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Default Remember

Do you remember? The first timeyou laid eyes on one? Mabe you saw a mag with one on the cover. Or one ripping up an empty lot. We all know how it felt when we got our first one. An thats the point of this thread. To know how all of you have gotten into rc. I know a bunch of you guys are probably gonna say this topic has been mentioned on a bunch of other threads, but I think we havent thoght of how and why we got started in this hobby.
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used to have a AE rc10 graphite like fifteen years ago. decieded to get back into the hobby almost 2 years ago and started researching. The first thing i found out was AE was not top dog, quality, performance anymore. That was a set back for me.

Then i laid my eyes on the xray. I loved it. Never seen one driven, did not know if it was even any good. But i loved the way it looked and i had to have one. Well, it was well over 600 bucks which is fine and all, but i would have to order everything online and i wasn't really in to doing all that. So i looked at one of my local hobby shops online and they had a d8 for like 300 bucks. Looked good like everything else out there for half the price.


But the website said it was not available online. So i went there and it was out of stock, but they did have a oddonnel zo1b. Looked cool and i REALLY wanted it. At this point I JUST WANTED A BUGGY

Got it to check out, handed over the bank card. Great I AM FINALLY GOING TO GET MY TOY!!!

Bank card would not work. There internet service went down

I was torn. Mentally scared for life. I hung my head with great sorrow. My wife felt really bad for me. I think she was worried

she took the initiative to find another shop with some kits. It was a little drive, but i didn't care. I would have walked there on my hands if i could. When i got there they only had one kit. Not one kind just one. at this point, i did not care if it was a tyco i had to have it. I have never heard of this brand. Did not research this brand at all. The owner was trying to convince me on how good it was (he is selling it ya know). But i did not like the looks of it. But i wasn't leaving empty handed. So i went ahead and bought this, or should say was left no choice but to buy a mugen mbx6.

i took my sweet time putting it together (a week actually, really go back about 18 months and read some of my ridiculous threads). I was absolutley floored with the quality. I could not imagine that it would be that good of a build. The plastics alone was better then i have seen anywhere on anything. Went together perfect and the drive train was superb in quality as well as everything else (except the directions to a degree). At that point i knew what i really had. I found out quickly they are thought of as one of the highest quality in rc cars. Well it is german and japanese

That is all!!!! I got lucky. I would have settled for a AE or HB ya know (sarcasm, don't freak out on me)

my first nitro motor is an altogether different matter.
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when i was 14 at my friend house he had a Losi xx-t (i think thats what they were). watching his and getting to play with it occationally really got me into R/C.

my family had an old moped that my dad let me trade for a computer monitor. i then sold the monitor and took the money to buy my first R/C. an AE RC10T. i convinced my friend we should go race them (considering running up and down our driveways was getting REALLY boring

im almost 30 now, so its all (old) history from there
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I races 1/12 scale on road pan cars with my dad back in 1987. I got out if it and into airplanes and heli's until about 3 years ago when a couple of friends bought some jammin truggys. I got one too and we ended up building a track in Clermont Florida which is still up and running. Both of my friends have since got out of it, but not me its too much fun to quit.
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started driving my brother rc10gt about 3 years ago. it was one of the originals from back when he was real young and it seemed like it was a head ache. so i put it back in the box.. then saw stuff on the internet about racing and decided to get it back out and started hitting jumps with it in my backyard mx track and then went to a local rc track... i was hooked then.. so i bought i revo (now i regret it LOL) and started racing it. i dont regret starting racing though. just wish i had a different choice then.. and won my first race after some practice and i was into it from there.. got a rc8 buggy about a month after that and have been racing a lot since.
Dylan Gerard

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I got a Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec for my 9th birthday and played around with in a couple of parking lots, but never really got into it. Then I went to my friend's house and saw a Duratrax Evader BX sitting in the garage. We started playing with it and I decided to get back into RC. For my 12th Birthday I asked for a Revo 3.3 and played around with that in the yard and took it to the track a couple of times.

