Get Well Soon Brad "DOMIT" Smith

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  • get better Domit!

    prayers for you my friend!
  • I don`t know brad that well, but i have seen and read his posts on RCTech,
    which have been very helpfull with some issues that i have had with RC
    racing, if i can say that, i for one am not a big fan of heights, and i am
    very sorry to hear of brad`s accident, and here`s to wishing brad a
    speedy recovery...Take care....
  • Donations to help Brad in this time of need

    Since Brad's accident, we've learned that he did not have health insurance. I know he had recently been switched to a contractor position where he works, but was performing the same job and did not have insurance.

    The good folks in Austin have started a donation thread:

    Donations can be paypalled to [email protected]. Please put "Brad Smith Donation" or similar in the title.
  • Thanks Ron, i was just fixing to post this on here.. but you beat me to it.. here is the main post from N Control RC track owner.. Paul Geartner
    Benefiting Brad Smith


    You may or may not know Brad Smith. Brad is a long-time racer out of the Dallas area, and frequent traveller to races around the state. He's a great guy... always upbeat, willing to help anyone out, and a pleasure to be around in every aspect of the "good old boy" sense. Brad could make friends with anyone, and always did. You may have seen his yellow and old pickup truck truggy banging its way from pipe to pipe, although I believe the pickup body was retired this year.

    In the wee hours following the Race for Make-A-Wish at N-Control, Brad was taking a banner down from the driver's stand. He forgot about the step down from the extension to the main stand, tripped, and rolled forward to fall off the stand. The drop was roughly 8 feet. He likely hit the raise pit lane on the way down.

    Brad's injuries include 2 cracked ribs, a fractured eye socket, and 6 fractured vertebrae. He was taken by ambulance to Round Rock Medical Center, and as of this writing is still there.

    Brad doesn't have health insurance. The expected range of his stay will be 2 to 7 days, at a significant cost.

    I KNOW we all just pulled together at the Race for Make-A-Wish. I KNOW many of you reached pretty deeply into your pockets to make Noah's Wish come true. However, I also very much want to help our fellow racer. I'm going to donate the track's portion of entry fees after expenses to Brad's medical fund. I don't know exactly how much that was as yet, but it's at least $1,000. I'm going to add $100 of my own. If you feel compelled, I invite you to contribute as well.

    Donations can be paypalled to [email protected]. Please put "Brad Smith Donation" or similar in the title, since the last thing I need is to pay taxes on it.

    Donations can also be made at any race I attend. I'll be at Mike's in Porter for the TXSS Round 1 race. Cash, or make a check directly to Brad Smith.

    Hopefully a few others will step up as donation points at their local tracks.

    No amount is too small to make a difference. I won't reveal anyone's name, but invite anyone to post your contribution to this thread. If it were me laid up, I would love to know who contributed. This could have happenned to any of us, and I pray we can all pull together to help Brad in his time of need.

    I'll be visiting him daily while he's here. If you would simply like to post well-wishes to this thread, I'll be sure to read them to him.

    Donor - Amount
    R4MAW Portion* - 1250 est
    N-Control - 1000 est
    Paul Gaertner - 100
    Anonymous - 485
    TOTAL - 2835

    Thank you.
  • * I've explained the situation with the folks at the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central & South Texas. As you may know, my commitment for the race was one Wish, $5000. Funds raised above and beyond that are somewhat at my discretion (although I'm sure I couldn't run off to Vegas with the excess and leave them happy). I've decided that -- with the Make-A-Wish folks' blassings -- half of the money over $5000 that we raised will be donated to Brad's medical fund. The amount above is an estimate, with accurate value to follow this week.
  • Here's for a speedy recovery, so that you can get back on the track!!!
  • LOL a lot of us thinking a like! Look back one page and I posted the same thing yesterday.
    Ron since we will be at the same race this weekend lets be sure to let everyone know about this that may not come here or rcfiles.
  • .
    I don't know you Brad (Domit) but i've read your posts before and it help me out on understanding alot of things. Sorry to hear what happend to you. My prayers to you and your family. Get well soon
  • This was posted by Paul Gaertner today on rcfiles. Just to keep everyone up on how Brad is doing.

    "I stopped by to see Brad today, and he looks and sounds greatly improved. His face is much less swollen and he's got both eyes open. He is also less sedated, which probably accounts for the improved affect. He seemed very happy for the company, and I'm sure would welcome additional visitors if a few of you would like to do so. He's sleeping most of the time, but very lightly... a soft "Brad" has brought him awake both times I've visited.

    He was very grateful about both the funds we have raised on his behalf and the prayers and good wishes many of your have written! Thanks again for supporting Brad in this very worthy cause."
  • Get well Brad. Hope you have a speedy recovery!!!!!!

    I thought N-control was a ROAR track. Doesn't the track insurance cover this?
  • I was there....
    When he fell, he looked really hurt, I didn't realize it was Brad. He is such a nice guy....I hope he is feeling better, that was a big fall....
  • hay Brad sorry to hear what happened. the best of luck to you
    and the family. I as many on here do not know you personally
    but feel as if I do so get better soon Brad
  • Hey Brad...
    I'm wishing you the BEST my Friend, hang in there Buddy !!!
    Alan Mason

    From Alan Burton and the Speed Shop Crew!!
  • I'm not from the area but wish Brad well & a speedy recovery . May i suggest a charity race with the proceeds to go to his medical bills . We had one at the local track for a cancer patient & it went well .