What foams to use for indoor racing in midwest

  • What foams work the best for indoor racing? I have been using aka foams with panther switch tires and was wondering if using a soft foam would be better. I race in illinois so we all know how cold it gets here so any info would be appreciated.
  • i tried proline foams and they seem to evently break down atlest the old proline tires ,i have aka tires and foams and love the they arent the softest they are inbeween and they are constanted. if its cold indoor i say a meduim foam
  • i image the track your on is pretty moist and grippy and i think a soft foam would give u to much roll and grip
  • I would look at the J Concepts profiled foams. They are very similar to the AKA just a little softer.
  • Clay Blue Grooved Hard Packed Tracks seem to like a molded med-firm to firm insert.

    The sponge material pro lines do breakdown especially if water gets in during cleaning.

    I am running aka foams in Jconcept Sevens and they seem to have a good balance. I have the new JConcept Blue Inserts coming. Truggy I am running clay switches and red ofna
  • I recently did a test comparision between the same tire and rim and all I changed was the foam. I compared stock yellow losi foam to aka med foam and the aka foam made the tires feel more alive and bite in harder. I always switch out the foam to aka now, unless I am lazy and get a premount.
  • I'm using Ofna orange foams in my Panther Switch 2.0 clay tire and it feels good
  • jc foam is not thick enough
    ofna is not wide enough
    proline greys break down very fast
    proline blue i have not tried,but one of the guys i run with didnt care for them and runs aka's
    the aka limits the tire roll,gives the tire a round profile for rotation.
    aka foam is good for two sets of tires, after that you can have mine. the foam just doesnt have the round profile on the third set of tires so the car doesnt rotate as well

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