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Quad Racer 34 08-01-2009 07:53 PM

The Start of my backyard RC track
hello everyone im finally starting the build of my backyard rc track this week. we have 3, 16 ton dump truck loads of red clay dirt hauled in this week. it looks like the stuff you see in kentucky. i have no clue how they found it up here by me but im not complaining because im getting it all for free lol. i think that'll be enough for what im doing. but my track is going to be 90-100ft long and about 40 ft wide. each lane will be 6-6 1/2ft wide. it will only be me and my brother the majority of the time running on it so im going to make it narrower than normal so i can use the extra room for track space. here is a layout i drew up real quick the other day. im not sure if im going to stick with this layout of not. anyone else have any other suggestions? im going to be building it with a bobcat, shovel and rake lol.
its not real porportional but you get what i mean lol
there will be more jumps in there too, im not finished with it
oh the cornor on the far right of the page will probly be a wide sweep cornor.

let me know what yall think. suggestions and tips will be greatly appreciated!

beta bob 08-01-2009 08:36 PM

Wow that is beautiful i can't wait to see real pics

Jube 08-01-2009 08:41 PM

You may need more dirt depending on how big you make your jumps. I had 80 tons of dirt brought in for my track and oulda used 4 more! Bigger IS better!

Quad Racer 34 08-01-2009 08:46 PM


and yea after i see how much that second load is ill see from there if i might need more. im not gonna have the jumps toooo big but still able to shoot you up there and get some pretty good distance. and there will be some berms in there too

butch man 08-01-2009 08:49 PM

Less lanes & more swoop.180-180-180-180 gets boring fast & when your diong the labor with your own hands a track that stays interesting for a long time is more user/builder friendly. Make sure you have SAFE room for marshals too. People with track in their yard gain friends fast & that means friends wifes & kids will show up for free marshalling,wifes & kids are stupid so a safe marshall spot is important in the plans.Your idea of a sweeper on the right side is a good one & I take it your going to remove the bump for the sweeper? Nothing worse than your new drunken friends alwasy crashing on that one spot & slowing the action down. However it turns out more power to you! Wish I could do what you are planning. Think about more than 1 ose for watering also,put those new freeloader friends to work. BTW where exactly do you live?:lol:

Quad Racer 34 08-01-2009 09:34 PM

heres some more layouts i made up. what layout of the 3 do you guys think would be funnest? or if any of you have any other layouts post them.


Frank L 08-01-2009 10:11 PM

Man that must he some big ass backyard you have. I love it. I would have to say I agree with less 180's. It will get monotonous after a short while.

8ight-racer 08-01-2009 10:24 PM

Here is my layout I am going to use for my track. Just a basic easy to run layout. The layout is still in alpha testing though. The 'thing' that looks like a oval on the 90 degree turn on the middle left is a rise in elevation, so just something that goes up and down. The next thigns are just markers mostly, I am going to put 1 line of pipe on each one of those 'things' I pictured. I am definitly no artist!

Delete the spaces.

http ://i190.photobucket. com/albums/z94/mrc20023/Picture002.jpg

Also, I made this layout up myself, but this seems to be a very popular layout of the old "The Dirt" in Hemet. Let me get a video.

8ight-racer 08-01-2009 10:34 PM

Here is the video,

Again, delete spaces (1 more post until I can post links)
h t t p : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / watch?v=b7mELp k7eFs &feature= related

But that is what I wanted with my track, but I didnt know it would be a copy! I wanted a burm at the far left corner with as much as possible degrees, trying to make that turn like a Nascar track.

butch man 08-01-2009 11:32 PM

I like both your revised layout better than what you originally posted. both look more entertaining & easier to play with friends on & easier to changeup/mod with greater results with the same effort,first one looks more efficent for a backyard track & second one looks funner to drive but less room for marshalls. First one also looks like a couple guys couple guys can stand in the middle of the track & drive without ankle damage all day.

vladconnery 08-02-2009 04:53 AM

Your track layout should depend on what your trying to accomplish. If the track is just so you and your friends can get together and have fun then. A free flowing track with less jumps low difficulty level would be the ticket. However if your trying to up your skills. Then you need to include chicanes and moguls (rough section) in your track. Maybe try this since you have such a large back yard (we are all jealous :nod:). Make the track flowing and sweeping for friends and fun. Have a section that is easily closed or open by simply moving a pipe. That will take you into another section with high difficulty moguls, chicanes, jumps tight lanes maybe a 1 1/2 truggys wide etc... Where you are forced to keep your car under control in tight spaces. Keeping your car under control is 3/4 of winning races. You have the rare opportunity to practice regularly and develop your skills don't waste it. There will be plenty times when your out there by yourself and can work on your skills. Don't forget to include a high spot (nice mound of dirt) in the center of the track. That way you can stand in the center of the track and see all parts and practice by yourself. More importantly marshall yourself without being to far away from any part of the track. Great layouts!!! Have fun take advantage of your opportunity.

Quad Racer 34 08-02-2009 06:31 AM

wow great ideas. oh i forgot to mention that we are going to be building a driver's stand as well. we have 2 acres and the bakcyard is 1 acre. i used to have a small motoross track back there for me to practice on but we just tore it down a couple weeks ago and now going to build this rc track. ill put in a couple jumps for the quad though lol.
ill try and draw up another layout today with some twist and turns.

gkn0315 08-02-2009 07:58 AM

looks awesome good luck with the build:D

Quad Racer 34 08-02-2009 07:17 PM

1 Attachment(s)
well we got the bobcat today! lol
me and my brother decided on a sweet layout. ill post it in a bit

beta bob 08-02-2009 08:39 PM

Wait why didn't you keep the moto x track? my friend has a moto x track and he has this sick jump with a 20 foot gap and when i get my new losi the first thing im to do is try his track

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