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seayya 10-12-2009 08:34 AM

Originally Posted by Ruune (Post 6462140)
those look sick! Will these and/or the condors be available in Truggy?

That I am not for sure of at this time, but maybe Gene or Andrew or someone that knows will chime in and let you know.

bluer322 10-12-2009 12:04 PM

Originally Posted by seayya (Post 6462733)

Thanks it helped, I saw it the first time when I went to there site, just didn't read it. :spidey:

Machine's R/C H 10-19-2009 12:13 PM

I requested that they make Condor and Striker STR truggy tires, but they have not decided which new truck tires to release yet.

Machine's R/C H 10-21-2009 07:15 PM


VP-Pro USA Tires will be available at the RC Pro Finals from Indy RC World.
Please stop by the VP-Pro USA booth as
well and check out our new products and
see what the RC Pro International Series
Points leader, Ryan Lopez, is using. :nod:

Machine's R/C H 10-29-2009 11:29 AM

New VP-Pro USA Closed Cell Foam inserts in standard and wide. We will have a set on display at the RC Pro Series Finals. The inserts will be available in the USA by the 1st of the year.
They are ligher and softer then AKA & Proline inserts.

http://www.vp-racing.com/english/sma...0420201801.jpg Wider Foam Insert - MF-002

Trey7 11-01-2009 08:34 PM

will the closed cell be avaible for the truggy as well?

Machine's R/C H 11-02-2009 02:44 PM

Don't know.

MattOCM 11-02-2009 06:10 PM

Houston Area RC and VP Pro Truggy Tires
Ran the VP Truggy Tires for the HARC point series at Gulf Coast Raceway and ran all combo's on my MBX6T and every combo was just as quick as the other. Ended up running the turbo trax all the way around and qualified second. In the main it was a 15 min race and choose to run the turbo trax in the main since they showed little wear. Finished 2nd in the main. Awsome tires by VP Pro USA. Thanks Gene.

Machine's R/C H 11-10-2009 08:32 AM

FSORS Race 2 Hurricane 11-08-2009

-- 1/8 Truck Pro - A Main --
Pos Car Laps time name
1 6 64 30:27.70 Ryan Johnson
2 4 63 30:19.83 Steve Szykulski
3 8 63 30:23.40 Manny Sanchez VP-Pro Turbo Trax
4 9 63 30:37.22 Batman VP-Pro Turbo Trax
5 3 62 30:00.91 Tony Pattishall
6 7 62 30:08.59 Luis Perez
7 5 62 30:35.76 Anton Watson VP-Pro Turbo Trax
8 10 61 30:11.88 Chris Meloche
9 12 61 30:18.55 Scott Sidell
10 13 60 30:35.23 Josh Talmadge
11 11 59 30:03.32 Shawn Kersten
12 1 20 9:56.15 Ryan Eckert

stu541 11-10-2009 10:09 AM

ultra flex and new tires
I ran VP-pro tires all last summer. They are the real deal. I never had to worry about lack of traction or wear. The mediums last forever and still yield very good traction. I am very excited to get some ultra flex's and hopefully the new condors and some truggies will be out soon.

Machine's R/C H 11-10-2009 02:01 PM

All 4 VP-Pro USA Drivers racing in the 1/8 Pro Buggy Class made the A-main at the 2009 RC Pro International Finals.


PUDDIN 11-10-2009 02:36 PM

Vp TQ'd 4 out of 4 rounds of sportsman buggy
TQ'd open buggy

Finshed 2nd overall in the National points in open buggy and 3rd in open truggy

PUDDIN 11-11-2009 05:54 PM

by Andrew Smolnik (civik96) on Wed Nov 11 18:26:48 2009:

Great Job to all VP Pro USA Drivers at the RC Pro Finals. Everyone
had great success out there. Ya'll did great. (I still have the
Texan Accent going on)

Gene Hickerson: Pro Buggy A main finalist

Ryan Lopez: Pro Buggy A main Finalist
Pro Truggy A main Finalist

David Magelsdorf: Pro Buggy A main Finalist

Smolnik: Pro Buggy A main Finalsit
Pro Truggy A main Finalist
Electric Buggy A main Finalist

Matt Sistrunk: Open Buggy Top Qualifier
Open Truggy A main Finalist

Ben Wheeler: Open Buggy Champion

12 year old
Ethan Lafebvre: Intermediate 2nd place qualifier A main Final

13 year old
Denver Houghton: Tq'ed Intermediate Buggy and Truggy using VP Pro

Great Job Guys!

PUDDIN 11-11-2009 05:55 PM

Great job guys

I think Ethan, Denver and Ben where out of pocket racers. I bet they want be for long


PUDDIN 11-11-2009 06:13 PM


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