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FYI ....Zerodefect can drive the shi- out of a b-44 , he also loves nitro, so actually if he feels queer traveling with electric ,don't ride with him ...I know I would not.....LOL ....he used to have 1 bad as- mustang that would run in the 11's....Why not have 1/8 track and a 1/10 track at the same place??????
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Originally Posted by SPEEDSKI View Post
First of all, this is just my opinion:

1/8th scale has brought ALOT of racers to RC just because of the "cool" factor. (they are plain bad ass)

One thing I want to point out. To me this is a Sport/and to some it is a hobby. It is both, it just depends how you approach it.

The main thing that i believe would help the Sport/Hobby would be a "League" that would set race guidelines and general rules to help all tracks new and old to have some sort of continuity. I am not talking about point series etc. One of the main things around my area and surrounding states is we do not just race at different tracks, its always a different program. Qual points, rocket round, different heat times, different main times........

This would just be a general set a rules to follow and make each tracks racing a industry standard. You cannot let the racers run the races, it always becomes a pissing match over EVERYTHING!!! If I knew i was going to drive 5 hrs away (which happens often) and I already knew what I was getting into it would help me make my decisions on when and where to go.

I drove 5 hours to a track once, after arriving on friday night for practice and I was there for 20 min, they said "track is closed" It was 7 pm?? There were 40 plus racers there ready to practice. Tracks need to open on every friday night if they expect racers to travel, this is a "no brainer" to me.

Tracks seem to want everyones money, but very few tracks show that they actually appreciate us even coming. This is racing, so ven club races should give out plaques etc. Most trophies can be made for as little a $5 each. Give us something to race for every weekend.

Every track should have Sportsman class!!!!!!!!!!!, again, a no brainer. For a new racer to be made to run with the fast guys is just plain stupid. Alot of times, the fast guys want the entry fee for the Cash Payout, yet they complain when the new guys won't get out of the way??? I know several racers this year that came out a couple times and then never came back. I searched out tracks that had sport classes and it has helped me move into the pro class, it was fun to run up front, get to run long mains and bring home a trophy now and then, it kept me focused on the ultimate goal which was to move up to the next class. ALOT OF TRACKS MISS THE BOAT ON THIS!! Not to mention, tracks with shops should love sportmans classes cuz they break more parts. LOL Most seasoned racers bring their own gear and parts anyway.

I always hear everyone saying, we need to grow the sport, yet most so nothing to help the new guys. My group has grown from 3 guys to almost a dozen now, most of us being new, we all help each other, we are approachable, and we all travel to events together. If a new guy comes out, the track should have dedicated racers that are willing to help pit or just help the new guys with daily race items. It is alot more fun to go racing with a bunch of friends.

I could keep going, but my I think I have made my points:

Here is my final thoughts.......

I am NOT talking about "RC Pro", I am talking more like "Little League", just a basic rule book and guidelines for racers and tracks.

Now, if we are going to expect more from our tracks, we need to expect to pay more to race!! We have several thousands of $$$ in gear, but expect to only pay $15 to race??? I have no problem paying $20 - $30 as long as I get my money's worth...I am not talking cash payouts etc, just good racing and some run time.

I have just never understood all the "Cash Races", with tough times and tracks just hanging on, to pay out $$$ for RC racing is just silly to me.

Keep the $$$ and put that into the tracks and the quality of racing.

I only wrote this because I am addicted to this great hobby/sport.

Well put!!
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Originally Posted by Joey Platinum View Post
FYI ....Zerodefect can drive the shi- out of a b-44 , he also loves nitro, so actually if he feels queer traveling with electric ,don't ride with him ...I know I would not.....LOL ....he used to have 1 bad as- mustang that would run in the 11's....Why not have 1/8 track and a 1/10 track at the same place??????
The B44 sits on the shelf because its nearly as expensive to race as a Nitrobuggy..........and its not nearly as much fun. And the 4wd class is just rediculously overpowered. 1/10th scale cars weren't meant to go this big and fast. Hit the wall on the straight and it looks like someone stuffed a Pinata with AE parts and blew it up with an M80.

If I'm going to go through all the trouble of traveling 3 hours to a real big race, then I'm running Nitro and long mains. hopefully.

Seems like tracks are catching on and running crazier 1/8th style stuff, and 1/10th seems to do ok on a larger track, until they try to fly like a truggy.

My B44 is such a tinker toy compared to my Xray 809.

(ps: The Mach1 is a 12 second car, still have it.)
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Whoever wrote 1/8 was killing RC should be hung . To me it sounds like someone didn't like there class died out so they blame 1/8.

