Help with ofna buggy

  • i have the ofna picco .21 rtr buggy and it doesnt seem to accelerate as fast as it should. is there anything in particular that i should check out to see if there is a problem.
  • Make sure it is tuned correctly. After that check your clutch, fuel lines tank etc...
  • the motor is not the problem. it runs fine it is like somthing is slipping somewhere, i will pull the clutch apart and take a look.
  • and make sure the trans isn't binding.
  • re
    also checktheoutdrive cupsifit hhas dogbobes or the cvd where they hook on the diffs they loosen sometimes need blue locktite and make sure the set screw is on the flat spot
  • I checked every thing you guys said and there is only one thing that i saw that i thought might be a problem. there is a set screw in my center diff on the front side and when i turned it it wasnt tight so i tighted it but i havent ran it sense. do you think that this could have been my problem?
  • If that is the set screw I think it is... That is a set screw that allows insertion and removal of the pin that the Sun gear sits on. This would not cause a problem from being loose. It just needs to seal the hole not really hold anything.
  • ok thanks. i just found my problem anyway. my clutch had a shoe that wasnt catching.
  • while its apart you should put some aluminum shoes on there, your get a little more bite outta the hole. Ive got a hyper 7 and it came with plastic shoes, so i bet yours did too.
  • Yep throw the ofna silver shoes with 1.0 springs on it and a Dynamite 086 pipe..It really wakes up that engine. That .21 is hands down the strongest 100 dollar engine on the market. Very well made too. I ran mine on Byron's Gen 2 30% race with O'Donnell's purple sport plugs. She screamed and ran nice and cool.
  • I can vouch for the engine as far as it being a screamer... Im still using the stock tuned pipe on it and no one can pull on me down our long straight. Its very quick out of the corners too!! But be prepared for it to run on the warm side... Mine is happiest around 270 but it is a Picco so thats normal lol
  • picco
    Yeah my evo2 runs at 257ish and seems fine there,Glad you found the problem.You think you have bite now,wait till you get the aluminum shoes and then they really won't catch ya.LOL.
  • thanks for the advice i will go buy some aluminium shoes next week.
  • shoes
    The ofna ones are 24.99 and will come with the black springs and gold springs.The black springs give great bite but the gold ones are for even more bite so you would just use the black springs not the gold.Hope this helps.kevin.

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