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  • Out on a limb
    Quote: I haven't heard anything about a release date. The last I heard about the truck, they were still doing R&D regarding what changes they wanted to make.
    I'll take a wild guess here. MF2 is still winning races. Losi is coming out with some very innovative gas trucks. The new electric truck is going to take a while.

    If I were to ask you, what would you change about their truck? That's a tough question. That's what Losi has to answer to make a new release successful.
    Really. What would you change? Even hop up parts are far and few between.
    Doesn't need 'em.
  • Losi is always working towards improving their products and race cars, so don't dimiss the company as simply resting on past achievements.

    I'd bet that those involved in the XXX-T CR project would like to present a product to the public that they are confident is a vast improvement over the MF2.

    That kinda stuff can't be rushed!
  • Aaron once and for all and if you have already covered this I apologize.
    With the recent concerns of blown servos in the 8ights...In your expierience do you feel the biggest issue is:

    1. Improper radio installation IE: EPA's brake percentage etc.

    2. Heat buildup. Either motor too close to servo or that servo is working too hard.

    3. Using incorrect servo for the job. Digital instead of analog. not enough torque or speed.

    4. Chassis flex causing servo stall.

    I understand a blanket statement cant be made cause all these issues are part of the problem. But do you think it could be possibly a design flaw?

    Thanks for your opinion
  • well i will soon be a happy 8ight driver, but its going to take alot to get me to put down my first AE, the gt2. I had a xxx-nt ad1, and sold it a while ago. Got the gt2 in november, and it absolutly love how easy it is to work on. And the quick change is dialed. Hopefully Losi will work on improving the NT in the next few years.
  • John, did you order an 8ight?

  • Aaron YGM.
  • hey Aaron can you give me some insight as to when the plastic chassis will be back in stock. i have looked everywhere and they are on backorder. i have emailed losi about it and havent heard anything back form them.
  • maxxman - Plastic chassis for which vehicle? The MF2? Honestly, I don't have any idea. Tell me which car you're looking for and I'll kick out an e-mail and see what's going on. Have you checked Horizon's website to see if they have them in stock?

    Phil - I answered a ton of e-mail tonight (standard for me...I get a LOT of R/C e-mail haha) but I didn't really check the names of any of them. Did I answer yours?

    bigedmond - Thanks for the private message. The AD2 was a pretty significant change in terms of durability and performance over the original NT and AD1, and I still think it holds its own for the average racer looking for a competitive gas truck. At least...for long enough until Losi runs out of other projects and gets to update the rut-rut!

    Bubonic - I'll answer the same question a million times if it's presented in a polite manner! Thanks for your kind wording and the understand

    It's absolutely not heat. I've checked throttle servo temperature on many, many cars of all different brands and have found no conclusive evidence that the problem has anything to do with heat. If you find that your throttle servo is hotter than normal (normal temperature, from what I've found, was between 120 and 150 degrees immediately after coming off the track) then there is something set up incorrectly, be it radio adjustments, throttle linkage, or something binding (like the brakes).

    The throttle ballcup included in the 8IGHT buggy kits (now) and the upcoming 8-T roller is shorter than it used to be, and hopefully should alleviate some of these problems. From my own research (and this is not anything official from Losi or Horizon), these are the keys to servo life:

    1) Correct EPA's. You should be able to achieve solid braking power without the servo tray flexing violently.
    2) Linkage problems, like the throttle spring coil-binding, the linkage hitting the center diff (allow a few mm to compensate for chassis flex), and the brakes set up too loosely on the linkage, requiring more brake EPA to achieve braking power.
    3) Linkage or carburetor at an angle so that the carb barrel binds at any point during its movement. This can include spacing the servo higher off the radio tray to minimize these angles.
    4) Brake cams binding, which creates heat or can mask other problems by appearing as a loss of braking power.

    Notice how none of these fixes include aftermarket parts or serious hand-modification of any parts of the car. Make sure your screws are tight (radio tray, etc.) and your linkage is correct, and you should be completely safe.

    Again, as an entirely personal opinion, I feel these servo issues have nothing to do with chassis flex or any design flaw, as there are a number of 8IGHT owners without issues that have the same car everyone else does! The internet makes this sound like a much bigger problem, as those without servo failures have no reason to bring it up on message boards....haha.
  • Hey Aaron, how long does Mike Myers usually take to get back to emails??
  • my bad its for a xxx4.
  • Quote: Bubonic - I'll answer the same question a million times if it's presented in a polite manner! Thanks for your kind wording and the understand
    Aaron I work in banking and learned the hard way how to word a few emails w/o sounding like a jerk.

    One last thing, why is it that critical to use a analog as opposed to a digital servo for throttle setups. As far as the difference I see is centering. Which would be nothing but an advantage for Pro drivers. The only difference I can see is no throttle shiver at lock (before servo reaches set EPA). Your thoughts.
  • Rich - I have no idea. I haven't exchanged e-mails with Mike in years. Haha. Contact the S-Grid administrator using the e-mail [email protected] and see what they can do for you.

    maxxman - No problem. I kicked out an e-mail today...but it's Friday, haha. I'll probably get an answer sometime next week and I'll let you know what's up.

    Bubonic - Yeah...that quote should have ended with "understanding" and the smiley face, instead of "understand", which makes ZERO sense.

    Haha. I gotta get more sleep.

    Like I said, I really appreciate message board posts that are worded thoughtfully. It's the difference between a flame war and your question being answered quickly, and it's always a pleasant surprise to see a good post.

    For me personally, digital servos feel funny. Perhaps it's because I've used nothing but analog servos for ten years, and perhaps it's because of the centering and position-sensitive process that digital servos undergo that analog servos do not.

    For what your post is worth, I don't think the centering capability of digital servos would be as big of a deal as you'd think. I can't remember the last time that my throttle servo would've been "centered" at neutral for more than a half a second on the race track, haha. Same for steering, it always seems like my hands are moving, constantly making corrections and adjustments.

    Again, all personal opinion and someone can prove me wrong, your EPA settings are MUCH more important with digital servos versus using an analog servo. In the case with throttle (especially on a 1/8th scale buggy), the stress that the servo goes through when you slam on the brakes can ruin a servo in a hurry if your EPA is incorrect. Especially because of the position sensitivity of a digital servo, you have to be very careful to not over-stress the servo as it is trying to reach a position that is mechanically impossible because of the brakes.'s like trying to push the brake pedal on your real car THROUGH the floor. Not exactly possible...but you could strain yourself to a hernia trying!

    I feel that the powerband (and lack of a constant fuel injection system) of the engines we use would negate the position sensitivity of a digital servo.
  • Thanks Aaron, email sent....
  • Not a problem dude, good luck
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