I saw the 1/8th buggies and was so interested that I came back with my own Losi 8ight. After that, I have been hooked ever since.
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I got bit by the bug when I saw a guy running a T-Maxx in a field behind my house in Germany my senior year (I'm an Amry brat) back in 2001. I then scraped my money together and got myself a Nitro Rustler. From there it progressed to a Nitro TC3, then a Losi Aftershock, to a XRay XT8, and now finally my current rig, a XRay XB8TQ. Good times had with all, but I sure love my buggy the most!
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well ever since i could remmember my self growing up, i always had a TX in my hand, it all started back in 1988, i was 8 years old.
one day i was with my mom in a mall where we passed by a toy store (MY TOY Co) to be exact, he was and still the Tamyia dealer here in Kuwait, i went inside and was amazed by all those great cars that i didnt understand how they work, they just looked amazing, asked the seller about the price and he told me something around 80 kuwaiti dinars = 275 bucks. if i wasnt 8 years old, my mom would have told me to go f*^k myself insted of paying that amount on a toy
so she bought me the Tamyia Video tape. i watched that tape for about a year dreaming about those RC cars, man now i feel sorry for myself

april 30th 1989, my 9th birthday, my brother acting weird and sneeking into my room early in the morning, i woke up and saw the best present ever, a Tamyia Monster Beetle, servos, stick radio and a battery

my brother was supposed to build it but he was way too busy with his friends (he was 15) so one day i woke up, opened the box, took the manual, and started wrenching, it took me 3 days to finish the build and the moment has arrived when i hoked up the battery and now its time to see if its gonna work or if i screw up, it worked that was the moment where i was hooked to RC cars. BTW i still have the Car and in a great shape.


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12, neighbor had a mugen onroad car, talked to him, went to the hobby shop and brought Tamiya Thundershot.
A year later, I brought a serpent impact, ran onroad until 2004, moved to colorado where I have seen what i been missing my whole life, 1/8 offroad.....
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Well for me it started about 1983-84 when a gentleman from church got me into it. First was the Supershot from Tamiya then the Grasshopper,Falcon, Lunchbox, Then the holy grail Associated RC10 Gold pan. Then took some years off because of GIRLS! and having other fun and such Then got back into it with the Associated RC10GT, then the Monster GT, a couple of Associated NTC3, TC4, Xray NT1, Kyosho SP1, SP2, Jammin X1 truggy. Now Associated RC8, RC8TCE, SC10, Slashes, Crawlers...... Holy S**T Thanks for reminding me where my money went!!!!!!
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1975, 7yo (don't hurt yourself counting I'm 41 now) and my Dad and I got into Nitro Boat racing as a way to do some father/son activities.

By 1978 every time we went to our LHS I'd see this awesome looking race car (RC12e) and wanted it. I saved my allowance and bought it and saved more for the body and again for the electronics.

In '79 I found John Thorp's place (later to become the Ranch Pit Shop) and never looked back.

Since '79 I've competed around the world and raced every scale from d'Nanos to 1/4scale, on & off road, dirt, grass, carpet and asphalt, gas, nitro and electric.

I've strayed away to race 1:1, motorcycles & ATV's and always find myself right back to R/C.

I wouldn't change a thing.
Jimmy Wright

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And now we know why we aint millionaires
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im 45 and got involved with airplanes first in '83 then cars in 89.
i remeber seeing joel magic johnson at trinty's old warehouse unit in linden nj and it was right next door to my brothers w/h unit running his electric cars up and down the side street.
then came helis in 01..
long story short...been broke ever since
The only thing that is "still like new" is the box it came in..
Only a half gallon through it my Ass!
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Originally Posted by rc_in_mexico View Post
And now we know why we aint millionaires
Dude speak for yourself hahahaha
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Just think of how many hardcore racers spend $2000+ a year racing, instead of doing "smart" things like reading a book and such. What would we do with all our cash i we didnt spend it on rc? Spend it on food?
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