Need help with nitro mt in salem oregon

  • I have this car and it ran great for the first 20 or so runs. Now the cars starts ok but after a few minutes of run time it stalls out. I have tinkered with a bit but no luck so far. I'm not sure if it needs repair of if the motor needs some adjustment. I'm looking for someone with some spare time that can help me with this. i don't have any way to measure the engine temp and very little experence with theses motors. I did try different needle positions etc.
  • about how long does it run till it shuts off? it kinda sounds like its getting hot (too lean) and flaming out. but its hard to tell with the limited info u have given.
  • Sounds like low compression.
  • I get about 4 runs down the street and then when I floor it it craps out. The motor starts perfect and seems to have good compression.