Novarossi FMS X-Dyno Results

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  • I love mine. Its a Hot Mod... I run a JP-6 with it, and it is CRAZY!!!! So much power, I run it in my modified too!! Lol.

    Novarossi FMS X-Dyno Results-s1050821.jpg   Novarossi FMS X-Dyno Results-s1050825.jpg  

  • Quote: Thanks guys.

    Yeah its awesome, I have 2 of them, one is modded with a Picco 069 pipe and it's on my Losi, its incredible, I have it choked with a 5.5mm and still its fast as anything else, the other one is not touched yet, its new, just broken in, no play anywhere, I have it on a dnx408 with a 9853 pipe and a square short header, but it has a dead spot out of the hole (were it sounds kind of lean down low but its not - about a turn out on the LSN) after that 2 or 3 feet it has the common FMS power, running low 200's. I'm looking for setups because the other one has no lag anywhere in the curve.

    I've used Nova #6 and O'd 97 plugs. I replaced the clutch springs in case they were engaging to early but its still there a bit. The other engine has none of this guess I'll just mod it and get the low grunt out of it the easy way.
    Try the 9886/41021 and hold on to your hat!!!
  • Crap, I know that's the one. It's kind of a fuel hog.
  • Power don't come cheap!

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