You on mach1registry.com
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1/8 Buggy is my favourite class as of now, having raced 1/10 2wd and 4wd electric buggies, electric and nitro 1/10 trucks, minis, sedans and 1/12 pan cars in the past. It's certainly one of the most popular and competitive classes as of now (if not the most popular) and that's part of the reason I suppose I like it. They're also really easy and enjoyable to drive, plus as stated there's also the cool factor of it. Now 1/8 electric is becoming more popular and I want to switch from nitro to electric as far as 1/8 Buggy goes personally. With 1/8 Electric more indoor tracks that previously only ran 1/10 are now trying out 1/8. There's no way you can say 1/8 is killing RC.
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1/8th isn't killing the R/C industry. It's expanding it to the people who though of 1/10th as little kid cars.

I do think that 1/8th is killing off other classes though.
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SPEEDSKI makes several good points...

I got into R/C again due to 1/8 scale... but it wasn't easy. I had the money to buy a decent setup, but I know it would hard for a lot of people to do what I did. I wouldn't expect most people to do what I did (if anyone?).

Back when I started racing as a teenager, I got into the hobby for a few hundred dollars by competing in the "stock" class. Now it's like $600 or $800 for a 1/8 RTR.

Tracks should establish stock classes with one or more specific kits that are allowed to run that class that keeps the cost down. For example, a class that only allowed 1/18th mini's to run (e.g. Losi Mini-T RTR) where everything is included for $130... maybe $200 out the door with some extra batteries.

This class can be run by both new and veteran racers. In fact, clubs should encourage the veterans to get involved in the class to make sure there is enough competition, and surely the extra $200 wouldn't hurt a veteran racer too bad.

People will find it easier to drop $200 to find out if they like the hobby instead of $800. I also do not believe people will be wary about competing against veteran racers if they know the playing field is evened out equipment wise (i.e. they won't feel intimidated running their $500 rig against a guy who spent $2000 on equipment).

Yes, I know it may be kind of funny to watch a 1/18 go around a 1/8 track (it actually is), but imagine 20-30 of them... I'm sure that would be awesome.

On a similar note, since I've been back in, I've been helping the local guys maintain the track. It's a lot of work... and there aren't nearly enough people helping. Not only do tracks need to help racers out, racers need to help out their tracks, too. Additionally, the LHS should have tracks to encourage people in the hobby.

As far as leagues, I was thinking that tracks that are geographically close to each other should also support one another. This could mean establishing some regional series similar to what NASCAR (e.g. once a month everyone from the group of tracks goes to one particular track to compete). The league would establish what tracks, dates, etc and establish prizes for the people that come out on top (similar to a bowling league, give prizes for most points, fastest lap time, fastest lap average, etc etc etc).

Manufacturers should also be supporting the local tracks... sponsoring races by offering prizes for the day or simply providing some extra money to help with maintenance and what not. Heck, send out a team driver or something to help people out with their setups and answer some questions. The manufacturers benefit with the advertising, and the local tracks benefit in increased turn out.
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R/C right now is like Nascar was in the 60's win Sunday sell Monday. We have factory drivers like Nascar did in the early years.
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Originally Posted by Gearhead racer View Post

I use to play tournament paintball and craved that rush playing it. Due to some issues, i got out of it and found that 1/8 scale rc gave me that rush again!
+2!! i played semi-pro for a few years.now its 1/8 scale racing.

racing cost alot more though
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Honestly, I love my 1/8th electric buggy because it can fit in so many different places. I can play at my friend's nice backyard track. I can race indoors at an all electric track with the other 1/8th scales, or I can race outdoors with the nitros. This type of versatility can't be found in another class! I love the choices I have, and the racing is very competitive! I just need more practice
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No they haven't killed, only helped the industry. Many shops will tell you that they now cater to 1/8 b/c 1/8 guys 'buy stuff'. as opposed to us old codger priss 1/10 guys who have everythin in caches and if need arises help each other out or pick up somethin quick online. 1/10s dont have as many 'flavor of the month hop-ups', if at all.

while i love 1/10 elec and will always prefer it. without 1/8 gas. honestly this hobby would likely feel akin to what my father saw in slot cars in the early 70s after the boom of the 60s had faded. drag racing 1:1 as well.

the more forms that bring people in, that only helps. it stinks in some cases wehre your favorite type of racing gets phased out in favor of new formulas, but then again we all dont race what he used to in most cases (save for our oval friends )

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Originally Posted by crawldad91 View Post
+2!! i played semi-pro for a few years.now its 1/8 scale racing.

racing cost alot more though
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I too think it's just the ebb and flow of what's popular. Not that one class or car type is killing anything.

