7955 problem

  • I was running my buggy today and all of a sudden my steering servo (7955)stopped responding. the servo just kept turning back and forth slowly. i tried a different battery and got the same result. i don't think it could be interference because i am using 2.4 and there was another guy at the track with 2.4 and he had no problems at all, i even asked for him to turn off his radio to see if by chance it was interference. i also doubt its a gear issue cause it was moving fine but on its own. anyone else ever have this happen?
  • How old is the Servo? Sounds like its not centering. Hi tec is suppose to have good warranty service. Send it back and have them fix or replace.
  • the servo is only about 6 months old at the most. i dont think i have the receipt anymore, can i still return it to them?
  • Sounds like the servo is bad. They do have a good warranty so if you have your receipt you should be able to get a new one if it's not too old. If i remember correct it has a 3 year warranty. Good luck
  • Send it in Hitec will take care of you.
  • I agree just send it in with a letter explaining what's up and they will chck it out. I have only had 1 hitec servo go bad but they took care of it.
  • Just sent one of my 5955TG's in because it would just stop working while turning then start working again. They replaced the board and motor and it should be back to me today
    Hitec warranty rules, go to there website and fill out and download the repair paper work and send it in, they have a 5 day turn around from the time they get it.
  • i took the servo apart and i can see some water on the circuit board. i am going to let in dry out and try it again.

    I will contact hitec on Monday, I am not sure what they will be able to do for me because i no longer have the receipt and it now has water damage. hopefully it will be cheaper to fix then replace.
  • shoulda just sent it in without opening it...you dont need a receipt
  • i dried out the servo over night and it works fine now. hopefully all it was was a little water and now its going to be fine. ill try it out and see if it continues to work.
  • Good , i wasn't sure about the receipt thing , good to know, i have one for throttle that has gone bad & don't have the receipt so i will be sending it in.