Trimming your Truggy tires ?

  • I just read an article where they took the truggy tire and cut it in half and then cut of a row or two of pin on each side and glued it back together. They nevere said why or what this improves. Any one done this before? If so whats the purpose ?
  • Its done to make a lighter tire with a profile closer to buggy tires. Cutting apart and glueing together tires actually isnt all that hard as long as you take your time.
  • pro-line now makes that tire can't recall the name
    of it but is a new one saw that vid from the nitro pit
  • at first round of jbrl talked to proline rep. who had the new buggy and truggy calibers he talked about the new skinny truggy tires which will make the truggy more touchy and responsive making it handle more like a buggy will drive through corners better instead of sliding around them.
  • One of the pros at the Cabin Fever race (RC Pro Series) was running tires that were cut and glued. I think 3 of the 4 came apart during the main. Interesting idea, but I don't think I'd be able to trust 'em after seeing that.

  • i will wait for the skinny proline tires to come out but i do cut and glue tires together for my sc10 i cut and glue bowties together to make them skinnier they work good but not having to hold up to big .21 or .28 nitro power
  • the new line from proline is called the long as you use fresh glue and have a seamless seam the tire's should hold...i would guess the Pro at Cabin Fever might have been in a rush or something must have gone wrong...but i agree just wait till proline releases them and you wont have to venture down that road.

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