Seems to me the worst thing for the hobby, aside from the current state of the economy, is the "pro or no" attitude. At least at the tracks I've run at.

Now I'm talking abou on-road as I've not done that much off-road in recent years. Plus I've only run in a handful of on-road events in the past two years.

Until recently the most popular racing on-road was touring car and 1/8 pro. You really didn't see entry-level, World GT type racing for a long time. So you had noobs getting a bad taste in their mouths trying to afford the car, then get it set up right, then manage to drive the car they weren't ready for. All because that's what everyone else had. Plus you had too many overly-competitive types and few of the helpful types.

It's not that LHS' and drivers were arrogant jerks as a rule, that was the scene and all were immersed in it. Such a scene was rather off-putting from the outside/noob view. Especially young hobbyists. Of course I'm leaving out the broke guys like me. Too tough to keep replacing the parts I knocked off my cars.

I don't know what the entry-level and spec scenes are like everywhere else. It's hard to tell in the Dallas area since it's been rather dead other than one or two places. But I think renewing a focus on noob-frendly might help get new people in the hobby.

Anyhoo, I'm not bashing anyone or any place. Just saying it is something that I think is overlooked too often and is a root cause when referring to "killing" the industry.
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My thoughts based on offroad.

Ok while talkin to a Pro driver I asked why they dont run GT any more? He said a couple of reasons 1) bling factor of 1/8 ... factories like this attention grabing size. 2) Track maintenance had dropped off so when they went to decide what to run 4wd kept being the prefered. 3) fillin pit box full of parts for so many vehicles was way too costly.

fact: 2wd takes more skill to drive, so not newbie friendly, and consider how many nitro drivers have never owned 1/10 2wd GT, and ya wonder why so many are really not in control. And many pro's occasionally run 2wd to keep some skills up

Never will be just a couple of reasons for any change.

Personally 2wd 1/10 is where its at, but to race I had to run somthing else.

1/10 Electric has been saved by the Brushless and Lipo additions.

I knew when Horizon bought Losi things were going to change, Horizon/Losi have struck a devistating blow for GT class. If I didnt like the way my Losi drives I would have changed to AE .... may still. Very dissapointing for me and many 1/10 GT drivers.

More thoughts but dinner is ready. Later
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It's really interesting to read some of these comments. I've been actively involved in the hobby since about '86. My first "hobby grade" car was a PandaMonium. At this time, the Blackfoot (2nd gen) was really popular and the RC10 was the pinnacle racing machine with literally no competition (I suppose the Kyosho Ultima could be considered a worthy contender at the time). At this time I lived in Montclair CA and The Ranch was a nice place to run. They had a huge 1/8 onroad course and a smaller offroad track in the back. If you had the money, 1/8 onroad was where you played. Offroad was a smaller niche market.

My first race worthy car was a JrX2 purchased from Dennis Anderson (Losi team driver) around '90; it was basically a proto-type for the JrX-Pro that would come out a little over a year later. 1/10 buggy was booming and there was no monster trucks available.

Enter the 1/10 monster conversion kits! Right around '90/91 a couple of companies started offering kits to convert your buggy into a monster/stadium truck. These gained popularity very quickly and before you know it, Losi launched the JrX-T. It had a crazy 5 link rear suspension a 3 piece wheels that were a giant (yet innovative) pain in the ass. This class exploded! Everyone soon followed suit and a lot of people moved to truck.

1/8 offroad was gaining in popularity but they were extremely expensive. I read a few comments that stated 1/8 cost about the same as it did in the early years; I'm not sure what you guys are smoking but I want some! You couldnt even dream of starting for under $1500. It was an awesome class but it was extremely rare to see them running and I cant recall any club level racing in the SoCal area at this time (I'm sure it was out there).

1/10 electric offroad remained extremely popular and you started seeing 1/10 nitro truck gain in popularity. Right around this time 1/10 touring came on the seen and took off. Tons of people jumped ship, tons! It only got worse when the nitro touring cars started taking off.

It seemed 1/10 offroad and TC split the RC industry in half and it remained this way for years. Add to this the mini craze and each market got even smaller (industry as a whole had grown). All of the sudden 1/8 RTRs started hitting the market under $500; people could finally afford the class we'd all dreamed about for so long.

My point? This has happened for the last 20 years; the industry as a whole has grown so much it is unreal! If any of you think 1/8 has hurt, you obviously havent been around it very long.
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