Looking for a good package for this season

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  • hmmmmmm
    We'll the two best cars in my opinion is the 808 and the mbx-6.

    The best engines for buggy are the p-5, the werks b5, and the plus-4...never seen a defective Novarossi... You should get 5-8 gallons on most quality race engines..Besides O.S. The new Alpha looks hot, but If I was to buy an engine tomorrow it would be a Nova....

    Honestly after reading your post it seems you change cars and engines quite often.

    In my experience it helps to get to know the car, and engine to be the most competitive. It takes time to tune a car to different tracks and so on, so my advise is to get a new buggy, tune it, race it and quit changing stuff...Just my opinion....Keep it for at least 6 months, and if you get faster after tuning it, then get another one, same car, for parts......And the x ray and mugen need nothing to be competitive.....Stock is fine.....and Losi and Hot Bodies just don't last very long, but they are fast cars, just cheap parts....
  • yeah you right, i m not very patient with my cars...

    I know i need to focusing in one platform and stop change every 2race for fun.

    Last year was my first in 1/8 Nitro Buggy but may be my 6year racing in 1/10 Sedan Electric.

    This year i really to start and win.

    Last year, due to my lipo regulator fail or mecanical problem, all of my season was anoying.

    So this year i want to run one chassis on know how his react.

    But i want a chassis easy to drive.
  • Well then
    I love my 808 it's light and quick, but for easy driving the mugen wins hands down. It floats over bumps and turns from mild to wild depending on setup. It's not too expensive either and you can get parts on ebay for great prices..In your case a mugen mbx6 with a plus 4 would be easiest to drive, smooth car and smooth engine = better laptimes.....Try the 9853superstrong pipe with the short round header made for the mugen, it's narrower and will fit inside the mudguards....there are two styles of short round headers.....

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