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Default So many buggies, which to choose?

If I were to choose a race buggy right now, which should I go for and why? There are so many choices. The rc8, hyper 9, 8ight, 808, trf801x, D8, mbx6, Odonnel z01-b, just to name some. That's alot of cars. I would like to hear personal experiences that you have had with the cars and where I should be looking for a good, price reasonble buggy.
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8ight 2.0 is the way to go. I just started running a buggy after 2 years of truggy racing and the 2.0 treats me very very well.

Check out Carolinasrc.com add it to the cart and watch the price drop. They will also drop ship direct from Horizion so you will get the most up to date kit available. Click the link below.

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I would first check out your local hobby shops and see what they carry for parts. Check the local racing out and see what the most popular car is. In most cases, the more popular car the better support you are going to have at the track with it. Parts, tunning and general help as i would say. Dont be affraid to try something different though.
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Your best bet is to read the threads for each of the buggies. You'll see the pro's and con's of each.
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someone who runs a losi will say losi. I run a mugen so i say mugen
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Every car you named is capable of winning; pick which ever you like best and go. I went with the 8ight 2.0 and am very happy; I'm sure I would have been just as happy with any of the other options.
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Old 09-23-2009, 06:06 PM   #7
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Hey its Wednesday!!!!!!What buggy should I get day!!!!!!!Like clockwork every week!!!!1

Das cut le Paste:

So my rankings of best buggies out there, in order:

Xray 808 09 spec-strong, light, extreme high quality, cutting edge tech and features. Last time I tried breaking this car I needed stitches!

Mugen MBX6- close second, extremely strong, well built, good desighn, much more aggressive than its predesessor, more nimble.

Losi 8 2.0-can do everything as well as the 808, except stay together, wears faster than the Mugen/Xray.

Hotbodies D8- good price, light on its feet yet very stable, reliable desighn. Can be setup very aggressively without becoming hard to drive. Excellent beginners buggy because of this fact.

Caster Storm Fleetwood Edition- custom built Caster created by our own Joey Platinum. Pretty much a tricked out Caster with Jammin big bore shocks (I think), some bling parts, and TAG body spray. Real crazy fast. PM JP for priceing and availability.

Kyosho Mp9/ AE RC8b- fast but flimsy, The Mp9 comes with diff gaskets made out of $100 bills and they have to use a certain part of the bill so apparently they have to use three c-notes. The Rc8 handles similar to the Mp9, costs less, but is prone to shooting out hingepins, and its plastic is made out of ice cubes.

Just my advice and opinion, and as you can see I'm quite opinionated! LOL. If your leaning towards the D8 buggy then I'm not going to try to sway you. Its a great kit. Copy the pros setups that are online and you'll get a very aggressive stable buggy. Unless you don't see anyone running D8's at your track, then its Xray/Mugen you want!

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all the buggies are good in my opinion the one that is best there is no such thing as that here is what i know i drive 2.0 right now and like the car as far as handling but maintence can be strenuous so if dont have time to tear car down constantly to keep it tight then dont buy one x ray is losi with better quality parts drive pretty much the same as each other . the mugen which i think i might be going back to it drives very different from the losi or xray tighter turning but not as stable in high speed situations very light jumps very well rc8b is fragile if wrecked but on its wheels is fast also can not comment on rest because i have not driven them kyoshos at my local track are very fast but could just be the driver i want to try one but cant afford it
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Old 09-23-2009, 06:55 PM   #9
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Honestly, the RC8B is not that fragile. Over the past 2 years they have made a lot of improvements to increase the strength. IMO the RC8B can not be thrown around on the track as some of the others can. I always thought the RC8 was a great car and I have had great success with it, until I started driving the Z01B. The O'Donnell is almost unbreakable and handles great! You can drive it a lot more aggressive than the RC8 and handles the rough track equally well. I personally like the Z01B better than the RC8 and am going to stick with it.

All of the cars are great and like others have said, any of them can win on any given day. The 8ight 2.0 looks to be pretty solid, but I have not driven one. IMO the MP9 is way overpriced, but is pretty popular in our region. The 808 had bearing issues, but I have heard that that problem has been resolved in the 09 spec. Nice looking car. The Mugen is not seen much in this area.

I would recommend to look around what people run in your area, in case you need help with setup or parts. It makes rough racing days a lot easier!
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go to your local track and check out what cars are running and how they handle. dont be shy to ask a lot of questions, people love talking about their cars. i am looking for next season and the kyosho looked real good.
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I drive a Kyosho Mp9 and it has been awesome, it's made me look good this year.
Like someone else said, go to the track and find out who the local fast guys are and who helps people with setups. Sponsored drivers are supposed to help other drivers. Setup is the most important thing, all the cars you listed are great but without setup help none will be fast. Also parts availability is big, you don't want to be the only one at the track with that brand.

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Being new to the buggy scene as well, the only advice I have is just order what you want. In the end, you will be happy. I did alot of research, and I ended up buying a losi, it isn't even here yet, but I know I will be happy.

I know how it is to want a clear cut answer, but these guys are right, the only thing you will see in a thread like this is personal preference. Read up on each model, and pick one that looks most appealing to you. The closest LHS to me that carries anything is about 2 hours away, and the guys at the track run losi and ae mostly.
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all I can say is Tamiyas have a 'sentimental' value and will retain that after being out of production, kinda like Marvel action figures. The rest, well, are kinda like skateboards.
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How good of a driver are you and where do you want to place?
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I've been out of the hobby for 13 years, And last month just got back in it and I've always been a AE man , But before I dropped a grand on a car and everything I drove everything I could get my hands on , Losi, RC8, Mugen, 808, and D8. They all had a little different feel to them and all were set up a little different, I am not good enough yet to tell the difference in how everyone of them feels, I did flip a RC8 end over end for about 40 feet and hit a I beam and it broke and A arm . It comes down to your driving style and the supply of parts available at your LHS. I went with the RC8 .

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