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i wouldnt let one post scare me from trying marks work unlike some people i wasnt after more power but instead a smoother powerband and better milage mark has done such an excellent job on my engines that he has a customer for life and his customer service has been the best ive ever had anywhere
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Originally Posted by SteveP View Post
I didn't make this post to encourage someone to find ONE guy that may have modified an engine as some time in his career. I do know that Novarossi team drivers are STRONGLY discouraged or even prohibited from opening the engine at all, no less modifying it. This may have changed to a more open policy, but that's been their policy in recent years. I know Adam and he's a stand-up guy. I'm not sure that I'd want to post on a public forum that he potentially violates the terms of his contract with Novarossi without hearing it directly from him. I'll ask him next time I see him at the track.

This however, is not the point - the point is, just about every engine has enough power to win races. There seems to be a hyper focus on modifying engines by people that would instead, greatly benefit from a whole lot more practice and would ironically be harmed by more power. If your intention is to have fun, pull wheelies and push out the biggest dirt rooster tail, then modified engines are great for all the non-racing reasons that Maximo mentioned. So are more powerful stock engines, but that's another debate. I'm simply offering an opinion/guidance ***Warning - resume dropping ahead*** "based on many decades of experience." There's nothing that says anyone has to act upon it - I'm just putting it out there for the OP and anyone else that might want an opinion on the subject from someone that will probably die from excess exposure to nitro fuel.

Going to the other debate...what would you consider a powerful stock engine ?
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Rageworks- I don't have an ego. In fact I am a very laid back and humble person and anyone that has done business with me already knows that. As far as your beef with me, I don't remember ever telling anyone that Nova rods fit GRP engines. I remember some debates about people wanting to put Go Tech rods in Nova based engines and many people said that it is a direct match to the R7 rod. I myself have never put a Go Tech rod in anything other than a Go Tech so I have no first hand experience with that. I may have said something to the effect of alot of guys are saying this works but I have not tried it myself so it is up to you to find out for sure or ask around and do more research on it. Either way, it is a risk mismatching parts between companies and I can pretty much guarantee that if you called GRP and said I can't find a rod for my engine that they would not say, Oh just go put a Nova rod in it and it should be fine.

Some people have this misconception about us engine guys. They must think we have nothing better to do than to think of and test anything and everything that could possibly happen or change out parts on every engine with other parts from other companies and I speak for most engine modders on this. I have spoken with most of them on a personal level and we all have the same issues and time constraints. It is nearly impossible to test every possible scenerio, maintain good customer relations, get product in and out of the door and finish jobs on time. Some things will not get done and quality products, good customer relations and timely service are not going to be sacraficed so I guess testing pipes, improving my engine work will have to take the place of switching out rods from other engines. Maybe tomorrow The way I look at it is, if that is your only beef about me, you really don't have much of a case. You had an engine that needed a rod and was basically useless without one so you took a chance, did an unrecommended thing and it didn't work out. You are in the same place you started so in essence, I had no real effect on your outcome. If I gave you any information that you felt mislead I am sorry but I know for a fact I would never tell someone that I am 100% on something if I haven't done it myself to my own equipment.

If you and your buddies were so mad about all of this, how come this is the first time I have heard about it???? The one thing I have learned about these forums is if people have issues, they are quick to speak up about them and they are not afraid to embarrass people. By the way, I still have no idea who you are or your number as you are not in my email or purchase records so don't make it out like you are someone I speak with regularly and if I do, I need a name to jog my memory as I now have 4 total customers and 3 have the same name and I can't keep them straight

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As long as this isn't a set-up to launch a debate about the value of your services. I love good, productive discussion and as long as you ask in that spirit, I'm happy to offer my opinions/observations. A few horrifically powerful engines are the Novarossi Plus 28 5T and 7T, and the OS .28XZ. There are also many .21 and mid-size big-blocks that have excellent power, but too many to list. Many of the reputable racing brands produce engines with an excellent blend of power, economy and reliability. Some better than others in certain areas, but all power-houses in their own right.

Someone looking for silly horsepower out of the box will certainly get their money's worth from any of the aforementioned 28 engines and select engines from MANY companies that have a a worthy reputation.
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A very funny discussion.
If a beginner does ask for an engine in the onroad section almost every advise is sending him to Murnan without any discussion if such an engine is to powerfull. What I am reading here is a complete different world and more funny to say, I had this same discussion on a Dutch offroad forum.

