymore? Do they have enough tread left for a basher like me to consider buying them used and subsidizing your cost for your next set of new tires?

I was just wondering if this was common or if racers wear them all the way down before swapping for new.
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Old 01-08-2012, 12:12 PM
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There are lots of ways to save money on tires but it involves work. Generally I will run a new set of tires for quali's and main, then depending on how they look I may get another full day on them and sometimes even 2. If they have any meat left I use them for practice after that until they are useless and then I may keep em a bit longer and use in the street for engine break in. If you buy tires with good foam you can cut the foams out and then use acetone to desolve the glue and then re-use the rims as well. Like I said though, it's allot of work to save $20
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Tires, tires, tires. I used to race karts and it was the same thing. You needed atleast 4 full sets of tires to start out a season, and would end up buying atleast 4 more sets half way thru. And at 300-400 bucks a set, it was always the biggest expense asdide from gas for the truck to get to the track. Keep in mind, these were all slicks, just different compounds. And that is for basic tire and wheel packages. If you wanted them dipped and/or cut, that was an extra 100 bucks a set. But to be competitive, you had to do it. Thats the reason I quite karting. Couldnt afford the tire bill. Even though I had the best of everything else.

Know how you make a Million dollars racing.....

Start out with 2!!!
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Old 01-08-2012, 01:22 PM
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it's the cash cow of the industry.......!!!!!
if some company came out with a half good tire and sold them for $10.00
a pair they "WOULD DESTROY" the other companies...!!!
and a price war would ensue forcing the other companies to finally lower
those cash cow over priced super Inflated prices.....
Jconcepts is getting pretty bad nowdays with a set costing $50.00 a pair !!!
for truggy tires...at a $100.00 for a set of truggy tires?
that is kind of crossing the line..?? how much is too much...???
next new tire just because some guy won a few races is then going to cost
$125.00 or even $150.00...????

and companies wonder why we look else where to get better prices...
they charge now what they can because they know they got us where
they want us...!!!
in the begining yes it cost a bit to develop a new tire...but they dont even it
out over time .....Corporate Greed is the mainstay.....
reminds me of the Chevey Corvete ?? it's a Bicycle frame wraped in Fiberglass
and there like 108K ...???
why because Product on demand...???
if you "Want it" there thing is......well what is it worth to you...???
and they charge what they want...
if enough racers Boycott a company it will happen...
but they know in the Industry "You Wont" because of the Addictive nature
of the sport......so they continue with the cash cow senario.....

Japan and china are "Smart" regardless if we decide to accept it or not...
they sell in Volume...!!! and inexpensive
America...they sell one item for as much as they can and call it a day...

for now i am really "SUPRISED" a tire company from overseas has not
come up with a tire...??? if there is i sure do not know about it...???
but if they did and i hope they do !!! would sure force the tire makers
here to Actually start forcing those over inflated prices down !!!
and dont get me wrong...??? the companies need to make money..???
but to sit around gouging the hell out of people because they
"Know you need tires" .....that's not cool......

it's was just like the Li-Po batteries...???
who is gonna pay $200.00 for 4 or 5s pack
when a Li-Po with the
SAME EXACT Manufacture ID. from HobbyKing cost $41.00...??? do the math?

so the r/c tire places in the U.S need to keep the watch out
because unless there is some kind of "Monopoly"
where we the racers are not aware of?
that keeps the Asian Market from making tires? because i am suprised they
Havent already...????
reminds me of Ernie P. from Trinity that (__________) fill in blank...
he had the Monopoly on the market..!! just because he was the Sole Importer
for the Sanyo cells he would charge up the waaazoo on cells and made Millions !!!.....no one could do a thing..!!!
what cost him .28 cents a cell he would turn around and charge
up to 14.00 a cell ....!!!!!!!! made allot of fat cats FATTER..!!!

with the advent of Li-pos it's nice to see that guy out of the picture.....
Trinity might still be around but nothing like it used to...thank goodness !!!

one company may be getting a idea on this...???
AKA they look like there "Trying a test bed" to see if the consumer market
jumps on it....???
if they continue with this pricing idea...and they be "SMART"
they can kill in "VOLUME Alone" which in todays Economy be the smart Solution.....!!!!!!!!!
but whould also mean they would have to rely on word of mouth and
less "Advertising" so hopefully it can pay off....

but any Asian companies out there if your making tires let us know...!!!!
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Old 01-08-2012, 02:05 PM
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I try and support the place where I race at because I know the track up keep isn't cheap or pain free. I can also say it isn't workfree either. But I did pay the LHS $8.00 more for the same tires I could get from an online store. That is $16.00 for a complete set of 4. Then I paid $2 more for a set of wheels. That is $4 for a complete set of 4. $20 isn't bad for a complete set of rims and tires I don't think. But if someone would have free shipping for over $100.00 I will do the free shipping and get other stuff. I know they can't give you free shipping at the LHS or tax free sales. But if they would give you free practice that day or make you a good deal some of these shops wouldn't have went out of business....

Like someone else said if your only using some of these tires for one main or heat and are used but still kinda new can you sell them to other people to get some money back? Maybe give out the used set to someone starting out.
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reminds me of the Chevey Corvete ?? it's a Bicycle frame wraped in Fiberglass
Worst analogy I've ever seen. ZR6 is a touch over 100k and out performs $250k exotics with ease. Sure, a ZR6 doesn't have the nostalgic value of a 430 or a Superleggera, but it wins more races and out performs them at every level. It's also built on a platform that's reliable and can go 75,000 miles without anything more than oil changes. Not possible with a Lamborghini or Ferrari.
So I don't quite get what you're saying, because you won't find a car that can outperform the Vette for anywhere near its price. It's worth every penny.

As for tires, best thing I have found is to try and get sponsored. That's the only way you're going to save money. At the RC Pro finals, I burned through over $300 in tires. It's just what it is and there's nothing we can do about it. Tire companies have to be profitable if they want to stay in business. If they could charge less and make the profit margin the business needs, they would. Companies know that if they charge less than the competition that they will sell more tires.
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