Jammin X1 - so close yet so far

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  • Well, there is any local parts support for anything but Traxxas here so thats not an issue The price you pay for living in a small town I guess.

    Thanks for the input
  • Where can I find scrapers for Jammin?
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by Sofast-NT
    Where can I find scrapers for Jammin?
    Make your own outta lexan.
  • Bingo

    So-FastNT - That's a dialed list of cars you got there..hehe.
  • Still can't find an engine mount or the screw type hinge pins.....hmmmm....Pegasus was busy for an hour straight today, so I gave up on them........Jim
  • Have you tried Nitrohouse?
  • Jim Nitrohouse just got the captured hinge pins in this week try there. I have had mine on back order for two weeks. One piece motor mount is worth every peeny spent on it. Wish I could have made it to the state race in Bartow there would have been two Jammins
  • Aaron have you changed anything on your set up? you still running the shocks outboard on the a-arms? I ran the car last week and tried sevral different setups and always go back to the shocks inboard. Also tried 5,7,3 and think 5,7,1 or 5,7,2 is better. Have you tried the A blocks? I have only ran the B blocks.
  • Jim also on the tank I had the problem of the swival top leaking air. I put shoe goo around the cap and never had any more problems with the tank. If thats the problems you had?
  • buggyman, ya it was leaking very little, actually whistled when you blew into the pressure line, unless you just tap on the lid...The second tank doesn't do it.....yet.

    I put the mount and hinge pins on order from Nitrohouse, but told them I didn't want to do a long backorder deal. I suppose they will let me know what they had soon.......Jim
  • I haven't changed a darn thing..I never do on any of my cars. 5-7-2 and laid down shocks keeps the car really stable and lets me drive the hell out of it.

    Breaking in a new Sirio Kanai Edition II right now, and racing in the Club Race Nationals tomorrow in Hemet. It's time to lay the smack down
  • Good luck, Aaron. Let us know how you did.
  • any results from this last weekend races of the Jammin.
  • I know Jammin Jay Halsey made the show at the latest gas race with his X1...but Mike Sharwin won..Well, at least he was running our Illuzion body on his MBX5, .........Jim
  • Jay was leading up until the first pit stop on Friday night.

    I spent Sunday's races breaking in a motor, so I didn't exactly fair to well in the racing itself. I practiced for about an hour after the races finished, and my car was DIALED.

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