Yes, running a toplevel engine (mostly for a top price) should be fast enough. The cheaper models have some space to give that little bit more performance that the toplevel engines have and believe me, some small things you can do by yourself to get more noticeable performance out of any engine.
The quality of an answer comes with the quality of the question.
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Well, I have to say that although I (trully!) understand the point of view that there is enough power for most drivers to get their hands full with most high-end mills, I have to disagree with this thought of "enough power".
I've been in this hobby since the mid 80's, and I've been hearing this from the conservative minds since then. It has been the opinion (and everyone is allowed to give his, I'm not saying differently) of some people that engines are ok as they are, but still they keep up ramping up in power when the manufacturers or (in other words) people they trust, do it.
If power where enough as it has been said since as long as I can remenber, we would still be running "racing" 1hp(rated) 21's that topped at 25,000 rpm. I bet that all you OS guys changed your RZ's engines to VZ's as soon as one of them sucked your doors off.
Engines have been getting more powerfull since forever, and thank God for that!, and add to that that cars have been getting lighter, power to weight ratio this days is way high compared to just a few years a go, it's not even fair to go back 10-15 years. Another comparison, a novarossi plus4 IS more powerfull than the previous gen novas, and which one is better? and which one will make you better? The same will happen with the next gen engines from any high end brand - manufactures will keep putting all the power they can without making the engine hard to tune, unreliable, unlinear in power delivery, etc.
Also, how come a given engine is perfect on a 7.1lb buggy with 42mm wide tires and is also perfect on a 9.5lb truggy with 60mm tires? Something does not match in here, I dont buy that crap, sorry, I have to say it! it's either perfect on one or on the other. either the buggy has to much, or the truggy has to little. And then comes the idea that brushless 1/8 scale its better because nitro will never be as powerfull? all I see is contradictions...

Lastly if you have to much power on tap, just choke it! thats the reason restrictors are made, put a smaller one, less nitro and done, "your" perfect engine!

P.S. don't under-estimate flow, that is the factor on an engine with the perfect timming. The full scale guys would kill all of us for an extra 5cfm extraction from a cyl head used for racing on any racing series, The camshaft(timming) is only one of the "big three" makers of big power on an engine. You have to do your nip and tuck where it belongs though.

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SteveP- I am definately not here to debate mine or anyone else's services. I wouldn't have posted anything because I am not the type to put my own plugs in places they don't belong. I was just a little annoyed that someone that has never used my services felt the need to make a comment like that.

You are right about the big blocks having more than enough power. Most guys I do the .28's for either want them smoothed out a little with a big improvement in milage so they can compete in the fuel milage game with the smaller .21's in truggy class or they want the most rediculous engine they can have to bash with and show off to their friends and grudge race with in parking lots or what not. There are a few guys who want serious power for top level racing and with the tracks getting bigger and more complex, more power is needed for the shorter runups and larger gaps that need to be cleared. I can mod any brand from mild to wild and that is why I mod each and everyone differently for each customer's preferences. Not every engine I do is maxed out in performance. I don't want that because then it turns into a love it or hate it type power delivery. I wanted to be different and as long as you understand and are true to yourself in terms of telling me what you need the engine to do, I will do my very best to get you what is desired.

It doesn't totally fall on the modders either. The customer themselves have a job to do as well and that is to run the pipe that is recommended and if it isn't exactly perfect for them, work with the modder to come up a good combo for them. Everyone has a different perception of what smooth, fast or torquey is and what one thinks is smooth may be too smooth for someone else and that will depend on track conditions, driving style, vehicle it is used in etc and the same holds true on the other side of things. That makes it very hard to hit the nail on the head everytime but with a little patience and teamwork, you can get the engine to conform to your liking. The more engines you do for people, the better idea you have of what they are asking for which makes everyone's job easier. I could always just mod them one way and say it is what it is but I don't want to be like that. I want to open up the possibilities and touch bases with all types of people from all over the world. I am doing my very best to accomplish that and so far so good.

One thing people have to realize also is even though these are toy cars, the technology has gotten so much better in them since the 80's that it is to the point where they have as many adjustments if not more to make to keep them competative that it is sometimes so overwhelming it can be frustrating. Like in NASCAR, NHRA, IHRA, AMA or any other type of motorsport racing, you constantly have to change setups and work the engines to achieve your goal. Some people either forget that or don't want to deal with that and they think it is as simple as throwing it down and not touching anything and expecting it to perform to its peak potential everytime on every track and unfortunately it doesn't work like that.
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