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Be a nice, level-headed person!


Be very, very fast. Very, very fast nice guys are a bonus!
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Be fast and be an awesome person that goes out of their way to help everyone!
Marcus P.
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"What wins on Sunday sells on Monday" has never been more true, especially in this economy... Kyosho is back ordered on the STRR after winning the Nationals, that is a total case and point on that topic... For the manufacturers, winning isn't everything, it's the ONLY thing. Ricky Bobby was right in a twisted sort of way... if you're not first, you're last...

I always wanted to use the batman smiley
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most people race many years and spend alot of their own money before getting sponsored. Less than 1% of people have what it takes to get sponsored on just talent alone. Most sponsored drivers are above average drivers who can benefit the company in a regional market, and help consumers understand and get the most out of their product line. All around nice atmosphere, willing to help, etc.. is how "joes" get sponsors. To get "true" sponsors from the major players in the market it takes time. Things like tires, fuel, aftermarket parts, etc.. are easier to get sponsorships such as 50% off discount because they want people to 1.) have it at the track, but 2.) get another loyal customer to increase their sales and the 50% discount gives you a reason to keep buying it . Most of these type sponsorships come from importers, or people who make it themselves, or start up companies. If you just need discounts this is usually where to look, not the long standing companies in R/C that have been around for 20-30 years.

To get sponsored by the major players, the best way is to meet them at a race, they want to put a name with a face. And if they are at the race, it shows you are traveling to the events where if you do well you obviously have an above club racer's ability. You can win every race at your home track but if you only race at your home track, you aren't exposing their products to new faces.

It's funny when people say "you're fast because you're sponsored" when it's really the other way around and "you're sponsored because you're fast".
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Dont forget about location. The fact that you are in Texas is a big help. Since you are in a place where the race scene is big you have a better chance of running into guys that can help you get discount sponsorships. Where I race at it seems like at least 80% of the racers are sponsored by someone so everybody knows somebody and if you are a decent racer with a great attitude willing to promote a product in a positive manner then all you need to do is talk to people at the tracks and the magic will happen. I am not a fast guy by any means but I have a very good relationship with my sponsor and I promote the products by helping others and being a nice guy. For instance last weekend I attended the Louisiana state finals and let 2 different people who were having engine troubles use my spare motors. I tuned them and pitted each of them in their first qualifier to make sure the motors would treat them right, both were impressed and may look into buying motors from my sponsor now. Point is that this kind of thing goes a long way so being fast is nice but to the small importers and start up companies just getting their name out to the public is more important. P.S send RUNNE a PM he may know somebody who knows somebody.....
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Please note, this is a copy and paste from another thread on this forum, and I agree with it 1000%

OK.. I'll try to answer this to the best of my ability... We'll start at the top... AKA... Best of the Best.

Teir 1) Your truly PRO drivers. Folks who do this for a living. They feed themselves from money they make in this sport. They get paid whether they have a bad race or not... But they are required to stay on top of their game obviously, too many bad weekends, they'll be looking for new employment. Bonus money and contingency money are also possible. These people usually have an active part in the development of new cars and equipment from their respective manufacturer. They are also REQUIRED to be at the biggest races, as well as perform at a local level. Travel is paid for, entry fees paid for, free equipment, seat at the factory tent guaranteed, basically the whole enchelada.... But they've earned it through YEARS of consistently being the best. 99.9% of us in this hobby can only DREAM of being this good. These folks are the ones you see pictures of on the box your shiny new car came in!

Examples - Cavalieri, Maifield, Tebo, Truhe, Drake, Lutz, Masami, ... Etc. These are all guys who can show up anywhere and compete in the pro class and take home hardware. Your "Best of the Best".. "World Class" drivers.

Teir 2) Your 100% Sponsored guys. These folks get their gear (at least up to a certain dollar amount) free. These folks also are able to earn "contigency" money. Basically they are paid for a good performance. They do not draw a salaried pay check however... Most of these guys have normal 9-5 jobs just like the rest of the world. They are however usually extremely gifted at the controller... Capable of almost always placing in the A-Main no matter where they go, this guy might even have a good race day or get lucky once in awhile and get in the mix with the big dogs up in Tier 1. They also may recieve "prototype" gear. Stuff that is not ready to be released to the public. Usually they recieve this gear so the manufacturer can get extra feedback not povided by the Tier 1 guys involved in development. Some of this guys ideas may be used to improve the product however.

This is the guy at the track who is always more than willing to help you get that perfect setup in your car.. ESPECIALLY if you're running gear from his sponsor, but more than likely he'll help ya if you're running someone elses equipment. Remember though... He's trying to run a race too, so if he's on his way to the stand with a transmitter in his hand... Now may not be the time to bother him.

Teir 2.1) Employee - This is the guy who works for a manufacturer for a living. May have little to no skill (LOL... THIS IS A JOKE!) with a transmitter, but still generally a good guy. He isn't paid or rewarded to drive, but obviously he runs the gear of the company he works for, and puts their name on the sponsor sheet. Gets his equipment usually for free because he works there. Sometimes this guy can be your best friend!

Teir 3) Partial Sponsorship - Usually between 75 and 50% - Recieves his equipment direct from manufacturer for whatever percentage off. Again.. Usually up to a certain dollar amount. This level of sponsorship usually is just a break on your equipment, sometimes a posibility at contingency money, sometimes might get some hand me down prototype stuff. This is your up and coming guy. The guy who consistently cleans house at his home track, as well as puts on a decent performance on a regional level. You may also have a few guys in here who have "the gift of gab", while not a bad thing, it means they perform alright with a controller, but they serve a higher purpose to the companies they represent in that they are a good advocate. Sometimes this is that local go to guy when you need a part or setup advice.

While not as "Elite" as your 100% drivers or Pro guys... This is still something to be proud of.

This is the level (as well as next one.. "Teir 4") that 90% of your "Sponsored" guys fall into. This is also the level that nearly 100% of your "sponsored pricks" come from. Sometimes the little recognition that is given to this level of driver is enough to cause his head to expand to roughly the size of the moon.

Teir 4) The "I think I'm sponsored" guy. This guy is sponsored by companies who will accept anybody. All you have to do is ask. These companies do this for one reason, to improve the bottom line. Usually your new upstart companies. These companies sell direct so they don't have to loose money to the middle man. These drivers usually recieve their equipment for only a few dollars below what you could buy it at the LHS for... I've seen cases where it was MORE expensive.

This guys gets nothing but to say he's a "Team Driver". Also not a whole lot is expected of him. If you didn't actually have to sign a contract and mail it back... THIS is the level of sponsorship you have.

Your top level manufacturers don't really offer this level of sponsorship. This is usually once again, the new company trying to get it's feet in the door, or a smaller business trying to make a buck.

This is the level that DOES cause damage to the local hobby shop. This level also seems to have it's fair share of "Big Heads".

Not to start a war... But Caster was big about this for awhile... I haven't paid much attention lately though.


I could go on for quite awhile longer to break this all down... but I doubt anybody will read this entire post anyway. If somebody wants me to finish it I will....

Again... This is just how I see it... I could have missed an important point or two.
Rui Almeida
Hamilton, Ontario
I am not sponsored, these are the products I chose to support.
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