Help with running my Truck!

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  • That was easy enough !! From now on just tear into it. You need to learn anyway and thats the only way to do it.
  • Not too much grease.
    I would coat everything with a brush. Not too thick but enough to smear grease over the gears. I use white lithium grease on gears like that. I use synthetic lube on my 8ight in the differentials. I don't know if you could use that on yours. The case would have to be sealed completely. Make sure the gasket is still in good shape on the case where they bolt together. you want to keep dirt out of the gears or it will grind them down.
    Looks like you are learning a lot already. Keep track of what goes where and don't over tighten the screws. it will strip the plastic. you might want to keep one of those output shafts as a spare because if it broke once, it will break again.
  • Strange sound
    I just finished putting my RC together! However, there is a strange sound coming from the area where the transmission is at, or is it just normal?

    I captured this video so you could see and hear. Am I safe to drive the car? Is the sound normal or is it bad?

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