The importance of tires!!

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  • Dry lube. Tire softener. Great on chassis, hingepins, tires and Joey Platinum.
    Also good to have Simple Green, Dry silicone spray, Baby wipes, WD40 though I usually just use TAG now. I'll post some pics of how, what , where in a fresh thread soon.

    I used my last full can today. Got me 3rd in nitrobuggy.

    Just for petes sake throw out the can when its empty, or make a camp stove out if it. These things are starting to litter our tracks. Don't just toss them on the ground like a glow plug. I don't know why everthing makes it to the can except for TAG and Axe........

    Kinda how Goo Gel packets were getting all over mountain bike trails.
  • I have been using AKA tires all year now. My comfort tire (pacifier tire, you know the won you always go back too) would have to be I-Beams Soft. They are not always the the tire with the most grip. But on the clock they are the most consistent. They are good in changing conditions we encounter here in MN.

    My Tire choices

    Groove track ----------Grid Iron adjust compound to outside temp and tire wear.
    Groove with dust on edge------City Block adjust compound to temp and tire wear
    Groove with ruts and dust------ Grid Iron (doesn't catch ruts as easy)
    Dusty no ruts------------City Blocks
    Dusty with ruts---------I-beams

    On a side note, when switching to a tire with more side bite like from I-beams to City Blocks I have noticed my MP9 likes heavier center and front diff oils. 4-4-2 to 5-5-2 you can also tune traction this way to get the balance you prefer. if you want less entrance steering then go up in the front and center or one or the other to find your happy place!!! LOL
  • Quote: Well a Maypop is a tire that usually has steel belts hanging out of it and the old lady is afraid it may pop!!!!!
    ..I'm just glad you don't race at any tracks I race at..such a tool Joey