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  • Quote: Quit telling everybody how awesome it was to watch 5 of the top drivers in the world battle it out in Cullman, AL. Really looking forward to running a few club races on that track
    LOL...yeah it really was awesome.
  • Does anybody have the eBuggy a mains? I seen them the other day, but I can't find them now.
  • Quote: no alan is keeping it up for another couple months and was talking about having some club races and maybe a weekend event if were lucky!
    oh ok cool maybe you will get lucky and be able to run on it.. and if im lucky enough i might be able to once i get home from Iraq.
  • Quote: Does anybody have the eBuggy a mains? I seen them the other day, but I can't find them now.
    And E-truggy as well?
  • Quote: Hey Shady3031 I think that that track was only set up for the AMS.
    Just to confirm; that for right now the track has not been torn down and will remain standing since the building isn't being used for quite some time.

    As mentioned, we hope to have a few more smaller events there in the coming months.

    Check it out guys, some pics and a few little words on rc cars site..
  • I'm upping the whole Pro truggy amain late tonight so check back tomorrow and it should be viewable.Maifield really put on a show.
  • pro truggy amain
  • if you look close, at the 8:32 mark you can see aaron crakers dad start to swap the rear tires on maifields truggy, and he manages to finish 2nd-UNBELIEVABLE
  • First of....I do not want this to sound like I am starting trouble, but I wanted to voice my opinion and that of others from the race that I spoke with. I was wondering if anyone had any issues with the way AMS heats and mains were shortened?? I also had a problem with the way the open and sport classes had really short mains. This was supposed to be a "racers race". $75.00 to run 5 min heats and 12 min B mains....I just felt that the original 350 cap would have allowed the schedule that we were told we could run. We basically had all our run times lowered to allow for the extra entries and we did not find out about this until the day of the race.

    I had a good time, and the track was sweet. But $75.00 to basically club race is my problem. The whole idea of going to a 3 day event is to get more run time. I also did not like the sport mains being lower that Open. 12 min?? for sport and 15 min for Open? We run longer mains at the local track on saturday. Even the sport A mains were only 20 min when at similiar events of this size the mains are atleast 30 min. SIC last year was 45 min. When the track was closed for ONE HOUR on main day so the A main guys could practice, it was a slap in the face. Our mains were shorted so some could get practice???? I know some will say....what about all the prizes, that does not matter to me, and I did not win anything anyway. LOL I want to race...
  • Does anyone have the videos of the open buggy and truggy race?
  • sweet thanks for sharing!

    Do you have any vids from the pro buggy a main
  • thanks for teh truggy videos
  • Here is the E-buggy Amain
  • dang jesse robbers had plenty of traction with his ve8! he was almost traction rolling it in cornors lol