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  • VLA Old School
    I have 2 quick questions for Mr. Waldon.

    Can you use the VLA rear arms and hubs on the original Losi XXX BK1

    Can you use the VLA rear arms and hubs on the Losi XXX-4 G+

    Thanks for the time to answer the question.
  • i need a nitro buggy with a 160 buget and has to be a wel know make, any sugestions?
  • DustinR-- The VLA rear arms have replaced the older rear arms for all Losi buggies so you you can the arms on the cars but you cannot use them with the VLA hubs without other mods. At least that was my understanding.
  • AW

    you running the rc pro finals this weekend, a bunch of my homies are their, give the hell
  • Aaron, sir need help. have a xxx4g+ w/ a new gtb esc and 6.5velociti brushless motor. need the pinion / spur setup. We run here (Philippines) in a small to medium / loose to hard pack track. Hope u can help me with this. thanks in advance. angel
  • Aaron I got a question for you......I noticed this weekend when I was at the track looking over some of the Jammin buggies that the front of their chassis extends past the stone guards about 1/4 inch and mine stops flush with the front of my stone guards. I had read that Ofna did a revision to the chassis but never knew what they changed so what one is the newer chassis and what else did they change on the revision and does if effect the way the car handles.
  • AD2
    yo aaron! is losi releasing a new updated kit of the AD2 soon?
  • No plans for updating the AD2 yet.

    rcjunky - The newer chassis hasn't been included in any of the kits yet as far as I know, so the one you have probably isn't the new one. I just ran the new chassis for the first time this past weekend and didn't notice any breathtaking car was still dialed :-)

    putok - Honestly, I'm not sure. I've never run any of the Novak brushless systems. You can try e-mailing Novak and asking for their input.

    D Mac - I was at the RC Pro Finals...not a bad weekend :-)
  • Aaron....I was talking about the regular kit chassis didn't they revise that one to make the arms have more down travel at least that's what Adam Drake told me the other day. The way to tell the difference in the chassis is that the one with the stone guards that stops flush with the front of the chassis is the newer version it's cut out different around the arm area. I must be lucky if they didn't change the chassis in the kits because mine stops flush with the stone guards and is cut different than the others at the track. Did you try the lightweight chassis?
  • Haha! Maybe that's the chassis I have...the lightweight one. I'm not sure what the differences are, I haven't really worked with the Jammin' guys to make those changes.

    Adam knows the changes a lot I'd go by what he told you.
  • hey Aaron, this is Aaron. Dont get to say that often.

    I am setting up a AD2 and we have a very small track. I was told the best bet since the track was so small, was to get an O.S. CV-R. Before you talk me out of it, If my manifold for the drake it rear exhaust and I were to purchase the CV-R, What part would I need. I know a side exit manifold, but is there a losi one? Thanks.

    Feel free to tell me what engine to buy if you like.
  • Losi does make the side exhaust header and you will be happy with the CVR. They are great engines. You need this part

    LOSA9345 Exh Manifold,NPSrake XXX-NT 14.00
  • thanks a million casper.
  • Aaron.....

    do you think if that new Orion engine is scaled down to AD or GT sizes, it would be worth it? What's your thoughts on the new engine?
  • Hi
    Hi everybody, I am Alejandro Cabrera from Venezuela.
    I have ran rc cars (touring) since 2.000, now I bought a mbx5 prospec.
    I have many question.
    1. What is anti-squat, What happen if I put more or less?
    2. What is kick up, What happen if I put more or less?
    3. The new damper spring short. When is necessary used it?
    Thanks in advance

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